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Black Pumas on Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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Since coronavirus has become a great barrier for music industries, the Tiny Desk (Home) concerts is working for the foreseeable future. NPR music is introducing Tiny Desk (Home) concerts which will bring performances from across the country and the world. It will be the same stripped-down sets, same stage properties –just a different space.

Black Pumas is having a good year despite covid-19 outbreak. The Austin-based band was nominated for three Grammys, including album of the Year, and both record of the Year and best American roots performance for the track ‘Colors’.  The band received these honors for their debut album which is released a year ago. Only the Tiny Desk (Home) shows made it possible for Black Pumas and that is why the album is receiving so much recognition right now.

Black Pumas fully displays their retro-soul groove gradually with sets of songs. The band has won over the fans for their unique styles.  The lead vocals of the band from the opening strains dig deep and over the time he reaches his ballad OCT 33 he just keeps burning the audiences with old-school soul heartbreak.

With guitar in hand Quesada while the band with two backup singers calls to mind soul classics, mesmerize audiences with his grooves.

Watching Black Pumas shows in recent years is a beauty. The band is getting better every time they are playing gigs. The Tiny Desk (Home) concert shows become a platform for the band that they will bring out their best no matter the size of the audiences are.

Tracks for Home Concerts:

“Red Rover”


“OCT 33”


Black Pumas Lineup:

 Black Pumas lineup for the tiny Desk Show. Eric Burton is the lead vocals and plays guitar. Adrian Quesada is in guitar while Lauren Cervantes and Angela Miller are backup singers. JaRon Marshall plays keyboard.  Brendan Bond is bass guitarist and Steve Bidwell plays drums.

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