10 Smart Ways to Save Money at Music Festivals

Music festivals offer an incredible summer experience, although their reputation for being expensive is no secret. Most likely, individuals have already invested a significant amount in festival tickets, as well as considering expenses for travel, camping gear, and food and beverages. For individuals new to festivals, overspending is common. Therefore, we have gathered a collection of proven tips to assist in saving money at music festivals.

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Best budgeting tips at music festivals

1. Allocate a reserve budget

Hopefully, individuals will be able to adhere to their budget. However, there is a risk they may encounter unforeseen expenses, so setting aside additional funds for emergencies is advisable. The last thing they want is to be without cash for food and resort to borrowing from friends. It is always beneficial to overestimate projected expenses. This way, there will be extra money available in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

2. Sign up to volunteer

Volunteering at a festival not only grants individuals free or discounted tickets but also presents opportunities to receive complimentary swag and potentially meet beloved artists. Moreover, signing up with a friend allows for a shared experience. Festivals offer various volunteer roles, including parking attendants, food and beverage servers, wristband distributors, medical aid providers, and equipment handlers. To gain insight into volunteer expectations at music festivals, it is recommended to consult the SXSW volunteer page. Despite the effort required, the experience gained from volunteering is unparalleled.

3.Warm up your ears

Although all concerts have warm-up performances, you will still want to listen to the music on the road or at the hotel. It may come as a surprise that in your Apple Music, it turns out that some songs are not available. Especially if you are traveling between countries. A good VPN for Mac or iPhone will help you fix this problem. It is enough to install a free trial version of a time-tested VPN and connect to one of the servers to unblock inaccessible content. Also, a VPN will help you buy not the best, but a cheap ticket to the festival. You can find it on the relevant sites in advance and you will not be afraid of the problem with access.

4. Bring a phone charger

While some festivals offer free charging stations, depending solely on this option can be risky. If these stations are not available or accessible, festival goers may have to pay for charging services. To avoid this inconvenience, it is recommended to invest in a portable charging pack. These packs are often reasonably priced and provide long-term value. It is advisable to keep an eye on the student deals page for potential offers.

5. Bring your own refreshments

Some festivals have rules against outside food and drink, so it’s a good idea for attendees to have a hearty meal beforehand (and pregame, if of legal drinking age) to avoid spending on concessions. On the other hand, certain music festivals have more relaxed regulations. If permitted, festival-goers can bring their own cooler filled with bottled water, sports drinks, granola bars, sandwiches, and other refreshments to enjoy while walking around or at their campsite. This can help save $50 or more by avoiding inflated prices at festival concession stands.

6. Don’t buy a festival program

It might be tempting for festival-goers to consider purchasing a festival program, but it is often unnecessary and tends to be overpriced. By engaging in a little bit of advance preparation, attendees can save money by printing out a copy of the festival lineup and map from the festival website before departing or by downloading the festival app. Unless one is determined to collect programs from every festival they attend, spending ten pounds on a booklet that is likely to be misplaced in the muddy grounds of the event doesn’t make much sense.

7. Carshare with friends

If one doesn’t intend to utilize public transportation, one could consider hitching a ride with friends. Bringing along others in the vehicle enables the reduction of fuel expenses, resulting in extra funds for the festival. Additionally, the journey can serve as an opportunity to get excited about the upcoming enjoyment. After all, who truly enjoys driving alone?

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8. Rent a Room or the Whole House

If one ends up needing to reserve accommodation, it is recommended to search for hotel coupons on websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, or (which also offers sizable cashback on RetailMeNot). Alternatively, booking a place through Airbnb and sharing expenses with friends can be surprisingly cost-effective per person per night, particularly when attending a festival with a group.

9. Keep your money safe

With tents being a relatively easy target for break-ins, it is advisable to keep personal belongings and money on one’s person at all times. One popular suggestion is to invest in a waist bag, which provides a secure way to safeguard valuables and has gained popularity as a fashion accessory. Alternatively, a money belt can serve a similar purpose while remaining discreet when worn beneath clothing.


By following these tips, individuals can save money while attending music festivals and still enjoy the full experience. Festivals are unique occasions to come together with friends and family, so it is important to make sure funds aren’t wasted on unnecessary expenses. With a little bit of planning and attention to detail, festival-goers can get the most out of their weekend at an affordable price.

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