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Rock music is one of the most enjoyed genre in the music world. The genre had originated in early 1950s and continued its pace throughout world of music. As the music developed it went through different phases of evolution giving birth to new genres. So far, The Rock genre has developed more than 240 nerw genres, creating a huge world of its own. Some of those genres, like Heavy Metal have their own subgenres. The Rock music was heavily influenced by music such as Blues, Country, Pop and Classical. Almost all of types of rock music are popular in the world. One of the reasons behind its widespread popularity is because it has so many verities.

Some main types of Rock Music

Type of Rock music can be divided into two category. The first is its subgenres. All of these genres have originated from Rock music. the second is fusion genres. All the music under this section was formed as a result of Rock music merging with another prominent music. While the rock subgenres maintain their own unique qualities, the fusion genres have qualities of both sides. While the subgenres have some strong rock music traits, the fusion genres are beautiful blends of two type of music.

Rock and Roll music was the beginning of rock music. In the early 1950s, there was nothing called roc music. The rock and roll emerged as a new genre and continued to amaze people until its decline in 1959. Rock and Roll is the first phase of Rock music. The earliest styles of Rock and Roll were so different than its later version that it is considered as another genre known as Rockabilly. Another distinctive form was the Instrumental rock. The instrumental rock music solely focuses on the instrumental parts of the music. It features very little and sometimes, no singing at all.

Acid Rock: Acid rock was subgenre of Rock music that has slight features of psychedelic music. Acid rock generally possesses heavy and distorted guitars, lyrics with drug references and long improvised jams.

Alternate Rock: Alt Rock or Alternate Rock is another major style of Rock music. It formed witght after the craze of Pop Rock music. The genre is distinguished from other genres by a lot of key factors. But the main defining factor is that the music has the tendency of not following mainstream style of Rock music.
Art-Rock: Art -Rock is a type of rock music that blends a sense of art into the music. It has the widest ranging of electric genres. The music type has overt sense of classical music pretensions, creative detachment, and experimenttal, avant-garde proclivities.

  • Garage rock: The Garage Rock is basic chord structures played on electric guitars and other instruments. Sometimes the music is distorted through a fuzzbox. The music style is unsophisticated and is often accompanied by aggressive lyrics
  • Blue Rock: The blue rock has the mixture of both the blues and the rock. the electric styles of the blues. It has a bluesy improvisation, the twelve-bar blues, extended boogie jams typically focused on the electric guitar player, and often a heavier, riff-oriented sound and feel to the songs than found in typical Chicago-style blues.
  • British rock: The British rock was the British counterpart of American Rock and Roll.
  • Psychedelic Rock: Psychedelic Rock is a style of rock music that tries to enhance and replicate the effects of mind altering experience of hallucinogenic drugs. the attempt is created with musical beats and harmonies
  • Surf music: Surf music is a subgenre of Rock music. As the name suggests, Surf music is deeply associated with the surf cultures. Either the instruments were played to bring out the sound crashing waves or the vocal harmonies were used in a certain fashion to create the effect.
  • Heavy Metal: Heavy metal is one of the most popular rock genres. The music style has is so unique that people often do not consider as part of any other genres. Loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass-and-drum sound, and vigorous vocals are its most defining characteristics.
  • Glam Rock: Glam Rock is a subgenre that focuses not only on music but also on fashions. The musicians were often presented with heavy lair of makeup and new stylish dresses.
    Progressive Rock: Progressive rock is varied style of British rock. It solely is based on fusions of styles, approaches and genres, tapping into broader cultural resonances that connect to avant-garde art, classical music and folk music, performance and the moving images.
  • Hard Rock: Hard rock is type of rock music that formed in the early 1960s. It is generally created by a heavy use of aggressive vocals, distorted electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, and often with keyboards.
  • Heartland Rock: Heart land Rock is a form of rock music that is straightforward and concerned with people of middle class and working class. Heartland rock follows the same principal as Rock And Roll, with a slight mixture of country music. its defining factor lies within its straight forward style of singing and direct lyrics that deals with the life of people from middle class and working class.
  • Indie Rock: Indie rock is a careful balance of pop accessibility with noise, experimentation with pop music formulae, sensitive lyrics masked by ironic posturing, a concern with “authenticity,” and the depiction of a simple guy or girl.
  • Reggae Rock: Reggae rock is an amalgamation of reggae fusion and rock music. it primarily uses the features form Reggae, Rock and Ska.
    Country Rock: Country Rock is a popular fusion genre. It is an amalgamation between Country music and Rock music. In this genre Rock music is formed with the theme and vocal styles of country music, and further instrumentation.
  • Rap Rock: Rap rock is a fusion genre. It fuses vocal and instrumental elements of hip hop with various forms of rock. The lyrics are in rhymed and often sung in a monotonic sharp voice.

Rock music has left its traces in different areas of music world. Those traces later developed into their own genre. As a result, now rock has more than hundred varieties. The Rock music can capture your heart and charm you into its fan-base regardless of its type.



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