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Koe Wetzel Announces U.S. Tour Dates

Koe Wetzel Tour 2022
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2022 will be a good year for music and concerts lovers because, after a nearly two-year pause, music and concerts are gradually coming back to normal. Country music lovers will enjoy 2022 very much because of tours of Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Kacey Musgraves, Darius Rucker, Reba McEntire, and Miranda Lambert. And to add to the excitement, Koe Wetzel has recently announced that he will embark upon a North American tour in the upcoming days. 

Koe Wetzel and the team are planning their tour following their recent time when they saw ticket sales of approximately 120000. The tour will trigger a podcast in Independence in Missouri on March 3. The tour includes a massive 32 cities planned on different dates and will be very exciting and will hit the major cities of New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Orlando, and much more before wrapping up in Corpus Christi on July 23, 2022. 

Koe Wetzel is a rising star in the country music industry and quite a successful one. The team consists of Koe Wetzel as Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar, Andres Rocha as Drummer, Mason Morris as Harmony Vocals/Bass, Jerrod Flusche as Rhythm/, and Michael Odis Parrish as Lead Guitar. The show will be fascinating and almost four and a half months long. 

The country singer released his first major album in 2020 with Columbia records. The album was named “sell-out” and was a massive success in the early release stages.

When Does The Tour start?

The tour of Koe Wetzel, which set some records in his career, will start on March 3, 2022, from Independence, Missouri. Koe Wetzel will perform in Mo Cable Dahmer Arena to begin his long tour along with his team.

When Does The Tour end?

The legendary tour with 32 stops and a four-month duration will end in Corpus Christi on July 23, 2022. The showdown of the tour will be held in Concrete Street in Texas.

What Are The Songs Koe Wetzel Going To Sing On His Tour?

Although it is not clear for now, Koe Wetzel will cheer the crowd with his best hits. He has a good chance of succeeding sing Good Die Young, Something To Talk About, Drunk Driving, Cold And Alone, ragweed, Kuntry and Western, Love, February 28, 2016, forever, Sunday or Mundy, Honey Pain, Fuss and Fight, Tell It All Town, Sancho, Too High To Cry, Sober Sunday, Post-Sellout, FGA, Drug Problem, Happier Alone.

There are also chances that he will release another album between the time and will 

surprise us with his latest hits. 

When Will The Tickets For Koe Wetzel Tour Go Live On Sale?

Well, tickets are the essential part of live concerts, and without them, you can not hope to have a good chance of watching your favorite stars. The sales for the tickets have already begun on Friday, January 14, 2022, from 10 a.m local time. Not only that, there were presales for Citicard members from 12th January 10 a.m local time to January 13 at 10 p.m local time. Presale for non Citicard members was from January 13 at 10 p.m local time. 

How Much Will The Koe Wetzel Tour Tickets Cost?

The price of tickets is not fixed but dependent upon various parameters such as the nature of the concert, location, venue, demand, celebrity, and various other parameters. If you are willing to go to the Koe Wetzel tour, you can get the tickets from primary ticket selling platforms at a minimum price of $53 in some concerts to about $92. These are the minimum ticket prices in different cities:

3/03/2022 Independence From $69

3/04/2022 St. Louis From $60

3/05/2022 Newport From $65

3/17/2022 New York From $58

3/18/2022 Pittsburgh From $68

3/19/2022 Philadelphia From $53

3/24/2022 Columbia From $55

3/25/2022 Silver Spring From $70

3/26/2022 Columbus From $62

3/31/2022 Cedar Park From $79

4/08/2022 Park City From $74

4/09/2022 Tulsa From $68

4/15/2022 Evansville From $70

4/16/2022 Knoxville From $68

4/21/2022 Franklin From $78

4/22/2022 Brandon From $68

4/23/2022 Opelika From $92

4/24/2022 Biloxi From $64

5/04/2022 Orlando From $55

5/05/2022 St. Petersburg From $60

5/06/2022 St. Augustine From $74

5/07/2022 Pompano BeachFrom $72

5/11/2022 Sayreville From $57

5/12/2022 Boston From $52

5/13/2022 Wallingford Fr67om $

5/14/2022 Richmond From $62

6/02/2022 Tupelo From $72

6/03/2022 Atlanta From $63

6/04/2022 Orange Beach From $78

6/10/2022 Fort Worth From $71

6/11/2022 The Woodlands From $65

6/17/2022 Amarillo From $70

6/24/2022 Filer From $79

7/22/2022 New Braunfels From $59

7/23/2022 Corpus Christi From $63

How Can I Get Cheap Koe Wetzel Tour Tickets 2022?

There are many ways to get tickets even lower than their original prices. However, these are not recommended techniques if you are a huge fan. If you want to buy tickets at lower prices, wait for some time for the prices to go down. As the event date comes near, the worries of ticket sellers increase if they have a lot of tickets left and want to cash out as much as possible from it. The cheapest ticket would be available in the last minutes before closing the door. However, the technique may backfire if there is huge demand. 

Being extra careful, it is preferable to buy it from primary ticket selling platforms like,,

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