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No one can ignore the music and arts festivals because they are great for not only vacations but also for soothing your soul. If you have never heard about the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival or OSL, then probably you are not a music freak!

If you live for music, you must have heard about this multi-genre music festival. Moreover, the festival usually occurs in San Francisco and from so many years, this is rocking the vacation period to entertain the audiences and listeners.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival: At a Glance

This is basically a multi-genre music festival. This happens in San Francisco and if you judge the best music gatherings in America, this one is in the top list. This festival started back in 2008 and for 12 years, this festival is one of the top favorites of music lovers.

On the other hand, the gathering of this festival is noticeable. The reason behind this is this festival includes several genres of music. And so, every music lover gets something here to celebrate. In most cases, festivals occur based on some specific genre like rock festivals or pop festivals.

However, this is amazing that this festival covers most of the genres to keep the audiences interested! And so, people, for the love of their own music taste, come here to enjoy!

The lineup of the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is also noteworthy. You get what you have paid for, trust us! On this occasion, the audiences get to see the biggest names of American music genres. All of the popular musicians all over America join this so that every music lover gets something special! And their lineup is their strongest point too!

The venue of Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

Now, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival are set in Golden Gate Park. This festival basically carries on the mantel of the hippie movement. The movement used to congregate in Golden Gate Park too. Basically, it promotes a very friendly and inclusive atmosphere too.

Another amazing part is this festival also promotes championing eco-friendly causes for offsetting its carbon footprint which is commendable!

However, the venue is still very interesting to make the festival incredible. The music enthusiast can come to this festival and get their best vacation too. The area inside the venue is also commendable. This festival can be held in so many venues.

These can be celebrated in outdoor or indoor. You might get to see the festival in the city or you might be able to enjoy it on the beach!

Not only these, but you also get to see venues that include parks and lakesides. Moreover, resorts are also set for the venue sometimes.

The most interesting part is you might see that the venue is arranged in the forest. Other unique locations are also selected for the venue of the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival of 2020.

The genre of Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

If you are a music enthusiast and still confused about this festival, you might feel sorry for missing it! So, get up and get some tickets for you. This festival includes so many music genres so that you get your favorite one here.

There is rock music along with pop music. You will get heavy metal here where you will also be able to have fun with EDM. Drum and Bass are all time favorite of the headliners of this festival. The headliners also cover the Indie along with the Hip Hop music.

You will be glad to know that this festival includes the House and Electronic music too. Techno music lovers can also give a treat to their ears. From Urban to Trance, this festival covers all of the music genres. The genres also include World music along with Reggae and R&B music. If you love Punk, Jazz or Funk, you are also invited here.

If you join this festival to get some experimental music or blues or garage, you will never feel bored! On the other have, love for the country music and folk music along with disco is also given equal importance here! So, whatever you choose and whatever you play, you are going to pass a good time here!

 The lineup of Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2020: Predictions and Expectations

The headliners of Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2020 are not declared yet. But rumors are all around! Let’s get back to the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival2018 and 2019. We have seen Paul Simone, Childish Gambino, Twenty One Pilots, Flume and Blink-182 in the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2019.

Leon Bridge and Ella Mai were also there. You cannot ignore the faces of Lil Wayne, Big Wild, Bob Moses, Dean Lewis, and Caamp.

If you go back to the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2018, you will see Jack Harlow, Florence Janet, The Machine Jackson, Illenium, James Blake, DJ Snake, The Man, N.E.R.D, Jamie XX Father John Misty and a hell lot of people joining the festival.

And so, according to rumors and predictions, we can expect Paul Simon to make a comeback THIS TIME, Also, we can expect Childish Gambino and Kacey Musgraves coming back again to the festival. Kendrick lamer is doing amazingly well these days and according to prediction, he is coming too. Dua Lipa along with Disclosure is going to join the festival according to the source. Tame Impala might also headline to them as they were incredible at Coachella. We are also expecting Fleetwood Mac and Vampire Weekend to stand on the stage, Also, Tool, Frank Ocean and lot more are rumored to be in the festival!

So, if you want to see your favorite at this festival, you must buy the tickets to see them performing live!

Tickets are Out

Tickets for the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival are out already. According to the authentic website, there are fewer tickets left for you. Before getting sold out, get the tickets!

If you haven’t got one for you, you are going to miss this show. This Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival are going to be staged in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, United States.

The Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival started on Saturday, August 7, 2020, and will end on Monday, August 9, 2020.

The tickets for this festival might cost you $375 or more. For GA passes, you might need to spend $380. This price is excluding the fee. You have to add it afterward.

Conversely, if you want to get the VIP GA tickets, you will need to spend about $795 or more on this purpose. You have to add the fee additionally here. To know more about the tickets, you can go to their official website.

Final Verdict

Music festivals are not just for music enthusiast but all other people can join it and have fun. When it comes to the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, you can never deny that this is the most raved-about show in America because of the multi-genre music.

People of all music taste can join it and have a pleasurable time. So, if you haven’t yet got the tickets, get them soon!



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