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How to Watch Billboard Music Awards Live Stream 2022

One of the most significant awards shows that we have known for three decades is the Billboards music awards show. Hundreds of singers, thousands of artists in total, are connected with this awards show, and this show has millions of fans alone in America and hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe. There is nothing to wonder about because this show is everyone’s favourite. Sighting the popularity of this award show, we intend to entertain our readers with information on how to watch upcoming billboard music awards 2022 live. This article will help you know all the ways to watch the live stream of music awards sitting in your home, but we will cover other things such as Performances, nominees, awards, and venue of the show.

Billboard Music awards 2022 Live Stream
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Venue and Date Billboard Music Awards 2022

The 32nd Billboard Music Awards will happen on the 27th April 2022 MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, USA. Be ready to witness the fantastic performances of globally acclaimed superstars that will blow your mind and wish for your favorite artist to win an award. 

Date 27th April 2022
VenueMGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, USA.


There will be some jaw-dropping performances at the awards that will stun the audience. Stars and mega stars will perform and entertain the audience with their soulful performance. Every year we get to see such top-class performances that leave a mark in the hearts of the audience and fans.

This year will also bring such performances that fans will keep in mind for so long, massive names will perform at the awards. We can’t tell you the words that are a surprise, but everyone will enjoy it for sure. 

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Hundreds of the contenders are nominated for the different awards that will be distributed among stars. Many stars are nominated for multiple awards, and one celebrity can win many prizes at a time. You would be hoping for your favourite artist to win the maximum number of awards at the billboard music awards depending if your famous star is lucky enough to get prizes, or they might be getting no awards; who knows.


An award is a recognition and appreciation that boosts the confidence of an artist, and an artist feels that I have done something, plus I can achieve even more than this. There are dozens of awards for every category, including singer, composer, director, and lyricist awards. Here we are listing some of the most popular and most desired awards that will be given to stars at billboard music awards 2022.

  • Top Artist
  • Top New artist 
  • Top Male artist 
  • Top Female artist 
  • Top Duo/Group
  • Top Billboard 200 artist 
  • Top Hot 100 artist 
  • Top Streaming songs artist 
  • Top Song Sales Artist 
  • Top Radio Songs artist 

Billboard Music Awards 2022 Live Stream Online

Attending the live music event on location is not possible for everyone. Thus, here we will decode the ways through which you can watch the whole music event. So, Let’s begin!


Tv is the best source to watch your favourite movies, shows and programs without a doubt, you can watch programs with friends and family all together, and if someone cares alone, it would be the same fun level. Well, we tell you the channels where fans could watch the live stream of billboard music awards. 


This channel is one of the official broadcasters of this awards show. Other tracks like Fox and ABC had the right to broadcast; since 2018, NBC has been in the business and doing its job correctly. This channel is available on almost all cable networks; it’s better to ask the cable provider if one cannot find it. The cable networks NBC is available on are Dish Tv channel 2-70, Direct tv channel 4, Spectrum channel 4, Xfinity channel 3. NBC broadcasts all programs upto 1080p HD quality, and this awards show will be streamed live exclusively in America.  

How to Watch Billboard Music Awards NBC Live Stream 2022
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CBS has the right to broadcast billboard music awards for this upcoming event in 2022; like NBC, it is also a top-rated channel across America. CBS is an extensive network and continuously expanding its roots in different transmission areas such as; they are currently broadcasting news, sports, movies, shows and whatnot.

CBS is easily accessible; we tell you the exact channel numbers of different cable networks where CBS is available: Spectrum TV channel 315, Xfinity channel 1003, Verizon FiOS channel 502, U-verse tv channel 1002, Dish Tv channel 4. All these Transmissions are available in HD quality upto 1080p. While broadcasting on cable, CBS has switched to the web as well, they have launched its application on android and apple store, and programs are being published on that application. Just buy its subscription, and you’re all set to watch the billboard awards.

Billboard Music Awards  ON CBS
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Online Streaming

How To Watch Paramount, Sling Tv, FuboTv, Hulu with live tv, Youtube tv, Pluto tv, At&t tv Live Stream
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 It’s ok if someone doesn’t want to watch this show or any other programs on tv. They are more comfortable lying on their couch and watching inside the blanket or due to any other reasons. There are streaming platforms that allow you to watch programs on any device, be it a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. This section will tell you about the best streaming services that will make your experience of watching billboard awards even better than tv.

