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When Is The Best Time To Buy Resale Concert Tickets

The Best Time To Buy Resale Concert Tickets
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Consider that somebody is selling tickets for an event. Because they do not want to go to that event or they can not go to that event because of their routine change. They might want to have their ticket money back, but most ticket-selling companies do not offer money refunds in normal conditions. This can be a precious time for you because they can provide at the lowest prices if you want to buy resale tickets. In this article, we will decode different parameters in purchasing tickets in resale.

Why Are They Reselling Their Tickets?

There might be various causes to resell their concert tickets. These causes affect a lot in determining the cost of tickets you are going to purchase. These causes may be:

  • They are buying tickets in a hurry, and now they do not want to go because they do not find the artist entertaining.
  • They were going with their friends, and now they are not going.
  • They have an important job to do and do not have any time.

All these causes have their effects on the price of the reselling tickets. If they do not find the artist entertaining or the concert is not popular, they will get no buyer to sell their tickets. So to sell it, they might have to lower your demands. 

If they were going with their friends and now they are not going, they have more than one ticket for the same event, probably of the adjacent seats. If you need the adjacent seats, you can purchase them at the actual cost. If they have important work to do, but the artist of the concert is popular, you have to hurry in the purchase.

Best Time

The purchasing of tickets from the secondary market is a tug of war. Some people can not go to the event and are desperate to sell their tickets at lower prices. On the other hand, some people know that there would always be someone who would pay any fee to go through the venue’s doors. These people purchase tickets at lower prices and sell them afterward at even higher prices. So buying tickets right before the concert is a risky task. Several factors depend upon the demand for the tickets.

  • The Location Of The Concert: if the show is taking place in a big city there would be more buyers and customers
  • The Artist: The artist’s fame is the primary cause of the price of the tickets, and the demands for the key are directly impacted upon it.
  • The Time Left: The Time left in the event is also the major contributor to the ticket price, but it depends upon the above two parameters.

Know The Demand

As the date of the event or the show approaches. If the tickets are not selling well, ticket sellers’ concerns grow. Areng prices fill the oversupply and low demand gap, and in the final minutes before the performances, they would sell their tickets even below their purchase price to grab what they could because, after the show, it would have no worth. The same goes with the ticket resellers, and because they do not get their expected price, they would also decrease their demands. This is common when the artist is not very successful or when the crowd is not very enthusiastic about the musician’s shows. 

However, if the musician is internationally well-known, such as Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, their ticket would be sold on the first or maximum days of the sale. On the final day, you would either have no access to purchase, or the sites advertising tickets would be selling the ticket for three to four times the actual price. Also, the ticket reselling tickets would be bought by third parties to sell them at even higher prices.

The key to purchasing kets at the Right Time is to know the demand for the concert. But the point is how to do that? Well, there is also ys to do that such as:

  • The hype on social media.
  • The fan following of the artist
  • The location of the event 
  • The songs which are going to be performed

Choose The Safe Way

Predicting the demand for tickets and purchasing them in the final moments is always a difficult job, but you save yourself from all the risks and benefit from having access at a lower price tag by purchasing them at the Right Time. Generally, the concerts are held 5 to 6 months after the selling of tickets, and the Best Time for the purchase of the resell tickets is after one month of sale closing when the hype for the concert is minimal, and the secondary markets have not yet reached the peaks.

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Written by Mohammad Rajib

Mohammad Rajib Is an Environmental Accounting Researcher and Doctoral Research Fellow at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. He Published a Number of Articles in Renowned Local and International Journals Regarding Contemporary Issues on Accounting and Business.

Right Now Mr. Rajib Is Working as an Assistant Professor at a Renowned University in Bangladesh. He Has Almost 10 Years of Experience in the Tertiary Level Education Industry and Devoted Himself to Make an Impact on the Business Education of This Country.

In Addition to This, Mr. Rajib Is One of the Proud Authors of “principles of Accounting” by Renaissance Publications Which Is One of the Popular Books for Students At the National University of Bangladesh.

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