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Widespread Panic Tour 2022: Dates and Tickets

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One of the most captivating bands, Widespread Panic, creates unforgettable moments for their audience members at their live performances. After forming in the early 1980s, Widespread Panic put in a lot of effort to transition from playing on the local circuit in Athens, Georgia, to touring the country. Their brand of Southern rock has resonated with listeners all over the United States, helping to maintain them as one of the most successful touring acts operating in the industry today. 

Mesmerizing live performances 

Live performances by Widespread Panic have always been known for their high energy level. Billy Bob Thorton filmed their live appearances at the Georgia Theatre in 1991 and released the film under his name. In 1998, Widespread Panic hosted one of the largest CD release parties that had ever taken place in celebration of the release of their first live album, Light Fuse, Get Away. Over 80,000 spectators packed the streets of Athens to watch the concert for free. Widespread Panic’s concert is a near-spiritual experience, thanks to the band’s use of psychedelic lights, improvised jams, and nuanced performances.

Every show is a unique adventure.

Furthermore, Widespread Panic changes the set list for each performance, so no two shows are the same. Widespread Panic holds the record for the highest number of shows sold at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Their performances frequently sell out, so if you want to see Widespread Panic for a low price, you should get your tickets as soon as possible.

Panic Tour 2022

Jamband followers are overjoyed because Widespread Panic recently announced new tour dates for the year 2022. The illustrious Widespread Panic will also be performing at the Beacon Theatre in New York City for five nights during September as part of their Panic at the Beacon residency (16-20). Before wrapping up for a considerable Panic New Year’s Eve at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA, WSP will also stop in Chicago, Napa, and Austin.

What is the setlist for Widespread Panic’s concert?

Even though the band’s setlists may change depending on the venue, Widespread Panic is likely to perform the following songs during their tour:


Floor Seats 

An unforgettable experience can be had from the floor seats during a Widespread Panic concert. When attending live performances, floor and front row seats are typically some of the most costly tickets that can be purchased. When going to see Widespread Panic, it’s possible that the most expensive option for tickets is to be in the center of the stage or the front row.

How long do concerts by Widespread Panic typically last?

The duration of most concerts is between two and three hours, but this time can vary significantly based on the artist, the opening acts, the encore, and other factors. The concerts of Widespread Panic typically last for four hours.

How much do tickets cost to see Widespread Panic?

Cheap tickets to see Widespread Panic, famous for being “road warriors,” are in high demand; therefore, you should beat the crowd and get yours here today.

A ticket to watch Widespread Panic live in concert is approximately $123. Nevertheless, the prices of tickets are not set in stone. The place where the show is being held, the day of the week, the number of people who can fit inside the venue, and other aspects can significantly impact how much they cost.

Where can I purchase tickets to see Widespread Panic?

Tickets to see the band perform live can be purchased anywhere where tickets are sold. The band hails from Athens, Georgia.

By entering the promotional code NJ20 at checkout, first-time customers of Vivid Seats can receive a discount of $20 off ticket orders over $200. In addition to Ticketmaster and MegaSeats, check out StubHub, TicketCity, SeatGeek, and MegaSeats. One of these websites may have the tickets you’ve been looking for but can’t seem to locate.

Bottom Lines

Rock band Widespread Panic hails from the United States and has its headquarters in Athens, Georgia. John Bell, John “Jojo” Hermann, Domingo S. Ortiz, Dave Schools, Jimmy Herring, and Duane Trucks are this band’s founding members, which started in 1986.

The name of the band, Widespread Panic, does not have a calming effect. At first glance, one might even speculate that they are some extreme metal band.

However, once fans hear Widespread Panic’s light fusion of jazz, blues, and rock, they will realize that the band’s bad name is a joke; the group is here to calm your senses. Widespread Panic’s sound is a light fusion of jazz, blues, and rock.

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