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Jamila Woods Tour 2024 : How To Get Tickets, Concert Dates , Price & Setlist

Jamila Woods is an American singer, songwriter, and poet who is known for her soulful and socially conscious music. She has released three albums: Heavn (2016), Legacy! Legacy! (2019), and Water Made Us (2023). Her latest album, Water Made Us, explores the themes of relationships, identity, and self-love through the metaphor of water. The album features collaborations with artists such as Saba, duendita, McClenney, and others.

To support her new album, Jamila Woods has announced the Water Made Us Tour, which will take place in 2024. The tour will start on February 1 in Seattle and end on April 30 in Copenhagen. She will perform in various cities across North America and Europe, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, and Berlin. She will be joined by special guest Kara Jackson, a rising singer and guitarist who was featured in Pitchfork’s Rising series.

If you are interested in seeing Jamila Woods live, you can find more information about her tour dates and tickets on her official website. You can also listen to her new album Water Made Us on streaming platforms or buy it from online stores. Jamila Woods is a talented and inspiring artist who deserves your attention and support. 😊

Jamila Woods Tour 2024 : How to Get Tickets, Concert Dates , price & setlist
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Jamila Woods Tour 2024: How to Get Tickets, Concert Dates, Price & Setlist

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the highly anticipated Jamila Woods Tour in 2024. As one of the most talented and beloved artists of our time, Jamila Woods promises an unforgettable concert experience. In this article, we will dive into everything you need to know about getting tickets, concert dates, pricing, and the setlist for this incredible tour. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering Jamila Woods, this guide will ensure you have all the information you need to make the most of this extraordinary musical event.

How to Get Tickets for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024

If you’re eager to attend the Jamila Woods Tour 2024, securing your tickets should be your first step. Here’s a breakdown of the different ways you can get tickets for this highly anticipated tour:

1. Official Ticketing Website

The most reliable and direct way to purchase tickets for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024 is through the official ticketing website. This website will have up-to-date information on ticket availability, seating options, and pricing tiers. Make sure to create an account on the website in advance to expedite the purchasing process.

When the tickets are released, be prepared to act quickly as they tend to sell out fast! Keep your credit card information ready and double-check your details before completing the purchase. Remember that some ticketing websites may have a virtual waiting room, so be patient and don’t refresh the page repeatedly.

2. Resale Marketplaces

If tickets sell out quickly on the official ticketing website, or if you missed the initial release, you can explore reputable resale marketplaces. These platforms allow individuals to sell tickets they no longer need or have purchased in excess.

However, be cautious when purchasing from resale marketplaces, as scammers can take advantage of the high demand for tickets. Stick to trusted websites and look for verified sellers who offer guarantees and secure transactions.

It’s important to note that resale tickets often come at a higher price than their original face value. Consider setting a budget and thoroughly researching prices before making a purchase.

3. Fan Clubs and Presale Options

Being a part of Jamila Woods’ fan club or subscribing to the artist’s newsletter can give you access to exclusive presale ticket options. These presales often occur before the general public sale and provide fans with the opportunity to secure their tickets ahead of time.

Keep an eye on your email inbox and regularly check the artist’s official website and social media pages for any announcements regarding presale opportunities. Act quickly when these options become available, as the presale tickets may also have limited availability.

Concert Dates for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024

The Jamila Woods Tour in 2024 will cover a range of cities and venues, allowing fans from various locations to enjoy her captivating performances. Here are the currently announced concert dates:

Thu, Feb 17:00 PMNeumosSeattleWA
Fri, Feb 28:00 PMWonder BallroomPortlandOR
Sun, Feb 48:00 PMAugust HallSan FranciscoCA
Tue, Feb 68:30 PMThe Fonda TheatreLos AngelesCA
Wed, Feb 78:00 PMThe Crescent BallroomPhoenixAZ
Sat, Feb 107:00 PMEmo’s EastAustinTX
Sun, Feb 118:00 PMThe Studio at The FactoryDallasTX
Tue, Feb 138:00 PMTerminal West At King Plow Arts CenterAtlantaGA
Fri, Feb 168:00 PMHoward Theatre – DCWashingtonDC
Sat, Feb 178:00 PMTheatre Of The Living ArtsPhiladelphiaPA
Sun, Feb 188:00 PMWebster HallNew YorkNY
Tue, Feb 208:00 PMThe Sinclair Music HallCambridgeMA
Fri, Feb 238:00 PMVic TheatreChicagoIL

Ticket Pricing for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024

Attending the Jamila Woods Tour 2024 comes with various ticket pricing options to suit different budgets and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the different pricing tiers:

1. General Admission

The general admission ticket offers access to the concert venue without assigned seating. This option is perfect for fans who want to experience the energy of the crowd and have the freedom to move around.

General admission tickets are typically more affordable and allow for a more flexible concert experience.

2. Reserved Seating

If you prefer a designated seating area, the reserved seating option is ideal for you. With this ticket, you’ll have an assigned seat, providing a more comfortable and exclusive experience.

Reserved seating tickets may vary in price depending on their proximity to the stage and the venue’s seating sections. Consider your preferences and budget when choosing between general admission and reserved seating options.

