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  • Metallica Live Stream 2020
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    How to Watch Metallica Virtual Live Stram Concert 2020: TV Schedule Everything You Should Know

    How to watch Metallica’s global live stream in 2020 Metallica recently tweeted, “no travel required this year.” Still, the good news is that they will be streaming live around the world on November 14th. Tickets are available worldwide, and all their fans are really excited about this. As we know, so many celebrities worldwide canceled […] More

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    Kenny chesney announces Chillaxification tour dates 2020

    51 years old Kenneth Arnold Chesney is a talented American mixtape country music singer, music producer and song writer. His active year was 1988. Recently he has announced his CHILLAXIFICATION TOUR 2020 dates and places where he will perform. Kenny is now prepared to go back his stadium to perform. This CHILLAXIFICATION TOUR 2020 is […] More

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    Jojo Siwa

    Crazy fan base, big sign ups, millions of followers and subscribers on social media all these things are very common in today’s celebrity lifestyle. But when we are talking about doing these while you are only 16 years old then you would probably come up with just a hand full of names and JoJo Siwa […] More

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    Kenny Chesney

    Who doesn’t know the country music superstar Kenny Chesnay? Yes, we are talking about the American Country Music Superstar. He is a superstar of NO! We know you don’t understand, but by NO, we mean he has an amazing line of music that starts with the word NO! You guessed right, we are talking about […] More

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    Katy Perry

    Who hasn’t heard the song Firework? Which teenager hasn’t kept the song Teenage Dream on repeat? We have all been through the paths and have loved the music of Katy Perry. Be it Dark House or I Kissed a Girl, we all have passes our teenage with her songs on our iPads. This American pop […] More

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    Niall Horan

    Who doesn’t know but the band One Direction? This takes you to another question, “Who doesn’t know about Niall Horan?” Yes, we are Niall Horan who is a band member of One Direction. He is basically an Irish. However, is in the music world from 2011. Birth and Childhood Niall Horan’s full name is Niall […] More

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    Elton John

    Elton John is the 20th century’s one of the top music icons. His basic genre is pop and rock. However, we have seen him collaborating rock and pop music and melting them into one another for a perfect music vibe. This musician is basically a British Singer. He is a composer along with a pianist […] More