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10 Best Music Channels On YouTube (Music Lovers Should Follow)

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Being a music lover, keeping up to date with the daily music is the lifeblood of a particular song. Before we discovered the internet, we used to download or collect our favorite songs from various favorite songs. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed with the latest songs or your favorite songs with the discovery of the internet that makes YouTube a great platform. At the moment, YouTube is an amazing platform to collect all the songs under the sun. However, there are plenty of channels on YouTube where it is really hard to find a resourceful channel that provides the latest songs with our desiration.

In this article, I’ve come up with some best music channels on youtube, which would meet your all expectations whether you often love listening to classical music, or rock music.

10 Best Music Channels On YouTube

My team has found several music channels on YouTube that can give you the exact music channel which you are looking for. Having the best music channel on YouTube is really hard work. However, our in-depth analysis of YouTube’s music channels is that everyone likes whether he likes jazz, classical or rock music. I believe our job is to make it a piece of cake for you to choose our favorite channels on YouTube that you can follow. All channels relate to different environments and music experiments, so read your norm and look for it.

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1. Audio Library

In the decade, the audio library is one of the best music channels in the music industry. Not only does this channel provide finest music down to the earth, but it would also be a great channel for music content creators.

First, it was introduced in november 2014. After that this channel has been gaining tremendous popularity throughout the world, especially in the USA. Now, it has 3.78 subscribers.

When you feel love, or feel excited, or feeling sad, this channel will help you to be a great company.


2. Café Music BGM channel

It is the next component in our list. This music channel is a really great channel for music lovers who love listening to music sitting on a balcony with a cup of coffee. The tune is enough to set your mood. If the outside of the house is raining and you are sitting on a balcony, you won’t find any better music channel rather than this.

They have outstanding visitors each day on this channel. And now it gained 2.8M subscribers where it established 6 november 2014.


3. TheSoundYouNeed

The top channel on youtube recently. This channel is for songslover who love listening to deep meaning songs, which tell the story, story of love. So, if you fall in love or love to relax, this channel is definitely for you.

First joined on youtube 19 december, 2012 that now it becomes favorite music channels plenty of music lovers. Now it has 5.56 subscribers.


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4. Take It Easy

Do you smoke, or weed, if so then it would be the perfect music channel for you! Does it sound weird? but trust me for smokers it would be the perfect channel because it consists of all music taking smoke or weed. The lyrics of the songs are really mesmerizing and I’m sure you will fall in love with this channel. Indeed, The lyrics are not enough to make you a keen listener for their music lists, also it has the finest tune to give you an excellent atmosphere.

This channel runs with some excellent composers and artists, and it was launched 1 march, 2016. Now it has 1.41M subscribers. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your favourite music and artists.

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5. Beyond Radio

Are you a lover of soft music? If you are, this channel on music gives you every pleasure what you are looking for. The great music channel to make you relax. The best part of this channel, you can listen to this type of music for so long

This music channel, First introduced on youtube 30 june, 2012, and now it gained 159k subscribers. Being a soft music lover, you can subscribe to this channel to stay updated for new music.


6. HouseMusicHD

No wonder!! One of the best remixes of music of this decade, it has the finest collection of music which would make anyone in love with the music. How they compose the songs, make every region music lover fall in love. However I would prefer this melody music channel would be the most viable option for young enthusiastic listeners.

Within a short period of time, it gained outstanding popularity to all music lovers, especially the young generation. It first introduced 23 march, 2015. Now it earned 4.25M subscribers.


7. Jazz and Blues Experience

The fans of jazz and blues music lovers are always looking for some finest music which makes them food for thought. Those who love jazz and blues music will go to love it. There are plenty of musicians who compose the different kinds of jazz and blues music.

The first joined on youtube 17 october, 2011. Now it earned lots of love. That’s the result of subscribers which are 1.48M.


8. Don’s Tunes 

No wonder, how many jazz and blues lovers across the world are avid fans of this channel. It plays a vital role for jazz and blues lovers. It is really hard to explain with a single word how they depict the story with songs. There are so many composers and artists trying to present the listener to make the songs real.

It is one of the oldest music channels of jazz and blues that first introduced on 9 december, 2006. Now it gained 1.22M subscribers.


9. Playing For Change

The best collaboration music channel on YouTube. Across the world, they combine all musicians in one platform. Most of the songs cover many artists who come from different countries. And the impossible things are made possible by amazing talented composers. All ages, all colors, all regions would love this channel. Their main motive is that music has no restriction, no boundaries, and they want to make it right to break the boundaries. It is the only way to make peace between people and nation to nation.

They were first introduced on YouTube 2 January, 2008. What is their motive for delivering the music? They are progressing on it. Now they have 2.23M subscribers.

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10. Soothing Relaxation

If you think you are so tired, cannot sleep, now you should take some rest and feel nature. This music will give you a handy atmosphere to get rid of all tiredness and feel the nature in sitting down in your room. This song helps you to reduce all pains and work pressure for daily life.

It was first introduced on youtube by 30 november 2014. After that it plays lots of contributions to people who want to get back to nature but cannot go. So that represents nature with the music. Now it has 6.96M subscribers.


Final words

I have presented 10 different music channels on YouTube that give you different vibes for different people. I didn’t maintain the serial because the 10 channels relate to a different environment and all can contribute to different people’s lives. So, I hope one of the channels meets all our expectations whether you like jazz music or rock music, so let us know which one you like on our list.

Written by Allison

Allison J Moore is a 23-year-old town counsellor who enjoys reading, walking and social media. She is stable and exciting, but can also be very selfish and a bit lazy. She is USA. She has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She is obsessed with over-knee socks.


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