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How To Get Dua Lipa Concert Tickets 2022

Dua Lipa Tickets 2022
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After the announcement of the Future Nostalgia North America tour by Dua Lipa, she will be heading towards the north of America to release her album, which was released in 2020 and hit at the top on Spotify. As a singer and songwriter, She has billions of fans worldwide, and her fans are excited and cannot wait for her concert. 

After announcing her concert, social media has become thrilled and started following her Future Nostalgia North American tour. It is expected to have big names joining her on tour. If you want to know about her concert tickets, you have landed at the right spot. We have gathered the information you required, so follow this article till the end to know about Future Nostalgia North America. 

Tour Schedule 

Dua Lipa will start his tour from Ftx Arena, Miami. The famous singer will be heading towards Orlando for the last concert in Florida. The 3rd concert will be in Georgia for one day. Many concerts are only for one day in each state. After wrapping up from Tennessee, she will move to Canada and has scheduled four concerts there in different states including Toronto, and North Carolina. Then she will go to Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, New York, Oakland, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. 

Start Date

Superstar Dua Lipa will start her Miami, Florida, on February 9th, 2022. And this concert will be held in FTX Arena. People are missing shows of their favorite actors. Because of the covid 19, many concerts were canceled and rescheduled in the previous year. Future Nostalgia North America has also been affected, and she decided to extend the dates, but finally, the concert has been confirmed and will be performed live from February 9th.

End Date

She will end the concert in Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia. April 1st, 2022, will be the end of her tour. A lot of people wonder why she scheduled the tour dates back and forth from the USA to Canada and then back to 

Duration Of The Tour 

Dua Lipa has scheduled her tour for two months; it may be extended to some days more; however, Dua Lipa is looking to make it on time and follow her schedule keenly. If there is a special guest to join her, one of the concerts may be extended to 1 to 2 days. 

Songs Expected In Future Nostalgia North America 

This tour by Dua Lipa aims to promote her album, which was launched in 2020 by the name of Future Nostalgia; the tour name also depicts the name of the album. The songs are expected to come out of the album, but Future Nostalgia songs will be performed. The famous album comprises the songs, don’t start now, pretty please, Break my heart, Good in Bed, boys will be boys. 

Opening Of Tickets For Future Nostalgia Tour 

The tickets have already gone live for sale. The ticket sales have already started from noon on Tuesday, September 17th, 2021. If you are planning to attend the concerts of Dua Lipa, do not wait, because the tickets may become short and the prices will be rocketed due to the demand. 

Cost Of The Future Nostalgia Concert Ticket

The cost depends on the state and its popularity. Thus, it does not depend on any one factor. Once the concert date has come closer, the demand will become high. Alternatively, ticket prices will shoot. Furthermore, states like New York, Tennessee have lower prices than other states. You may find the ticket price different on different sites, and it may be difficult for you to buy from. The ticket price thus ranges from $150 to $300 or may reach more than $1000. The minimum price you will get is $70. 

Best Sites To Buy The Future Nostalgia Concert Ticket

It is hard for some people to find the tickets at an affordable rate, or some people wonder whether they should rely on the service or not. It is good to analyze the vendor from every aspect, but it is a time-consuming action. Therefore we have researched and gathered some websites which will help get your concert tickets at a low cost. Vivid, TicketMaster, and TicketNetwork provide the best services, especially in the USA; you can refund the ticket whenever you want. Also, it will allow you to buy conveniently by giving several methods of transferring the money. 

Duration Of The Concert

Most of the concerts lasted within 3 hours; however, there are many concerts of Dua Lipa in which the attendance of the fans was more than 50000, which is why it lasted after 4 hours. The duration of the concert also depends on the special guest and locations. If we compare the concerts of Dua Lipa with the other artists, you will find more gathering in her concerts; for this reason, the duration of her concerts is lengthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2020 the most costly ticket was sold for $1500 for the concert of Dua Lipa.

February 16th, 2022 will be the day when she moves to Canada for her first concert of 2022. The concert will be held in Centre Bell, situated in Montreal.


Lastly, we have summed up the information you need to know about the concerts and tickets. Dua Lipa has millions of fans on social media, taking her to the skies. She has made millions of dollars in business from his songs and albums; she has even started modeling and achieved a lot of appreciation from both fans and artists. 

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