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Burn a man down and enjoy encouraging and enriching your soul! Yes, that’s the way the Burning Man festival goes on! Alright, we agree that the MAN here is not a real man but the festival is REAL! This festival was started in 1986 and it is still as hyped as it was before!

This late summer occasion is one of the most incredible shows when it comes to summer festivals. And after so many festivals, this Burning Man Project is going to launch there next festival in 2020 which will surely be another amazing occasion.

Burning Man and its Growth

The growth of Burning Man even really surprises the people out there. This event basically happens in the Western United States. The place for this festival is Black Rock City. You might have not heard about this city before because it is a temporary city. It is situated in the northwest of Nevada.

Burning Man event is basically a late summer event to enjoy the summer completely! This event was made for experimenting in community and art. When it comes to Burning Man, you can join it and have fun.

However, you must know about the principles of the Burning Man Festival. Radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, civic responsibility, radical inclusion, and communal effort are the five principles. The other five principles are immediacy, decommodification, gifting, and participation and leave no trace.

What Happens in the Burning Man Festival

There happens symbolic rituals lie burning a large piece of a wooden effigy. This is called THE MAN! In most cases, this occasion happens on Saturday evening.

You will be amazed to learn about the background of this festival. It started 33 years ago. Yes, the first time, this festival was celebrated back in 1986. It was celebrated as a smaller function then. It was celebrated in the Baker Beach in San Francisco. The organizer of this event was Jerry James and Larry Harvey. These people created the first MAN!

After that, people started to celebrate this every year. This was basically made for a nine-day festival. And after these 33 years, now, this festival is arranged by the Burning Man Project. This is a non-profit organization and was formed in 1997.

In the Burning Man festival, there are several forms of art and these arts are celebrated by the attendees.

In this festival these days, more or less 70,000 people join. This festival is marked as one of the most important festivals regarding breaking-out the confines of capitalism. On the other hand, this is also believed that this festival is an incredible way to free yourself from the everyday complications and to free the creative soul along with the imagination.

Attendees in this festival usually set up several sculptures and arts. They also set up their cars and other creation. The ritual tents are also set up there. You can imagine anything for revelers for experiencing and interacting!

The theme of Burning Man 2020

Now, if you have heard a little about the Burning Man festival, you must have heard about their themes. Every year, they have been through several themes so that they can amuse the attendees along with the other members. All of their themes are unique and you cannot stop loving them!

Do you remember the theme of 2019? In 2019, the theme amazed all of the attendees because they never thought that the Burning man festival is capable of coming up with such sort of themes. In 2019, they have played with the theme METAMORPHOSES! However, they rocked the stage and the festival both.

The theme of Burning Man 2020 is also amazing. This year, they are going to play a different card and the theme is MULTIVERSE! Yes, if you divide it, it becomes a MULTI UNIVERSE. And again, they are coming up with a CREEPY and WEIRD theme because there is no fun is being basic!

The idea of having multiple realities along with multiple timelines with endless possibilities is what they are going to flaunt this year. And with that unique, any festival will be incredible, we believe!

Organizers of Burning Man 2020

According to the Burning Man 2020 organizers, we got to know that, the next theme of the Burning Man event is going to play with the quantum kaleidoscope of possibility. They also mentioned that the Burning Man of 2020 is going to explore the infinite realities of the multiverse. Along with this, they mentioned that this time, the base of the festival will be their own superpositioning as actors and there will also be observers in the cosmic Cacophony of resonant strings!

We know everything is complicated! But just think about the high thoughts of the Burning Man theme and imagine how amazing it will be to enjoy such a show!

Along with this, the organizers also commented about their theme MULTIVERSE.

In the words of the Organizers, “It’s an invitation to ponder the real, the surreal and the pataphysical, and a chance to encounter our alternate selves who may have followed, or are following, or will follow different decision-paths to divergent Black Rock City realities. Welcome to the Multiverse!”

We think that this theme is basically based on Metamorphoses which was basically a theme of 2019. However, there will be differences as in 2020, the attendees will be encouraged to start exploring them from several perspectives so that they can know better about themselves.

We all know that the burners will surely be excited to get such a challenge and fulfill them! So, if you are highly excited, join this and don’t miss anything about this festival because this festival also helps you grow from the inside and also helps you know yourself more than before!

Festival Dates

The venue of this place is Nevada, There is a Black Rock City is Nevada which is popular for this festival. More or less 50,000 to 80,000 people every year join this festival to get out of their inner difficulties.

This occasion is held from the last Sunday of August to the first Monday of September every year. The decided date of the festival is from August 30 through September 7th.

Tickets are out!

When it comes to Burning Man, we all know that people crave for the tickets. However, the tickets get sold out as soon as they are out! The tickets for the next Burning Man event of 2020, which will happen in August and September, are already out.

So, If you still have not got your hands on the tickets, do is fast, Go for the Burning Man website and get your tickets. And after that, all you need to do is head towards Nevada and have fun for nine long days. Who’s going to stop you? NO ONE!

Final Words

Now that you are ready with all the details of the festival, all you need to do is get the tickets as soon as it is possible. The tickets will get sold out soon.

So, if you are interested to join this show and want to celebrate and explore their new wonderful theme, feel free to get the tickets and join the show the next August!



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