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Why Does Music Sound Good By Playing With Our Emotion?

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Music is such a thing that everyone adores. Music can make you laugh, and music can make you love. Music can make you cry. Have you ever thought about why music sounds good? Surprisingly an exciting thing to ask. Well, if you’ve also wondered about the reason behind the whole concept, the article is for you. Here you’ll discover some exciting ideas that make the music feel so good.

Stick with the article to know the reasons behind music being so pleasurable.

Things that make music so pleasurable

Close your eyes and ask yourself the favorite music. This will vary from person to person. But hardly there would be someone who doesn’t love any music. Sometimes you’ll pick the trending one, or sometimes, you’ll choose the evergreen one. Some specific things bind all these.

Music is not just about the tune. It’s about the voice, chorus, and lyrics. Sometimes you feel the beat, sometimes you relate with the verses. It’s just because that music can make you think and feel. Let’s know some specific causes of music being so pleasurable:

Hormonal impact

Whenever we hear some affectionate music, the pleasure chemical gets released in the striatum. Music stimulates the striatum. This works in the same way as food and sex do. If you ever notice your feeling after watching food, there would be a pleasure on your mind. In the same way, music makes your mind pleased. Well, it’s not essential to get pleasure through happy songs. You can get satisfaction with sad songs too. It all just depends on your hormonal stimulation. 

Well, research on this exciting topic was done in 2001. The neuroscientist: Robert Zatorre and Anne Blood from McGill university got some exciting things about the concept. Music activates certain brain regions as the limbic and paralimbic. These are related to euphoric reward response. The same pleasure the human brain experiences while having drugs, sex, or food.  

There have been various researches and studies regarding the topic. And almost every study showed the relation between satisfaction and hormonal reduction. Besides, music can make the hormonal changes inside your body to bring delight. And the pleasure you feel while listening to music comes from the happiness. 

This is the most effective and vital reason that music becomes so pleasurable.

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Provokes your emotion

This is an important reason that the music is so pleasurable. Music makes you feel the moment. The most straightforward explanation is, music provokes your emotion. The lyrics or tune makes a connection with the human heart and brain. 

Research around 1956 has also proven the fact. The philosopher Leonerd Meyer explained that music fulfills our imagination. It creates our expectations in our minds. This satisfies our desire and makes our heart soothing.

Music helps you to call up your inside feelings. Sometimes, you might not feel sad but love the sad songs. It’s just because the music or tune is provoking your emotion. This is the reason that people cry up the whole listening to any tragic songs. In that same way, a party song makes you dance, and a happy song makes you smile. All these are happening because of your provoked emotion. 

Involves Emotions

Music not only provokes emotion but also involves feeling in words. The tune, lyrics, and everything is able to make you feel any moment. For every moment, you’ll get the music. This music will make you feel the moment. The sounds, vocals, tunes, everything involves emotion. 

The more a piece of music can make it sensible, the more it gets relatable. Emotion and relatability is the thing that makes music so powerful. Anyone can define love, lust, grief, sadness, anger through music.

Inside communication

If you’ve ever tried to talk with yourself, this term will be relatable to you. In every person, some specific things and feelings build your inside communication more assertive. When you’re listening to music with headphones, it’s just your brain and the tune. This makes communication with yourself. 

Makes you Imagine

Music makes people think or imagine. You can imagine a situation just by listening to music. Music increases your imaginary power as the book does. When you read a storybook, you imagine the characters of the story. You build a connection with the characters in your head. This is the same way music cultivates your imagination power. While you’re listening to any music, you can just imagine yourself in the lyrics. This is the way you get so much pleasure.

Attracting tune and lyrics

Well, not every piece of music will be able to connect with your mind. There would be some music you won’t like or feel irritating. This is because of unpleasurable tune or lyrics. To feel or connect the music, it needs to have beautiful melodies and lyrics.

Final words

Why does music sound good? This is an unsolved question for many. Neuroscientists are still doing so much research on the topic. The article has shown you some primary and scientific reasons that make the music feel so good. Well, after anything, if certain music will make you feel good or not, it only depends on your taste. Not everyone likes every kind of music. But you’ll find hardly any people who hate all types of music. Music has the power to make you feel good. 

Written by Allison

Allison J Moore is a 23-year-old town counsellor who enjoys reading, walking and social media. She is stable and exciting, but can also be very selfish and a bit lazy. She is USA. She has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She is obsessed with over-knee socks.


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