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Rod Stewart tour 2022: Where to buy tickets| The Ultimate Guide

Rod Stewart Tour 2022
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where to bu concert tickets

Mostly all the artists held their concerts in different places when they launched their new album or songs. It is an excellent idea to promote the songs, and mostly the shows and tours of artists help them earn a lot of money, which is essential for their career. Rod Stewart is a British singer, songwriter, and song producer; he has launched many songs with a proven career. His fans were excited to attend his concert when he announced this on social media. The fans are ready to see him live with different famous artists. 

People are looking to buy the tickets at an affordable rate but having a reputable vendor is complicated. They are related to the concert superstar Rod Stewart tour 2022. We know you want to know all the info impatiently, so follow this article to the end keenly. 

When Will The Concert Of The Rod Stewart Start?

Rod Stewart is ready to take the stage on fire; he will start his concert on February 14, 2022. The first tour has been scheduled in hard rock live in Hollywood, Florida. His last tour was in October 2021 and was very successful and admired by his fans. 

What Is The Tour Schedule For The Rod Stewart Tour 2022? 

He started his tour from Florida and held his concerts in two cities. He moved towards Nevada for five days, and from July 1, he will hit Texas, then Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Canada, Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut, then New Jersey. Moreover, he scheduled his one-day concert in Canada as well. 

What Are The Songs The Rod Stewart Is Going To Perform On Tour In 2022? 

The songwriter Rod Stewart has launched many thrilling songs and albums which hit millions of views on the internet and has done a billion-dollar business. It is expected from Rod Stewart that he will perform his hit songs on his coming tour; the themes may include one more time, Gabriella and All my Days from his album of The tears of Hercules. The first cut is the deepest; You are in my Heart, baby Jane, the killing of Georgie, and much more. 

When Will The Rod Stewart Tour End?

He will move from Florida to Nevada again to perform his last concerts; October 1 is the date of his previous show Rod Stewart and is scheduled to be held in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The fans of Nevada especially are excited to attend his concerts and are looking to buy the tickets as soon as possible. 

When Will The Rod Stewart Tickets 2022 Go Live On Sale?

The ticket has already gone live on sale by different ticket vendors; the Rod Stewart concert is very popular; therefore, the keys have started on sale from December 2021. In addition, if you are planning to attend the show, you have to hurry up before it is too late. If you buy the tickets lately, it may be costly to you. 

How Much Does The Rod Stewart Tour Tickets Cost 2022?

The ticket is dependent on many factors, such as if you go to buy the key when the concert is not too far from the day, you will find the rate much higher. To give you insights about the cost of a Rod Stewart tour concert, the average cost is $65, and the minimum price of the ticket you may get is $20. The mentioned sites in the previous section give the best services at a cheaper rate.

How Can I Get Cheap Rod Stewart Tour Tickets 2022? 

If you want affordable tickets for the Rod Stewart concert, you can check out TicketMaster, TicketNetwork, and Vivid. These sites have been working in this field for years and are giving authentic services to their customers. The cost may vary according to the cities, but you will find the concert tickets at an affordable rate with convenience. 

How Long Does The Rod Stewart Show Last?

The duration depends on the fans’ attendance; if the crowd is very much in the count, it may last after 3 hours; however, the average duration should be 2 hours. However, if we talk about having special guests, the last one may take time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

He is among the best vocalists in the singing industry and has sold over 250 million records in his music career.

Rod Stewart is likely to make the concert hit in New York on July 22, 2022. After coming from Ohio. 

The singer will tour in 2022 with his recent song one more time. He wants to launch another album in 2023 with more than five songs. 

Stewart was a popular artist who was born back in the 1945’s. He is currently spending the 76th year of his life. Stewart is one of the oldest yet exciting singers of all time.


If you want to enjoy the Rod Stewart live show, then don’t wait until it’s too late because the prices of the tickets may drastically change and become more costly. Social media talked about his concerts and remembered the popular songs he released. Moreover, the future show I considered to be more fantabulous than the previous one because of its tour extent, and he will be touring more than eight states of the USA along with the tour of Canada. So if you are in Canada and a big fan of Rod Stewart, it is good news for you. 

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