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Can You Get Cheap Concert Tickets At The Last Minute

Cheap Concert Tickets
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Finding cheap concert tickets may be a huge problem, especially if you are days away from the concert. Many people urge to buy the tickets as soon as they are put on sale and there is nothing wrong with doing that. You may get excited to get the keys of your favorite singers and artists. But the purchasing of tickets in the earliest hours of sale might seem a safe option for some diehard fans, but it is not a cheap practice and comes with a high price tag. So, the question is raised. What is the best time to buy tickets at affordable prices?

What Is The Best Time To Buy Tickets At Cheap Prices?

The best time to buy the cheapest concert tickets is at the last moment. It may seem a risky option, but you can get your hand on a VIP ticket in half money or less.

To understand the last-minute price drop, the procedure for the sale of tickets must be understood. Tickets are sold on two different marketplaces: the primary market and the secondary market. Primary markets like Ticketmaster or Vivid. Tickets are at fixed prices on these sites, and the prices never fluctuate. On the other hand, secondary markets are based on supply and demand, and the costs of tickets are generally higher in the early days or sometimes weeks after the commencement of the sale. But as the concert dates keep getting closer and the keys are not sold, they would decrease their prices to generate as much revenue as possible, even selling the tickets at lower prices than the primary market. The later you buy the concert tickets, the cheaper they are.

Can You Get Cheap Concert Tickets At The Last Minute?

The cheapest tickets are bought in the last minutes before the concert because they would have no value once the show is started. But getting last-minute access may be a risky solution because all the tickets might get sold. This directly belongs to the fame of the singer. If the singer is worldwide praised and the concert is one of its kind, then only a fool would wait for the last minute tickets but in the normal shows, there are 90% chances that you would get the cheap tickets in the final minutes before the concerts start.

Do Not Get Too Late

If you purchase the physical tickets from the seller, then the last minute may not be exactly the last, but you must also consider the delivery time. Many cities offer pick-up locations where you can go and pick up your tickets, but sometimes the access is directly sent to you from the mail. This can take one to two days, so your last minute in the physical purchase is two days before the concert. 

But if you are purchasing the E-tickets from secondary markets like Clickitticket, then the ticket would be directly sent to your email address from where you can print it. The printed ticket would work like any other physical, and it can be scanned at the avenue entrance. The online tickets can be purchased and received at the last moment so you can buy them on your way to the concert.

Primary Market

Primary market tickets sellers directly purchase the tickets from the avenue to the customer. Their ticket prices do not fluctuate and are fixed.

Secondary Markets

Secondary markets buy the tickets from the primary market in bulk and sell them afterward. The quick sell-out from the primary market causes a primary ticket shortage which makes the prices of secondary markets go higher.

The Trick May Not Work Always

As the date of the event or the concert keeps getting near. The worries of ticket sellers keep increasing if their tickets are not selling enough. The oversupply and less demand gap are filled by lowering the prices, and at the last minutes before the concerts, they would sell their tickets even below their purchasing cost to take what they can because it would have zero value after the show. This is a general case when the artist is unsuccessful or the public is not crazy about its concerts. But if the artist is worldwide popular like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. Their ticket would be sold on the first day or full days of the sale, and the last day you will get no access to buy, or the sites offering tickets will be selling the ticket at 3 to 4 times the actual price.

The trick may not always work, and it all depends on the craze of the artist or the demand for the tickets. 

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