15 Types of outdoor Concerts and Venues all over the World

15 types of concerts and venues should know

Outdoor concerts have always been the most exciting thing to spend time on. Especially in the summer days, there is nothing more fascinating than a good outdoor show. Well, after the artist, here comes the venue and view to make the concert happening. When we’re talking about the outdoor ones, you’ve got so many adorable options worth visiting. In actuality, you can plan your summer vacation there this year. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at the 15 excellent types of outdoor concerts and venues. By going through the article, you’ll be getting a well-researched list of stunning outdoor concert venues all over the world.

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Does the venue make a concert more fascinating?

Well, they have some core things that can make a concert undoubtedly so fascinating. And “venues” is the thing that can be considered top of the list. It’s indeed exciting but nothing to doubt on. You would need good music, a good atmosphere, and good food to stay there in a concert. Else, you can’t expect a big crowd to gather in a place to listen to songs.

A concert means entertainment and refreshment. So, venues are certainly something to give a check on. A stable atmosphere can make your favorite musician playing more exciting. Live music, a soothing environment, and fantastic weather can provide a shot for a concert show. After all, you have to take good pictures with attractive backgrounds. And the money you’ve just paid is worth a friendly atmosphere to give a shot.

What makes an outdoor concert venue worthy?

Well, when you’re attending an outdoor concert, here is a checklist for you. These things are such affectionate things that can be a must-having thing to any outdoor concert venue. 

The first thing that gives a shot to the concert venue would be the balance. The balance of genre and environment would be shot-worthy. A good platform can’t have a mismatching atmosphere according to the genre over everything. Besides, the venue needs to have a distraction-free atmosphere. Wherever the stage holds place, no distractions should be allowed in the venue. The platform should certainly be photo-worthy with its look. No matter what the genre is, the venue should make sure it will enable exotic photographs. Over everything, safety and destination would be the vital things to focus on. Also, the foods make a venue more attractive for sure. 

With the perfect combination of all these things, we only get great venues. There are so many exotic venues that need your shot. To know more about these 15 concert venues, keep reading.

15 Exotic Types Of Outdoor Concerts and Venue

Well, what if you just got a sharp and simple list of 15 exciting types of outdoor concerts and venues? I hope that’s going to be so helpful for you. Next time you plan on going to an outdoor concert, give a check on this list for sure. .So the 15 extreme types of outdoor concerts and venues all over the world:

  1. Jones Beach Theater, New York 
  2. Harvey Outdoor Arena – Lake Tahoe, Nev.
  3. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado
  4. Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, Calif.
  5. Ravinia Park Pavilion, Illinois
  6. Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, Colo.
  7. Stubbs’s Bar-B-Q – Austin, Texas
  8. Mountain Winery, California 
  9. Wolf Trap National Park, Virginia 
  10. Mishawaka Amphitheater, Colorado 
  11. Tangle wood, Massachusetts
  12. Empire Polo Ground, Coachella Valley, California 
  13. Stubbs’s Bar-B-Q – Austin, Texas
  14. Mandalay Bay Beach – Las Vegas, Nev
  15. Gorge Amphitheatre – Quincy, Wash.

Let’s give a check-in detail here. Hope that is going to help you for enjoying the upcoming summer outdoor concert all over the world. No matter, wherever you live, you must know these 15 exotic venues to enjoy an outdoor concert anytime. Moreover, the international musicians keep organizing concepts in every concert of the world at different times. So, without any further delay, keep reading to get the description here:

1. Jones Beach Theater, New York

Whatever list you check on, and Jones Beach would be the venue that is always on the top. And obviously, this venue holds some exotic facts that made it owning the top crown for years. Some historical and iconic concerts have been played on this venue. You would be astonished to know that musicians like Jimmy Buffet and Aerosmith have played in this venue more than 20 times till now. Besides, this venue holds a great history of having iconic pop and rock performances here in the venue.

If you’re in new york, you will get a chance to enjoy the live concert in Jones Beach theater this summer. Every year, there always arrives a good number of people who got tickets to enjoy the venue’s vibes. If you pay a visit there, you might also feel this is worth it. The venue is the reason that makes Jones beach concerts more special every year. 

Jones Beach theater has had an enormous Amphitheater since 1952. Besides, it holds up to 15,000 sets at the venue. Also, the authority keeps up to changing the design with times and trends here. The exotic thing about the venue was the staging area. It was always in the middle of the water that performers had to get there by boat only. 

2. Harvey’s Outdoor Arena – Lake Tahoe, Nev.

If someone is planning to visit the USA or from the USA, Harveys Outdoor Arena would be the perfect venue for paying a visit. Well, this venue has the most beautiful mixture of nature and a fascinating atmosphere. 

This is located in Nevada near the lake Tahoe. This location is another reason that attracts more audiences for concerts. The most exotic shows in the USA generally seem to happen here. The seat limitations are also quite impressive here. Till now, so many famous bands and musicians have arrived to play in this venue. For example, Maroon 5, Journey, Brad paisley, phish, and Lady Antebellum hold the crown here. By the list, you can count the popularity of this particular venue.

