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Do you remember the first Woodstock festival? Yes, we are talking about the Woodstock festival held in 1969. The festival started on August 15 and it was a four-day festival. With peace and love, this festival was an immense gathering for the people of that time.

More or less the number of audiences at the festival was 400,000. Regardless of gender and race, this festival is something that promotes love and peace.  Last year, there was a plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

However, the festival was canceled due to some other reasons. But this time, the Woodstock Festival 2020, there will be an immense crowd! However, Woodstock 2020 is not officially announced but there are rumors that we are going to get another show in 2020.

This might be the canceled show in a newer format. Whatever it is, we can hope for the best. Along with these, we will talk about the possible headliners, dates and other important queries related to Woodstock and the upcoming Woodstock Festival 2020

Woodstock and its Growth

As we have already told you, the first Woodstock was organized in August 1969. You will be amazed to know about the growth of this festival. Now, this is celebrated in a very festive manner. Back in their first show, the festival was organized in a daily firm. It was a dairy farm of Max Yasgur. It was situated in Bethel, New York.

The motto of this Woodstock festival was to spread love and peace. They used to say this “3 Days of Peace and Music.” However, this was also popular as the name Bethel Rock Festival. The first time that this festival was on-air, more than 400,000 people were gathered. The number of acts was thirty-two.

The performances were planned outdoors. However, the rain started. But despite the rain, the audiences were there just to enjoy the whole festival!

Genres of Woodstock

The Woodstock Festival basically deals with a lot of genres. However, there are some prominent genres that are widely popular in the Woodstock Festival. The festival covers rock and folk both. On the other hand, if you are in love with blues-rock or jazz fusion, you are also welcome to the show.

If you are a fan of folk-rock or you are highly interested in Latin rock, you will surely have fun in this show. The psychedelic rock or hard rock lovers will get something very special in this show.

If you belong to any of these groups, you can check in this Woodstock Festival 2020 and have fun because music is all about fun and love!

Woodstock 50: Woodstock Festival 2019

Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about the Woodstock Festival 2019. In January 2019, the Woodstock music festival turned 50. According to the Woodstock organizers, the lineup of the Woodstock 50 was announced.

The official announcement of the festival came up in March 2019. However, the tickets were not launched. They fixed a date for the launching of the tickets. However, the tickets were not on sale on the exact date. People thought that the festival is going to be a little delayed.

Unfortunately, one month later, the financial backer announced that the festival is canceled. There were numerous difficulties regarding financial and legal issues. However, after a legal judgment, the festival was about to be on air.

The organizers changed the venue of the Woodstock Festival 2019 in June. In July, they shifted the venue to Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland. This venue has a smaller capacity of holding people.

The Cancellation of Woodstock 50

As the venue was small, they decided that there will be no tickets for the show. However, if the audiences want to contribute, they can do it. On the other hand, the venue was also booked for some other concerts and shows.

Apparently, the duration of the show was 3 days but eventually, it was reduced to one day because there were a lot of concerts pre-booking for the venue.

Finally, in July, the organizers of Woodstock 50 declared that the show is canceled. According to their representative, the audiences got to know that unforeseen setbacks were the reason behind the cancellation of the show.

The representatives also mentioned that their lineup was amazing and they had incredible plans for this show. They were highly interested to create a social gathering with the same motto Woodstock brought first. However, for some unwanted situations and circumstances, the show got canceled!

Headliners of Woodstock 50

Among the headliners, the most popular headliners were The Killers, Halsey and Miley Cyrus. The names of the lineup also included Imagine Dragons, Cage the Elephant and Janelle Monae. Also, The Raconteurs and Robert Plant were going to join the festival.

If you remember the music acts of Woodstock Festival 1969, then you must know that the music acts of the original Woodstock Festival were going to be presented in the Woodstock 50. Featuring the three members of the Grateful Dead, the Woodstock 50 was going to have a musical act name Dead & Company.

Along with this, John Fogerty and David Crosby were going to be remade. Also, your favorite John Sebastian and Hot Tuna were about to make a comeback. There were some most loved musical acts in 1969’s Woodstock Festival such as Santana, Canned Heat and Country Joe McDonald. These were planned to be staged in the Woodstock 50.

Line-Up for Woodstock Festival 2020

The names of the headliners of Woodstock Festival 2020 are still not announced. As the previous show got canceled, the names of the headliners of this show are kept secret. But as we always say, rumors don’t need verifications; there are hundreds of rumors out there for the headliners of Woodstock Festival 2020.

There are several rumors about the lineup. Along with this, as the previous show was canceled, we can predict that the Woodstock Festival 2020 will include a lot of the previously signed-up headliners in this show.

As we have already talked about the headliners of 2019, we are hoping that they are coming back to the next festival. We hope that The Killers along with Santana is going to rock the stage. The co-headliners of the show might be The Lumineers and John Fogerty. Moreover, you cannot ignore the face of Miley Cyrus. Also, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Cage the Elephant, John Craigie and Amigo the Devil might be a part of the next show.

Tickets: Price and Dates

As we have already said that the show is not officially announced. However, if the show occurs, you can easily understand the possible cost of the tickets. The tickets of the Woodstock 50 were declared to be more or less $600.

So, if Woodstock 2020 festival comes out, the price of the ticket will be more or less $600-%650. And if the festival occurs, it might occur on any weekend of August 2020.

All we can do is hope for this Woodstock 2020 to happen because no other music festival works on peace and love.

Final Words

Now that you know about the details of the Woodstock 2020 Festival, you might start preparing for the festival. As the previous festival was canceled, the organizers may come up with better arrangements this time.

Along with this, the lineup is amazingly worthy to spend your hard-earned bucks on this show. And so, get ready for it because this festival also deserves love!



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