Juno Awards 2022 Live Stream | Here’s Everything You Should Know

Juno Awards 2022
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The Juno awards, or as the people call them Junos, are the awards that are presented to the Canadian musical artists and bands in honor of the acknowledgment of their musical achievements. The new members of the Canadian Hall of Fame are also invited to award ceremonies. The Juno Awards are considered equivalent to the American GRAMMY AWARDS or the United KIngdom’s BRITS AWARDS.

 The Juno awards ceremony was first held in 1970, and since then, it has been held yearly. The Juno Awards are named in honor of PIERRE JUNEAU, Canada’s first Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) president and former president of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).The Juno awards 2022 is currently planned as an in-person gala ceremony after three years due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

When And Where Will The Juno Awards 2022 Be Held?

The most awaited award function of the Canadian music industry will happen in the city of Toronto, Ontario, in 2022. The awards ceremony will be held in the prestigious venue of the Budweiser Stage. The date of the Juno Awards 2022 is decided to be 15th march, and the 52nd Awards ceremony of Juno will be held with proper COVID precautions and social distancing. There is a lot of excitement going on among the fans and the celebrities.

At What Time The Juno Awards 2022 Is Going To Be Live Streamed?

The official time for the live stream of the Award Show has not been disclosed yet, but fans are excited to watch this award show. There are high chances that the ceremony will start at 8 p.m ET.

Who Will Be The Host Of The Juno Awards 2022?

It is not clear who will host the show, but the last Juno Award host, Angeline Tetteh-Wayne, is also expected to host the Juno Awards 2022.

What Are The Main Categories And Nominations For The Juno Awards 2022?

There are lots of categories, and there would be a lot of challenges in determining the best among all the nominations. There will be awards for categories arranged in different sub-categories:

Individual Awards:

Artist of the Year, Fan ChoiceGroup of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Group of the Year, Producer, Recording Engineer, Songwriter awards are listed in this category.

Recordings Awards:

Album of the Year, Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Blues, Children’s, Comedy, CCM/Gospel, Contemporary Indigenous Artist, Contemporary R&B/Soul, Contemporary Roots, Classical Composition, Classical – Large Ensemble, Classical – Solo or Chamber Ensemble, Classical – Vocal or Choral Performance, Country, Dance, Electronic, Francophone, Instrumental, International, Jazz – SoloJazz – GroupJazz – Vocal, Heavy Metal, PopCap Album/EPRap Single, Reggae, Rock, Traditional Indigenous Artist, Traditional R&B/Soul, Traditional Roots, Single of the Year, Underground Dance, World Music.

Special Awards:

Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award, Juno Humanitarian Award.

Which TV channels Will Telecast The Juno Awards 2022?

The Juno Awards 2022 ceremony will be broadcast live on CBC networks on their channels on the evening of March 15th, 2022. CBC-TV, Radio One, Music, and Gem will broadcast these Juno Awards 2022. Fans eager to watch the Juno Awards 2022 show may do so on these networks. After the program, the fans who missed it may watch The Juno Awards 2022 broadcast on YouTube.

How Can I Watch The Juno Awards 2022 Live Stream Online?

Juno Awards 2022 will be live-streamed on various online platforms, which include:


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The show will be live-streamed online from the Paramount platform. Fans can follow the awards feature live from the Paramount platform. You can easily subscribe to paramount for only $ 4.17 per month. However, there is always a lot to see online. If you’re interested in an annual subscription, you can get it for as little as $ 49.95.


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Performances will be live-streamed online via the Fubo platform. Fans can follow the awards ceremony live on the Fubo platform. You can easily subscribe to Fubo for just $ 64.99 per month. It provides a stream of 113 channels and three streams simultaneously.


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Sling also will live-stream the Juno Awards in 2022. You can get the Sling subscription for just about $35 per month. You may also mix the two programs for $50 each month. Sling is also now providing a promotion in which you can save $25 off your first month of service.


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AT&T TV will also have the right to Livestream the award show on their platform. The AT&T TV subscription starts from a minimum of $69.99 per month.


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The concert will also be broadcast live online through the Philo platform. On the Philo platform, fans may watch the awards event live. Philo may be subscribed to for as little as $24.99 per month.

How To Watch Juno Awards 2022 Live Stream Outside Of US?

If you’re a Canadian citizen and you’re watching a live stream of the 2022 Juno Awards in Canada, don’t worry. However, if you’re outside Canada and looking forward to the 2022 Juno Awards, you’ll need to do something because your IP address must be in Canada to view the Juno Awards online. This is where VPN comes in. VPN (Virtual Private Network) can change the IP address of the client. This allows clients to view streams and content from blocked countries in their country.

 Therefore, if you are a fan of Juno Awards outside the United States, you need to install a full-fledged and appropriate VPN extension or app that makes it easy to watch live streams without fear of data breaches or loss of connectivity. 

These are some fast and reliable VPNs that need to be considered:

Nord VPN

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NordVPN costs $ 11.95 per month and $ 119 per year. The company offers an annual plan at a discount of $ 59 but pays $ 119 when renewing the subscription. NordVPN may provide different methods at different deployment prices.

Express VPN

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The Express VPN is also a perfect VPN platform that offers subscriptions from just $12.95 per month but if you want to subscribe annually. You would only have to pay $8.3 monthly.

Bullet VPN

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Bullet VPN is the cheapest of all. It does not offer worldwide maps, but there are plenty of locations to choose from. Bullet VPN costs about $7.5 per month.

Surf Shark

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Surf Shark is comparatively expensive compared to other VPN services, but it offers fast and reliable networks of Servers. Surf Shark costs around $12.95 per month.


The most anticipated awards ceremony in the Canadian music industry will occur in 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. The awards ceremony takes place on the prestigious Budweiser Stage. The date of the 2022 Juno Awards is March 15th, and the 52nd Juno Awards will be held while adhering to proper coronavirus and social distancing. Thus, there is an excitement among fans and celebrities.

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