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Enrique Bunbury Announces ’35 Anos Tour’ 2022: How To Buy Tickets?

Bunbury is back. The Latin singer-songwriter will be launching his North American tour starting on September 20, 2022.

Bunburette has accomplished so much over the past few years: releasing solo albums, collaborating with other artists, and writing the soundtrack for movies like Coco; but it all comes down to what he wants now that there’s nothing left holding him back from performing live on stage again as announced Thursday evening at Madison Square Garden during an intimate performance by invitation only guests including Lupita Nyong’o whom Bunamuy even got up besuited ready before accepting this once.

How to Enrique Bunbury '35 Anos Tour' 2022 Live Stream
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The 35 Años tour will be coming to a city near you in just over two months,

Starting on May 3 at the Rosemont Theatre, this musical phenomenon has been playing more than 100 concerts throughout North America since its inception. It’s not too late for the venue ​BOOKINGS are already open as there are still plenty of tickets available; don’t miss out when they sell out completely like they did last time around (don’t remember? here is some info about how that went). The next stop on​this adventure through American cities begins tomorrow night with an appearance by Juanes alongside Jack White from Third Man Records at Madison Square garden.

The band is looking for fans to come out and fill up the stadium on Friday. The hype has been building, so you know what that means? Tickets go on sale at 10 am through Ticketmaster.

Bunbury is a Spanish rock star who left his band to pursue a solo career. He released 11th studio album in December, titled Curso de Levitación Intensivo with help from Héroes del Silencio’s former vocalist Álex Ubago on guitars and backing vocals.

Bunbury’s impressive list of accomplishments includes being a member of both renowned groups such as Heróis Del Silencio which has sold over 1 million albums worldwide before embarking down this latest path; he also played guitar alongside one-time guitarist David Gimenez Comín playing bass during live performances at Rock al Parque Festival near Madrid last year when tour dates had been announced.

Enrique Bunbury ’35 Anos Tour’ Dates 2022

May 3 — Chicago, Ill., at Rosemont Theatre

May 6 — Brooklyn, N.Y., at Kings Theatre

May 8 — Washington, D.C., at Warner Theatre

May 10 — Atlanta, Ga., at Coca Cola Roxy

May 12 — Dallas, Texas, at Toyota Music Factory

May 14 — Houston, Texas, at 713 Music Hall

May 17 — San Antonio, Texas, at The Aztec Theatre

May 22 — Tucson, Ariz., at Rialto Theatre

May 24 — San Diego, Calif., at The Magnolia Theatre

May 27 — Los Angeles, Calif., at YouTube Theater

May 29 — Reno, Nev., at Grand Sierra Resort

May 31 — San Francisco, Calif., at The Fillmore

June 2 — San Jose, Calif., at San Jose Civic

June 4 — Las Vegas, Nev., at Chelsea Theatre

June 6 — Anaheim, Calif., at House of Blues

Enrique Bunbury has announced his ’35 Anos Tour’ and it will take place in 2022. The tour is celebrating 35 years of Enrique Bunbury’s music and the upcoming anniversary of the release of “Hijo de la Luna.” 

The tour will consist of live performances, videos, photos, and more that commemorate this momentous occasion.

Enrique Bunbury ’35 Anos Tour’ Setlist 2022

Enrique Bunbury’s ’35 Anos Tour’ setlist has been announced for 2022. The Spanish rockstar will be performing at the Palacio de Los Deportes in Madrid on September 27th and 28th, with a second show on October 2nd at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

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The tour is named after his 35-year career as a musician, which began in 1982 when he was 18 years old. Enrique Bunbury released his first album “Mundo” in 1984 and it became one of the best-selling albums of 1985 in Spain. His next two albums “Fiesta” (1986) and “La Tierra Prometida” (1988) also sold well internationally.

  • La ceremonia de la confusión
  • La actitud correcta
  • Cuna de Caín
  • El anzuelo
  • Parecemos tontos
  • Tesoro (Héroes del Silencio song)
  • El rescate
  • Despierta
  • El hombre delgado que no flaqueará jamás
  • Hay muy poca gente
  • Héroe de leyendan(Héroes del Silencio song)
  • Más alto que nosotros sólo el cielo
  • Mar adentron(Héroes del Silencio song)
  • En bandeja de plata
  • Que tengas suertecita
  • De todo el mundo
  • Maldito duende (Héroes del Silencio song)


  • El extranjero
  • Infinito
  • Sí (Umpah-Pah cover)
  • Lady Blue

Encore 2:

  • La constante

Show Openers

  • La ceremonia de la confusión
  • Supongo
  • La actitud correcta
  • Main Set Closers
  • Maldito duende (Héroes del Silencio song)
  • Lady Blue
  • La constante

Show Closers

  • La constante
  • Lady Blue
  • Y al final

The iconic Spanish rock star will be performing at the Hooligans on November 2nd, 2020. Bunbury has been touring for over 35 years and has amazed audiences with his performance of songs that are both old and new. He is known for his ability to bring an audience back in time through hit songs like “Tu Manera de Quererme” or “Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti.”
This tour is a perfect chance for concert-goers to experience some of their favorite music live. Enrique Bunbury’s ’35 Anos Tour’ tickets go on sale this Friday! Make sure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to see one of the best performers today perform live.

If you’re looking for Enrique Bunbury tickets and other great live music, Ticketmaster has the largest inventory of event tickets on the web.

Vividseats provides a safe and secure site to buy tickets with all personal information safeguarded. They offer a large inventory of event tickets on the web that gets updated as soon as organizers list new events or sell out current ones. And still, feel free to search their website for anything else you need- they not only have concerts but also theatre shows, sports matches, and lotteries available.

TicketNetwork is an excellent choice if Enrique Bunbury concert tickets are nowhere to be found because they provide seats in any venue around the United States and Worldwide! Their professional customer service representatives will give you details.

The total cost of Enrique Bunbury tickets is 166 dollars for a single ticket.

The price of Enrique Bunbury tickets varies depending on the event location. The average Enrique Bunbury tour ticket costs about 166 dollars, with some costing as high as 180 dollars and others costing less than this amount. Times are hard, but it’s always possible to find good deals if one looks around or can afford to wait for an upcoming concert date near them to appear on well-known outlets like Ticketmaster.

“Enrique Bunbury is an iconic Spanish artist who has been performing for over 35 years. His most recent tour, “35 Anos Tour”, will be celebrating his entire history as a musician and entertainer.

This tour spans over three decades of music with two sold-out shows in Madrid.” 

“The upcoming show on November 24th at the Barclaycard Center in Madrid will include songs from Enrique’s first album released in 1984 to tracks off his latest album ‘Espejismo’. The show will also include costume changes and choreography to bring fans through all of the different eras of Enrique’s career.”

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