Beat of the Street

Vocal Bop - Beat Of The Street
  • Call: +01 245 815 8246
  • 22 No. Street New York, West beas park.New York, USA
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Travis Scott And Frank Ocean Reportedly Headlining Coachella 2020. This is a very sad part for Coachella’s fans because Frank Ocean who was not with Camp Flog Gnaw’s enigma headliner can rejoice. But Next year he is announced to get highest paid at Coachella with other headliners like Travis Scott And Range against the Machine. It’s recently impressed in US Weekly.

In 2012 The Blonde performer preformed at the festival for the last time. In 2016 LP dropped his full length, then recently he has released a couple of performer which is “DHL” and “In My Rom”. Although some PRED added woth club nights and blonded Radio broadcasts.

In past he is conversed with W magazine about what he is been enjoying to. He said that he is very comfortable and feeling relax in club and lots of different iterations of nightlife for songs and music”. As a result I see that there is lot of thing to do with these scenes: techno, French, Electronic, Detroit, Chicaho. Lat time he is performed at Coachella in 2017, and he is examined with new music.

Although Rage in opposition to the Machine currently declared a reunion tour according a nine year hiauts. This band back to the occasion in main stage after 20 years. But their last headlining tour occurred in 1999. And they last gathered together in July 2011. That time they performed in a festival for last time. And their last album was Renegades which was releases in 2000.In previous month this band announced and gave a final confirmation about their upcoming performance at the festival.

But this band mainly broke down in 2000, and they last performed together in a reunion gigs which was showed at Coachella in 2007 In last several years their band members Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk activated with Chuck D and B-Real as Prophets of Rage. Although this rock and roll giant band get rid of their band this current year. Chuck D told in a tweet that ” It was really about doing special which is greater than self”
Coachella will start their headlining tour on 10th April 2020.

Sabita Shifa

Sabita Shifa

Sabita Binta Azad Shifa completed her post graduation in Social Work under Jagannath University,Dhaka,Bangladesh. She is working for street children with LEEDO, Bangladesh. She completed her research paper from North Eastern Hill University, India. Besides she works with Toastmasters International ( a non profitable organisation) under Division .She is known for her travelling in Bangladesh. Her work is characterised by awareness of social Justice, outspoken against racism and injustice