Where do bands stay on Tour? Note It Down Now

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Someone who hasn’t experienced any music tour or r way too far from the music background might wonder where bands stay on Tour.

As we all know, music band tours make a schedule of an entire year/ month. It is then evident that they can’t go home for a long time according to the plan. While the whole Tour goes on, bands keep traveling from one city to another. There are some misconceptions and wonders about the staying arrangements of bands. Well, most wonder if they all live in five-star hotels or under the city authority hospitality. IN reality., things are a little harsher than that. You might find the established bands staying up in good hotels. But most of the time, band members pick alternative options that cost cheaper.

If you’re someone forming a new band tour for the first time/ or just a curious fan, this writing is for you.

Do all bands stay in luxury hotels on a Tour?

Being just a fan, you would never know the struggles that one band makes on Tour. You might have thought that a concert tour means they’re just enjoying the journey, performing, and meeting with fans. But in reality, the Tour is the opposite side of one imagination coin. Well, for most of the fans, there is nothing like the luxury of five-star hotels after a concert.

The bands pick the staying arrangement only according to the budget. However, most established bands tend to stay in good hotel rooms as their budget seems so high. But the enjoyment only varies with the band’s reputation and popularity. Rather than that, most bands avoid wasting so much buck per night for some hours of luxury.

Where do bands stay on Tour
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Who pays the hotel bills of bands?

When a band is making a tour through different cities and countries, they arrange enough planning and sponsors. However, every Tour includes some budget for everything. If you ask who pays for the bills of hotels when band members, it would be an interesting thing to ask, Generally the band promoters tend to pay the hotel bills of band members.

Still, most of the band members seem to have less interest in strung-on hotels. The only reason behind it would be the same budget and unloving starting arrangements. Sometimes, the band members spend money themselves to catch a good luxury hotel room. The brand promoters will also be serving the best if the budget is high. But most of the members pick alternative options to save money and make the Tour comfortable. Let’s know all the other alternative options where musicians gather to stay on Tour.

Keep reading to grab interesting details regarding the topic.

Where do bands stay on Tour?

Well, the exact answer to this question varies on the band capability and tour authority. The bigger the Tour is, the more luxurious their staying arrangements are. However, bands seem to stay in hotels, at someone’s house, venues, tour buses, or cruise ships. Here we’ll be discussing each staying arrangement with proper pros and cons.

Hopefully, these details will give you a clear concept of choosing the perfect place for staying on Tour.


Venues are the place where the concert gets arranged. Sometimes the band promoters agree on the staying arrangements at the venue only. Some venues include small-quarter apartments for the guests. Here these provide all the basic facilities of staying for the scheduled days. Almost every concert happening in cities consists of these types of venues. Bands also seem pretty comfortable here to stay. However, venues are designed for the less popular brands. The bands with the highest popularity might find the venues undesirable. 


  • Staying in the venue seems to be a Budget-friendly option to choose from. Here the room rent per night is quite cheaper than hotels/ cottages. Even according to the contact, the charges of rooms might be free. 
  • Stain in avenue seems like a Time savior thing to do. Here the band members carry no rush of traffic/ parking or other extra hassles. As they live inside the venue area, members can arrive for practice/ show anytime instantly.
  • Venues staying arrangements seem to be safer than other places. Here the venue and band promoters ensure enough security for the musicians.


  • Venues are more likely to be restricted for security issues. The band members are not allowed to roam in every place on the platform anytime. For ensuring the safety, band promoters and authority sets up bunches of rules for the musicians.
  • Venues provide fewer facilities than resorts/hotels. Here the authority arranges basic needs for making a restroom for the band members. So expecting luxury hotel  might be a laughable thing to do. ( The famous venues seem to have luxury facilities for international bands).


Well, the camp is undoubtedly an exciting option to try. Some bands plan to enjoy their Tour by campaigns. Here musicians pick a soothing and attractive place near the venue. Then by tenting, they plan to append nights with nature. This one seems to be perfect, budget-friendly, and refreshing. This would be the ideal option for the bands who’re exhausted by the city business. But the campo options seem viable only in the countryside locations of a city. 


  • The campaign is a super affordable option to try. Here the musicians expect no luxury and nature-friendly atmosphere only. 
  • This will make your Tour more enjoyable compared to the other options. The campaigns are perfect for gathering some personal space and fresh air with your band members.


  • Finding a good campsite near the city is not an easy thing to do. So, it’s harder for the venue that has no countryside around. 
  • On a campsite, you really can’t expect strict safety and security. For that, you need to make the camp location super secret for everyone. 
  • On a campsite expecting luxury would be nothing but the dumbest thing to expect. Here you’re going to get no servants or helping hands to do your chores after a tiring day of concrete.