Also, the venue is well known for fantastic seating services and hospitality. Besides, the location will get you fabulous pictures for your feed. As the site and view make a fantastic combination, a great crowd shows up here at every concert.

3. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado

In every list of world-famous concert outdoor venues, the Red rocks amphitheater would always stay on top. Being so close to Denver city, the platform has got the authority to arrange some star-studded concerts of the world.

Since the opening year now., this Amphitheater is holding so many historical performances here. But the exciting thing is, this venue is not so big as the other ones in Colorado. Still, it’s fantastic atmosphere and surroundings have to make it famous worldwide.

The venue is covered in an 838-acre area of Colorado that can hold about 9,500 in one concert. But compared to the other famous platforms, this can be said as the shortest one among all. Favorite artists as U2, Tom Petty, and the Beatles have played here. Though the area it’s absolutely a small venue, the visuality and natural surroundings have never been failed to attract audiences here

4. Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, Calif.

Being an American music fan, finding someone who has no idea about the Hollywood Bowl would be tough. This venue is more like a dream destination for many. Every year, thousands of people visit California to catch concerts here. Well, the famous international artists also choose the venue to organize their shows. 

This venue is decorated with natural amusements and attractions. Being an outdoor concert venue, this one holds more crowds in the summer seasons. This venue has approximately 18,000 audiences together in a concert. Well, you might think it is also smaller than the other ones. No doubt about that, still the venue has a history of organizing famous mainstream international concerts. Here the stars like, The rolling stones, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John have performed in this venue. 

This venue holds another attraction of onsite museums here. There they hold the history of iconic performances in the Hollywood Bowl. It’s more like an exhibition of past performances that adds extra cheers to the venue. And of course, here they make sure the most incredible view and extreme sound quality in every concert.

5. Ravinia Park Pavilion, Illinois

The first event, this venue named “Ravina Park Pavillion,” was hosted by 1905. This one is known as America’s pone of the greatest as well as oldest one.

This venue is expanded to about 36 acres with everything. By the summer days, most concerts set up tents. Besides, the main stage holds a fantastic view and the capacity to hold 2400 people together in the pavilion. 

This venue offers both the traditional searching and lawn seating areas with the perfect main stage visually. People come here every year to enjoy picnics and concerts in one area. They offer beautiful lawns to make the venue separate from the regular ones. The extraordinary thing about this venue is the generalist. Its atmosphere is perfect for all the genres out there. Yo-yo ma, Frank Zappa, Duke Ellington, Ravinia, and many other international celebrities have shown up in this venue.

So, every summer, this Ravinia Park gets to organize the famous Ravinia Festival. From June to September, every year, this venue holds a massive crowd.  

6. Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, Colo.

Red Rocks amphitheater is one of the most recommended finest outdoor concert venues in the USA. Some describe its environment as an incomparable one. This one holds the finest ground to make your concert day even more special.

This Amphitheater can hold around 9,450 audiences per concert with great views. Also, their sitting arrangement is worthy of appreciation. You’ll get here the open-air staging and seating arrangements to make it breezy. 

This venue is unique for its extreme acoustic surroundings. This venue has the capacity of holding about 30,000 square foot visitors in one concert. Compared to others, it’s undoubtedly quite huge in number. Its perfect staging, visuality, and surroundings can make Red Rocks special. Besides, its food and beverage services are quite impressive and well-reviewed by the audiences. This venue is known as a multi-purpose one. Either it’s a wedding, event, concert, or conference, Red Rocks have everything to make it a dreamy one.

7. Mountain Winery, California 

California holds a great crowd, with concerts happening in Mountain Winery every year. This one is one of the world’s oldest venues, according to the list. The record says it was discovered by the year of the 1900s.

The history and class both lie in this venue together. Over these years, some iconic performances have been performed here. As: Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, The beach boys, Airto Moriera, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, and Willie Nelson have presented their iconic performances. The visuality and location set it to more than 60 concerts every summer. As obviously, that pulls thousands of visitors to this venue throughout the summer days.

This venue offers fantastic food, sitting arrangements, and visuality together. Because of the excellent reviews and impressions, the platform is worldwide known as the “champagne king of Calf.” Wherever you search for the California historical; place, this Mountain Winery venue will be there. By its popularity, you can guess the reason behind this concert being on-demand every year. 

8. Wolf Trap National Park, Virginia 

This Wolf trap national park is known for having a great building history over everything. The venue is the first-ever art-owned property on American culture. It was donated by the famous philanthropist Fiene Shouse. The lady wanted to save the property from Scrawl and use it for art purpose. Since then, the place has got to gain worldwide popularity for its beauty.

Here the venue makes sure of the powerful combination of lawns and pavilions. The sitting arrangements are divided here. So, audiences get to choose as they need it. Since the founding year, the place has held some unforgettable rock, folk, pop, ballet, and jazz concerts.

