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About The Band

Originating from Texas and based in America, Spoon band has perpetually enhanced the zeal and enthusiasm of art-rock music fans with the founding members, Britt Daniel as the main vocalist and guitarist, and Jim Eno as the drummer of the group. Alex Fischel, Gerardo Larios, and Ben Torkan are also present bandmates. 

Spoon band has a strong suit of consistently publishing rock music albums since 1996 with Telephono as their entrance album; the Band continued winning the hearts of rock music lovers and released numerous albums, including a series of sneaks as their second studio album in 1998, Girls can tell in 2001, Kill the moonlight in 2002, with more than 160 k sold music copies of album Gimme Fiction in 2005 which also charted 44th rank on Billboard, Ga Ga Ga Ga in 2007 and Hot Thoughts in 2017 as their 9th long-playing record.

The music groove is authentic as the Band has declared the tour for their 10th studio album, Lucifer On The Sofa, released after a significant break of 5 years. The Band assured the fans that Lucifer On The Sofa would be the most unrefined heavy-metal music. The tour will begin in February 2022. Spoon and Mark Rankin are the official co-producers of the album with Adele and Queen of the Stone Age, and David Fridmann and Justin Raisen provided further benefits. The album is inscribed and tape-recorded from the past two years in Austen, besides covid-19 trauma. In compliance with Matador Records, Lucifer on The Sofa will have a legit release on 11th February 2022.

Songs From ‘Lucifer On The Sofa’

The Hardest Cut, Held, The Devil and Mister Jones, On The Radio, Feels Right, Astral Jacket, Satellite, Lucifer On The Sofa, My Babe, Wild are the names of the songs that will amuse the fans into the depths of music in the tour of Lucifer On The Sofa.

Commencing Date And Place For The Tour

The Band has revealed the dates and venues for the tour of Lucifer On The Sofa with the beginning date of 6th April 2022 in Boston at House of blues; the time will continue from College Street Music Hall in New Haven and a bunch of other coastal places of New York, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, Tucson and will be concluded in the states of Phoenix at The Van Buren with Geese and Margaret Glaspy as the special appearances of some shows of the tour, The excursion of 5 months promises to be one of the biggest hit for the primary rock and roll music industry. The presentations will cover about 90 minutes each for unlimited delight and fun for the fans. 

Limitations Due To Covid-19

The shows have some strict restrictions because of the rapid spreading of Covid-19. If not vaccinated, visitors are requested to bring vaccination certificates or slips or covid-19 test result messages. Masks are mandatory in all cases. Pocket sanitizers will be additional protection for your safety. to respect the rule of social distancing, all the tour shows will be organized with proper seating arrangements.

All You Need To Know About The Concert Tickets

Famous music enthusiasts need not worry as we have got you all covered with the tickets for the bewildering tour of “Lucifer On The Sofa.” Here tickets for your desired shows are available on pre-sale. The standard price of the visa starts from $75 only and reaches up to the maximum amount of $132 for different tickets depending upon the venues. Luxurious tickets with gigantic grandiose packages are available for fans. Special codes can also help you attain the key for your favorite event. These tickets are exclusively available on so many websites, including Ticketmaster, the most trustworthy place for you to buy tickets. The tickets for the tour are hot on sale, and half of them are already out of stock, so a delay in purchasing your ticket can be problematic for you. 

Refund Programme 

We provide a refund policy for tickets if the tour is canceled or delayed, moved to a new place, or announced new dates. We give our customers multiple options, whether they would like to wait till the new dates are announced or whether they want their cash back.

Spoon has put their significant efforts into this recently launched album that pledges for the tour to be a great success. The shows will commence at 8:00 pm and fill the stage with gleamy performances for beloved rock music fans. Buy your ticket now before you lose your chance.

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