Beat of the Street

Vocal Bop - Beat Of The Street
  • Call: +01 245 815 8246
  • 22 No. Street New York, West beas park.New York, USA
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The Summer Slaughter Tour Which is a heavy metal music function organise in every year since 2007. The last year Summer Slaughter tour arranged in Denver on 20th July and ended in Los Angeles on 14th August. The title of the last year tour was “Most Extreme tour of the Year”. But still there is no announcement for 2020. Last year this tour featured by a triple headliners which was Cattle Dicapitation, Carnifex and The Faceless. Although Rivers of Nihil, Nekrogoblikon, Lorna Shore, and Brand of Sacrifice whose are supported along with the champion of the Headbang For The Highway contest. Before starting the previous year tour Calltle Dicapitation gave a message about their new record.

The Anthropocene Extinction, frontman Travis Ryan said in a video message from the band. He said that: “We’ll be playing a few new songs on this tour, so we’ll see you there.”

And the previous year they performed their new track in live of The Summer Slaughter Tour 2019. The new track was  “An Extreme Indifference To Human Life” So hopefully this current year Cattle will also release some new record for his fans in The Summer Slaughter Tour 2020.

Last year The Summer Slaughter Tour was held in America. And in 2008 this tour was covered Canada and Europe. In 2009 it was again in Canada and Australia/Newzeland. in 2010 it was in Mexico. But the interesting part is from 2012 The Summer Slaughter added more heavy metal bands in their lineup. They added some heavy metal headliner and co-headliner in their new lineup. In 2012 Between The Burried and Me was the co-headliner with Cannubal Corpse and Periphery. And In 2013 they added more heavy metal band like Animals as Leaders and The Ocean along with the previous years band. And last in 2014 they added death metal lineup as a headliner which was Morbib Angel.

So there is no doubt in 2020 The Summer Slaughter Tour can bring some new heavy metal or death metal headliner along with some previous headliners. But its totally is an assumption of mine. Whatever it is, The Summer Slaughter Tour always be an encaustic and fantastic heavy metal music festival for the a music lover.