The venue holds around 7,000 people per concert. The pavilion is beautiful, with perfection lying in it. The historical music of all genres has been performed here every year. So, whichever genre you love, Wolf trap national park is extreme to give a shot.  

9. Mishawaka Amphitheater, Colorado 

By the bank of a breezy river, a concert is going to get you the perfect feeling of enjoying your favorite song. However, the venue location seems to be out-of-0reach or town. But still, the river makes up for all of it. 

The venue stage seems to be decorated in a log-cabin / But the main attraction is the mountain, rivers and the natural background. Undoubtedly the environment and atmosphere give you the perfect shot for clicking on-point pictures. Audiences seem to take the rural location of the venue positively. The area makes a soothing and refreshing mood by giving a break from city traffic.

Besides, the food system is extremely appreciated in Mishawaka Amphitheater. Joan Baez, Jonny Lang, George Clinton have given iconic performances on the stage of this venue. 

10. Tanglewood, Massachusetts

Tanglewood is famous both for outdoor and indoor seating areas for concerts. This venue serves the perfect summer vibes in a show. Till now, some famous jazz, pop, folk performances by international artists have been performed here. 

Since the year 1930, the venue has held an excellent address for Massachusetts. The lawn setting area is undoubtedly a different thing from the platform. Still, the music hall Is nothing less when it comes to indoor concerts. But during the summertime, Tanglewood seems to have more summer converts than ever. 

Till now, this venue holds 5,000 audiences record in one concert. Undoubtedly this is so huge compared to other concerts. Among all the iconic performances, the Boston Symphony Orchestra has been performed here. This performance is still one of the biggest ones among all.

11.Empire Polo Ground, Coachella Valley, California 

California has got the most extreme venue in the world. The Empire polo ground is one of the most suggested and reviewed venues among all the outdoor concert places. The venue is situated two hours away from Los Angeles. This venue makes a break for every audience on the concert day. 

The most hyped show of that is, Coachella is arranged on this ground every year. The stages, tents, lawns, field, nature, everything stands stunning for this concert day. The venue has a history of holding the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young performing here. And in Coachella, every year, this Empire polo ground holds the highest crowd among all.

The main highlight of this venue is undoubtedly the Coachella. It has a seating capacity of 90,000 people. The concerts that happen here always stay so fascinated. Moreover, the price of the tickets asks for good money. Empire polo ground attracts a considerable crowd in California.

12. Mandalay Bay Beach – Las Vegas, Nev

Mandalay Bay Beach is not only the biggest venue in Las Vegas. The platform is supremely expanded in every way with various packages. The entire venue holds around 135,000 square feet for one concert.

The venue holds good food and exotic beverages on the set. So, the outside food is not unfortunately allowed in the forum. This place has everything to make it extreme. The playground, lawn, swimming pool, wave, breeze gets you the most pleasing combination to give a revolutionary concert atmosphere.

The entire environment gets you the perfect summer concert vibe in every way. Everyone who is paying a visit to Las Vegas should always attend any Mandalay Bay Beach concert worldwide.

13. Tabernacle, Atlanta

Among all, the Tabernacle is the newest one. According to history, the extreme outdoor concert has been discovered by the year 1996. This venue has the capacity of holding 2,600 people together in the audience seating area. Well, this might be little, but it includes perfection.

Bob Seger, Eminem, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash have performed at Tabernacle here. The venue is an extreme venue that has a perfect picture-friendly atmosphere. The unheard thing about the venue is the history behind the building. This venue was initially being converted from a church only.

14. Gorge Amphitheatre – Quincy, Wash.

In Washington City, Gorge Amphitheatre has always been the highlight of paying a good visit. The venue is situated at a distance of 150 miles from the central city.

The specialty lies in multi-day festivals. Gorgeo has the beauty of the Columbia river by the view. The ground can undoubtedly create a good atmosphere for your pictures as well as refreshment. In the summer days, the Amphitheater always stays excited.

This fantastic venue holds more than 20,000 seating capabilities in every concert. Most celebrities have played on the stage of Gorge Amphitheatre. As: Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Nickelback, Pearl jam, and Band have played on this stage. The spectacular view of the stage and river makes an extreme atmosphere here.

15. Villa La Foce, Tuscany, Italy

Italy has always held the most extreme locations in the entire world. Villa La Force is undoubtedly one of the most delicate areas of Italy. 

The venue was built in the 15th century which holds excellent history and popularity all over the world. Well, this venue is one of the finest as well as luxury concerts everywhere. Here you get the swimming pool, landscape, garden, lawn in this venue. 

The mixture of nature and hospitality makes the Villa La Force the most extreme concert venue in Italy. Most of the exciting performances happen in Vila la Force if it’s in Italy. 

Final words

Concert shows are always more fascinating if they’re arranged in the perfect location. But as the summer days are coming, you might get the chance to enjoy the outdoor concerts. The article has explained your world’s finest 15 venues all over the world. If you’re planning to attend any outdoor show this summer, I hope the list would help you at best. Also, don’t forget to share the concert with your friends who’re looking for types of outdoor concerts and venues to pay a visit to.  

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