Songs that Jamila Woods will perform on her tour (Setlist)

The Jamila Woods Tour 2024 promises an incredible musical journey, featuring a carefully curated setlist that showcases the artist’s greatest hits and fan-favorite songs. While the exact setlist may vary from concert to concert, here are some songs you can expect to hear during the tour:

  • Holy
  • Emerald St.
  • Lonely
  • SULA
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
  • Tiny Garden (feat. duendita)
  • Boomerang
  • Good News
  • Practice (feat. Saba)
  • Zora
  • Giovanni
  • Blk Girl Soldier
  • Water Made Us

These are just a few examples of the amazing songs you can look forward to during the Jamila Woods Tour 2024. Whether it’s her soulful ballads or energetic anthems, Jamila Woods is sure to captivate and inspire her audience with each performance.

Additional Tips for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024

Before attending the Jamila Woods Tour 2024, here are a few additional tips to enhance your concert experience:

1. Arrive Early

To secure a good spot and make the most of your concert experience, aim to arrive at the venue early. Early arrival ensures you have time to go through security checks, find your seat, and soak in the atmosphere before the concert begins.

Additionally, arriving early may give you the chance to catch any opening acts or special performances, adding even more value to your experience.

2. Dress Comfortably

Concerts can be energetic and full of movement, so it’s important to dress comfortably. Opt for clothing and shoes that allow you to move freely and enjoy the music without any discomfort.

Consider the weather conditions and the venue’s temperature when selecting your outfit. Layers are often a good choice, as they allow you to adjust your clothing according to the temperature inside the venue.

3. Stay Hydrated

Concerts are exciting and can build up a sweat, so it’s essential to stay hydrated throughout the event. Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle to keep yourself refreshed and energized.

Depending on the venue’s policies, you may be able to refill your water bottle at water stations inside the concert venue. Staying hydrated will help you fully enjoy the concert experience.

Key Takeaways: Jamila Woods Tour 2024

  • Getting tickets for Jamila Woods Tour is easy. You can purchase them online from ticketing websites.
  • The concert dates for Jamila Woods Tour 2024 will be announced soon. Keep an eye out for updates on her official website or social media channels.
  • Ticket prices for Jamila Woods Tour vary depending on the venue and seating section. Check the ticketing website for more information.
  • Jamila Woods is known for her powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics. Her setlist for the tour will likely include fan favorites and songs from her latest album.
  • Attending a Jamila Woods concert is a memorable experience. Get ready to sing along, dance, and feel the music in your soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024! Here, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions regarding ticket purchase, concert dates, prices, and the setlist. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Jamila Woods’ upcoming tour!

1. How can I get tickets for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024?

To secure your tickets for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024, you have a few options. The first and most convenient way is to visit the official website of Jamila Woods or her authorized ticketing partner. Often, they will have a dedicated page where you can find information about the upcoming tour and purchase tickets directly. Another option is to check out third-party ticketing websites, but be sure to do your research and choose a reputable platform to avoid scams. Lastly, keep an eye out for any presale opportunities, which may be available to fans or members of certain fan clubs.

Make sure to act fast, as tickets for popular artists like Jamila Woods can sell out quickly. Be prepared with your preferred payment method and keep your personal information ready to ensure a smooth ticket purchase process.

2. When are the concert dates for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024?

The concert dates for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024 will be announced on various platforms, including her official website, social media channels, and music news websites. To stay updated, it’s a good idea to follow Jamila Woods on social media, subscribe to her newsletter, or regularly check her official website for the latest tour updates. The concert dates are typically revealed a few months before the tour kicks off, so keep an eye out for any announcements!

Additionally, you can sign up for notifications from ticketing platforms or event organizers. They often send emails or push notifications with concert date and venue announcements, ensuring you never miss a chance to see Jamila Woods live in concert.

3. What is the price range for Jamila Woods Tour 2024 tickets?

The price range for Jamila Woods Tour 2024 tickets can vary depending on factors such as the location of the concert, the seating section you choose, and the demand for tickets. Generally, ticket prices can range from around $30 for general admission or higher for VIP or premium seating options. Keep in mind that additional fees, such as service charges and taxes, may apply on top of the base ticket price.

It’s important to note that prices can fluctuate due to market demand, so it’s advisable to purchase your tickets as early as possible to secure the best deal. Keep an eye on official ticketing platforms for any special offers or promotions that may be available.

While the specific setlist for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024 has not been announced yet, Jamila Woods typically includes a mix of her popular songs and newer tracks in her live performances. Fans can expect to hear beloved hits such as “LSD,” “ZORA,” and “Baldwin,” among others. Jamila Woods’ concerts are known for their captivating energy and heartfelt performances, so regardless of the setlist, you can expect an unforgettable experience.

Keep an eye out for any setlist leaks or official announcements closer to the tour date for a sneak peek into what you can expect to hear during the Jamila Woods Tour 2024.

5. Are meet and greet opportunities available for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024?

Meet and greet opportunities are often available for the Jamila Woods Tour 2024. These special experiences allow fans to meet Jamila Woods in person, take photos, and sometimes receive exclusive merchandise or autographs. Information about meet and greet packages will typically be announced closer to the tour dates, either through official channels or authorized ticketing platforms. Keep an eye on Jamila Woods’ official website and social media channels for any updates regarding meet and greet opportunities.

It’s important to note that meet and greet packages may have limited availability and can sell out quickly, so if meeting Jamila Woods is a priority for you, be prepared to act fast when they become available for purchase.


Jamila Woods is going on tour in 2024! You can get tickets to her concert and see her perform live. The article provides information on concert dates, ticket prices, and the setlist for the tour. It’s a great opportunity to experience Jamila’s amazing music firsthand. Don’t miss out!

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