  • Paramount
  • Sling Tv
  • FuboTv
  • Hulu with live tv 
  • Youtube tv 
  • Pluto tv 
  • At&t tv

This list contains names of the best platforms that one can look for to watch any live stream. These services offer subscription plans for their customers either monthly or yearly. The subscription cost of all the services are in the range of $60-70/month, except paramount because paramount charges only $4.99/month with ads and without ads, it charges only $9.99/month; however, paramount +  is not only less expensive, but they also offer the same service like others in that price.

Streaming Players

Streaming players are another example of modern technology like you don’t need an antenna or something like this to get your tv broadcast the channels. Players are like a device attached to the TV, requiring an internet connection to work; that’s all so easy. There are many players in the market, but we enlist some of the best players, so our readers don’t get confused when buying a streaming player.

  • Amazon Fire Stick 
  • Google Chromecast with tv 
  • Roku Tv 

Streaming players have built-in channels that they broadcast; more than a hundred channels are available, including sports, news, movies, and live streams. Setting up a streaming player to get working is as easy as anything. First of all, get a streaming player, then attach it with your smart tv, connect it with the internet, sign up for the owner’s account by inserting your credentials. You’re all set to watch the billboard music awards live stream.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

How to Use VPN Nord VPN
Touch VPN
Express VPN
IPVanish VPN
SurfShark VPN
Browsec VPN
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Are you bored of watching recorded programs? Want to watch the live content? VPN is the solution for this. Billboard music awards are American awards that will be streamed only in America, not in other regions. Hence, the fans outside of America or Americans that are somewhere else need to switch to a VPN to watch the awards live. This section is all about VPNs. We tell you the best VPNsVPNs one can use to manage such programs.

  • Nord VPN
  • Touch VPN
  • Express VPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • SurfShark VPN
  • Browsec VPN

The VPNs mentioned earlier are the best in business. They are swift, safe, and secure. A virtual private network allows you to switch your IP address location to any of your desired locations. In no time, users can change to other sites, be it London, America, Europe, Asia or Africa. You would be virtually there, and you could watch any program or any live stream there. Express VPN has got the best rating of 9.9 among all.

Social Media

You don’t need any VPN; you don’t need any streaming player or streaming service subscription; you won’t even need a tv if you watch the live stream on social media. You just need your mobile phone and internet. That’s all; you are all set to watch the live stream. Social media is a massive platform with a reach of billions of people. It propagates faster than light. If you want to watch any sports, movies, news, or social media, you will find everything there. Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter are leading platforms to find such programs. Many accounts, channels, and pages do live streams on these platforms to gain followers, so explore social media and enjoy the live stream of billboard music awards.

How to buy Billboard music awards tickets

What if someone is more than a regular fan of music? What if someone is just crazy about billboard music awards? There is nothing to wonder about. Thousands of people are just crazy and die-hard fans of actors and musicians who are ready to do anything just to meet or see their superstars for once. The best thing for such fans is to go and watch their stars perform live. For this, they need to buy the tickets for upcoming billboard music awards. If you don’t know where to buy the tickets just dont worry we are here to help you we will tell you how to buy a ticket.

 The websites that are selling the tickets are

One can visit these websites to book tickets for one’s own, friends and family as well. Ticket prices vary from row to row like the first twenty rows are VIP seats where celebrities would sit if you want to there as well you need to pay around 6000 pounds per person and if you’re going to sit in rows that are far from the stage you need to pay about 3000 pounds.

How to Vote

Winners of the awards are decided through voting. Some prizes are directly on fans, and some are on jury voting. The star which gets the maximum votes will win the award. In this section, we tell you how to vote for your favourite artist. Fans voting is available for two categories only which are top collaboration and top social artist. Voters can vote on the official website of the billboard. Voting will be open at least a month before the awards. Be ready to vote for your favourite artist; ask your friends and family to vote for them.


Billboard Music Awards are prestigious for both fans and artists, every artist works hard to get an award, and it’s a confidence boost for them. Tighten your seat belt because billboard music awards will surely entertain you.

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