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Yes, we are here to talk about the highly popular RodeoHouston show! Often, this show is called HLSR. However, the name of the show is Houston Rodeo Concerts. If you search for the largest indoor livestock exhibition along with rodeo, you will find this at the top!

Along with this, this concert includes the wealthiest regular-season professional rodeo occasions too! This concert used to occur in the Astrodome. However, the place changed and it has also held at NRG Stadium in Texas. From 2003, it is celebrated in Houston, Texas on the NRG Stadium and so, it is now popular as Houston Rodeo Concerts.

If you are concerned about the city’s signature event, this is is1 Yes, this Houston Rodeo Concert is known as the signature event of the city.

Rodeo Houston Concert 2020 Line Up

For the Rodeo Houston Concert of 2020, the names of the players are not revealed yet. However, there are rumors and expectations regarding the show.

People are craving for Clint Black in the show. From 2009, he hasn’t played any performances in the Houston Rodeo Show. No matter what’s on the charts, he plays amazingly, no one can disagree!

We are also expecting Lacy Cavalier in this show. He was invested by Chase Rice in her tour in 2016. He was only 19 at that time. Along with this, the fans of Rodeo Houston Concert are also expecting Prince Royce and Camila Cabello. You already know how they rocked the stages and online with their new songs!

Along with this, you must know that the Houston Rodeo Concert of 2019 was full of Latin flavor. We have seen Satana, Los Tigres Del Norte in the previous show. And so, we want to see them again to bring new flavor to the show. On the other hand, you cannot forget Cardi B! Yes, he is also rumored to make a comeback to the show this time!

According to rumors, there is a possible chance of Shakira coming to the Houston Concert this tie. Marc Anthony is also rumored to be here! Along with this, Bad Bunny is also not out of the list!

If the Rodeo Houston 2020 needs an amazing push, the best choice for the singers will be Drake and Beyonce. If the show goes big, these singers can make it bigger than before! We are expecting Drake and Beyonce because they both have immense love towards Houston. However, we cannot avoid the topic of Travis Scott here too! He is family-friendly and also rumored to come up with his new tracks!

History of Houston Rodeo Concert

In the 20th century, the ranchers of the Houston area got a new breed of cattle. These were named as American Brahman. This breed of the mixture of the four breeds of cattle that were from India. And after the blend of these Indian breed cattle, they got something new. They got adjusted to the swampy and hot weather of the Texas Gulf Coast.

After this, James W. Sartwelle created an association named the American Brahman Breeders Association. This association was formed in 1920. However, the ranchers were given no opportunities to raise awareness of the breed. Also, they were not able to show their cattle. But in

In 1932, for launching a hotel in Texas, Sartwelle invited other six businessmen. The hotel was named as Texas State Hotel They also planned for having a livestock exposition there, The Houston Fat Stock Show was created and Sartwelle was the president of the team.

The event was organized and held in 1932. This late April event was organized at Sam Houston Hall in downtown Houston. This regional event was an event that was for showing off the livestock and agriculture in Houston. This event included the Brahmans too. This show was planned for a week.

More or less, 2000 attendees attended the show. This show used to occur every year and for the next four years, this show ran pretty well.

Growth of Rodeo Houston

Day by day, the attendees increased and so, the organizers decided to get a venue that is larger than the previous one. After the fourth event, Sam Houston Hall was torn down. There was a plan to create a better and larger place. And so, they gave a year break I 1937 to get the place done and also kept planning for the larger event.

The Fat Stock Show was resumed in 1938 and there was a parade through downtown Houston. And this was an amazing event! After the massive response from the attendees, the organizers planned to add musical entertainment in the show in 1940. Local talents were invited. And this was a groundbreaking decision that actually worked!

In 1942, Gene Autry, named as a singing cowboy, performed in the show and entertained the attendees. As a result, the plan to get a bigger event got inside the heads of the organizers. And so, they invited media to their show in 1952. After this, the event went big and people outside the locale knew about the show.

Archer Romero was chosen as the next president and he planned to advertise the show and also celebrate the Texas culture. He recommends the Houston residents to wear western outfits as it was Texas Day.

From Fat Stock Show to Houston Livestock and Rodeo: The Renaming

There were other events like Major League Baseball, Football and a lot more. To come up with a plan, the country commission decided to make a plan for all of the events together.

And in 1961, finally, the Fat Stock Show was renamed as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The next year, it moves to Astrodome and started a new journey.

After this, the show was expanded to 20 days. Every evening of the show was featured by a rodeo. These rodeos were sanctioned by the PRCA or Professional Rodeo Cowboys Associations.

In this situation, the tickets were very cheap. The tickers were only $10 and the event used to cover Wild West shows, livestock shows, rodeo and concerts along with the carnival.

Changing Venue

The last show is the previous place was done on 3rd march of 2002. It was recorded. As thus, it created the first official live album regarding the concert. It was named as For the Last Time: Live from the Astrodome.

After the show went big, a new venue was set which is Reliant Stadium. Now this place is known as NRG Stadium. This is also situated in Astrodome in 2002. The place has an area of 1.4 million square feet. A new event named Rodeo Uncorked was added in 2004.

The Fall and the Rise of RodeoHouston

They also launched a wine garden in 2008. However, at a time, the attendees started falling and people used to come to the show only before the concert ignoring the rodeo. And so, the rodeo was restructured.

After the waiver of rodeo expired, the show ended the contract with the organization. After that, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo became an independent show. And in 2011, the attendees increased to an immense level. RodeoHouston is back again with amazing

Tickets of RodeoHouston Concert

The Rodeo Houston Concert will start on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. The venue is still the same. You will need to check-in NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas. The show will go on until Sunday, March 22, 2020.

The time of the show is 4.45 PM every day. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, there will be variations in the starting time of the Houston Rodeo Concert 2020. On Saturdays and Sundays, the concert will start at 1.45 PM.

The tickets for the wildest rodeo action in NRG stadium is already out. They are going t be sold out fast. And if you want to join this show, you can’t sit there idly. All you need to do is get your hands on the tickets and get pleasure from the show!

If you are taking children under 2 years, you will not need tickets. Ticket sales will be stopped after a performer getting on the stage every day. If you are eying for the online tickets then let us tell you, you must get them before the concert. 2 hours before the concert starts, the online ticket selling will be stopped.

Rodeo Houston Concert 2020 Live Performance

The times of the performances may vary according to the days and other circumstances in the 2020 concert. On the weekdays, the concerts will start at 6.45 PM. The entertainer will get on the stage of the NRG stadium at 8.45 PM. You can get into the stadium at 6 PM.

On the Weekends, the rodeos will start at 3.45 pm. However, the entertainer will get on the stage at 5.45 PM. The gates of the stadium will be opened for you at 3 PM.

Final Words

When it comes to Rodeo Houston Concerts, we can never let out expectations down! We always expect something bigger and the show never lets us down too! It makes us proud by coming up with amazing rodeos and singers to level up the concert!

Also, if you are missing the concert, you are going to miss something “REAL BIG!” So, stop wasting time on streaming videos and check something LIVE! Purchase some tickets and get into the show!



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