Hotels are the most exciting and comfortable option among all. Bands that carry a good budget and popularity seem to choose hotel rooms over everything.

The hotel quality, though, depends on the budget only. Suppose the band promoters carry a reasonable budget, and the bands are international. In that case, there is no other alternative to the five-star hotels. But the local or average bands tend to choose three-star hotels most of the time. Well, there is nothing wrong with that anyway. Spending so many bucks per night where the profit is low would be a stupid decision.

Besides, when the bands arrive, the hotel’s authority makes the maximum hospitality ensured. Undoubtedly, security and safety turn into the core thing for hotel authority then. 


  • Super strict safety and security arrangements ensue in a hotel. When a band arrives in a hotel, the authority gets to set everything on point.
  • You’re getting 24/7 room service for doing your chores.
  • It was super relaxing after a tiring day of the concert.


  • Hotel rooms are an expensive option to choose from. This gets harder to manage for the bands with a tight budget.
  • This is not perfect for the band that wants to roam around and experience the real fun of touring. As a hotel would include so many tourists, musicians don’t feel safe or comfortable going out of the room. So, this thing kind of makes things restricted.

Tour Bus/ van

Tour bus seems to be an excellent option to choose. This gets convenient for the ban with an average to high budget. Almost every good budget band seems to carry a tour bus along with the entire Tour. When the tour schedule seems to be super busy, there is nothing better alternative to a tour bus. By hiring a bus, bands get a homely feeling 24/7. As there is no travel issue to get in the room, musicians make this their priority. The facilities on a tour van only depend on the budget the band promoters are spending. With good budget tour vans, they provide all the mobile facilities possible a five-star hotel room.


  • Tour bus/ van gives you a homely feeling.
  • No issue of finding rooms on a hotel/ resort
  • Safe and secured for the musicians
  • Time savior for arriving at any concert. The musicians get ready while the bus has started at the venue.


  • Not so affordable for every band. This is quite expensive for the average budget bands.
  • The journey on a bus can clash with the sleep cycle. Not everyone gets comfortable sleeping on a bus.

Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are the most expensive option among all these. Cruises are recommended ideas for the bands with a super high budget. They can easily make their journey luxurious by hiring a cruise. But obviously, a cruise will need a touring location to be in seaside cities. Besides, some musicians can be afraid of flying on jets/planes. They seem to make their Tour on a personal cruise. 


  • Cruises are the best place for making some extra earnings. Some cruise authorities arrange additional concerts to make the audience entertained. Bands can do those concerts and earn some extra checks of bucks. (Not applicable for personal cruises).
  • The cruise can get you a fantastic experience of touring. So, musicians with a good budget tend to hire cruises for their entire concert tour journey. This would be the super refreshing option to choose for staying.
  • With a cruise, you’ll be getting all the luxurious facilities of a well-rated hotel. Enjoying luxury in the middle of a sea is never a wrong decision to make.


  • On a cruise, this gets super expensive and impossible to imagine for bands with a high budget.
  • Here on a cruise, you might need to attend some extra shows or invitations from the cruise authority. This gets exhausting for some musicians. However, you can make an apparent deal to avoid all these pressures on a tour before hiring the cruise.

In someone’s house

Well, some musicians seem to arrange their staying arrangements by themselves. In this case, they pick one of a friend’s relatives’ house to stay at while the Tour goes on. Well, though, this decision ultimately depends on the musician. Some tend to spend the touring time with their family/ friends. Moreover, the band promoters with low budgets fail to serve good hospitality. That is why musicians make their staying arrangements on their own.


  • Staying in a host’s house seems to be out of expanse. As musicians will be living in their relative/ friend \’s house, all the expenses go on the hosts. So it seems quite a good option for the bands with a high budget and who have close relatives in the touring city.
  • Here the musician stays way too comfortably than other places.
  • The relative’s / friend’s house seems to be more secure than other places.


  • Staying in someone’s house means staying according to their rules. So, this option seems to be more restricted than the other ones.
  • You might not get perfect space by spending a tour in someone’s house.
  • Concert concentration might get broken by living in someone’s house. After all, it would help if you stayed with your bands for frequent discussion and practicing.

Final words

If you’re a new band who’s thinking about touring, you should be ready for so many everyday things. Every music tour requires reasonable effort and sacrifices. We, the fans, might imagine the concert tour being so luxurious. But everything depends and gets bound by certain things. Hopefully, this article gave you a detailed answer to your question, “Where do bands stay on tour.” Thanks for reading, don’t forget to pass the article with your band members or friends who’re curious about the topic.

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