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Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow? Who Is Marshmallow?

Celebrity lovers, have you ever wondered what Shawn Mendes would taste like? Well now is your chance to find out! The Canadian singer and songwriter have teamed up with the company Pillsbury to create a new flavor of marshmallows. Find out everything that Shawn Mendes is not a marshmallow, then why do most people think?

Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow? Who Is Marshmallow?
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Shawn Mendes might be the DJ Marshmello. It all started when someone wore an EDM mask at a show, and fans thought it was Shawn’s voice in some of his songs’ remixes (it wasn’t). The resemblance is pretty uncanny though–the way they dress are similar to each other as well.

The Shawn Mendes just got caught up in the fun

Shawn Mendes surprised everyone at the 2018 iHeart Music Awards by accepting his award as Marshmello. Initially, it was a joke but then he continued to stay in character and accepted awards for Best EDM/Dance Artist group while disguised under a helmet similar to that of DJ Marshmello’s own headgear.

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If Shawn Mendes isn’t Marshmello, who is?

The producer who goes by the name of Marshmello has released his latest album, Joytime III. The DJ also recently earned $21 million and was named one of Forbes’ top-paid DJs in 2019. However, despite having revealed his real identity to a journalist back in April 2017, fans continue to love him for the iconic headpiece he wears during performances while continuing to perform across several continents.

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Shawn Mendes has been keeping busy after his break from social media. He recently collaborated with girlfriend Camila Cabello for their hit single “Senorita” which topped charts and won several accolades. The singer also revealed that he took the time off to take better care of himself, saying it’s important to put yourself first sometimes.

Shawn Mendes won the Best EDM/Dance Artist award at iHeartRadio Much Music Awards in August 2018. He walked out on stage wearing a white outfit and his signature helmet but then took off the mask to reveal it was actually Marshmello under there.

The fastidiously private DJ and producer Marshmello takes his mask off in public when he is caught without it. His cartoonish “head” so strict that Page Six reported back in November, John Cusack kept a photo of himself with the masked performer on his phone for months after their meeting because they were both wearing masks.

LAS VEGAS —The fastidiously private DJ and producer Marshmello does,  in fact, take his mask off in public—when he’s taken out of said taxi”. So stringent about keeping its ‘cartoonish head on him as to have even been mentioned by PageSix; reported back last month (November), JohnC.

Marshmello is one of the few artists who truly define this generation. Success has allowed him to upgrade his signature helmet from $25,000 that only weighs five pounds but isn’t equipped with an air-conditioning system and LED lights for personalization.

Marshmello is a DJ whose success has made it possible for him to improve upon his iconic mask by adding bells and whistles such as an internal air conditioning system which makes wearing the headgear more comfortable at high volumes in addition to programmable LED lights so he can create synergies between music production and light displays through visual effects on stage during performances without losing control over what’s going on behind it all thanks to its weight being reduced down 8 lbs rather than 5 lbs.

A coward. The situation called for someone tough, and I was a complete pushover.

Camila recently posted an Instagram dedicated to her boyfriend and his new album, “Wonder”. The photo was captioned with a sweet message saying that she’s proud of him. On September 30th Shawn Mendes dropped his second studio album called “WONDER” which is available now.

Final Words

Shawn Mendes is not Marshmallow. However, for some people who have been following his career from the beginning, he does look a lot like him. In fact, it’s hard to believe that they’re two separate people when you put them next to each other! Some of these fans think so much alike and are even going as far as tweeting at both artists asking if they were twins separated at birth. The resemblance between them has even spawned a new Twitter account called “ShawnMendesIsMarshmello.” Funny or not-so-funny? You decide.

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