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The Judds Tour 2023 : Tickets and Details

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In the 1980s, the Judds created and defined the sound of current country music. From 1984 through 1989, Naomi and her daughter Wynonna had an incredible 14 number one hits, making them one of the most successful country artists of the decade. Traditional country harmony singing, bluegrass, and Appalachian folk were merged with pop, rock, and polished modern production in their music. Wynonna’s strong, bluesy lead vocals cemented her reputation as one of the best female country singers of the day. But it was their empathetic grasp of working-class women and small-town life, learnt through long, hard trials of their own, that was more essential than their broadly accessible sound — or their tremendous visual appeal.

Despite their off-stage relationship was frequently tumultuous, it was a life-threatening illness to put the Judds to an end — Naomi resigned from performing after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C, but recovered in time to witness Wynonna establish a successful solo career.

All-Time Favorite Songs

Throughout their career, the Judds have been successful with the publication of six country albums. These albums include Why Not Me (1984), Rockin’ with the Rhythm (1985), Heartland (1987), River of Time (1989), and Love Can Build a Bridge (1990). (1990). The fact that this country pair has had four of their five albums certified, either platinum or multi-platinum, in the United States is evidence that they were one of the most popular and successful groups in the country music genre throughout the decade of the 1980s. Country standards such as “Mama He’s Crazy,” “Why Not Me,” “Girls’ Night Out,” “Love Is Alive,” “Cry Myself to Sleep,” “Turn It Loose,” “Change of Heart,” “Let Me Tell You About Love,” “I Know Where I’m Going,” and “Maybe Your Baby’s Got the Blues” are among The Judds’ most popular songs. Other hits include “Cry Me to Sleep,” you may be able to attend a live performance of your favourite Judds songs shortly. Purchase your tickets right here on StubHub right now to secure them.

How much are tickets to see The Judds cost?

The prices of The Judds tickets sold on the secondary market are highly variable and rely on various criteria. Tickets to see The Judds can be purchased for as little as fifty dollars, with the going rate averaging seventy-five dollars.

How long do The Judds’ concerts typically last?

Most concerts last between two and three hours, but this time can vary significantly based on the performer, the opening acts, the encore, and other factors. Generally speaking, a concert by The Judds will last for two hours.

Will The Judds be on the road in 2023?

The Judds will tour in 2023, yes. However, the tour’s dates have yet to be finalized.

Floor Seats

The Judds floor seats may provide you an unforgettable experience. Floor seats/front row seats are sometimes among the most costly tickets available for an event. Front row or center stage tickets for The Judds might be the most expensive.


  • Had a Dream (For the Heart) (Elvis Presley cover)
  • Girls Night Out
  • Love Is Alive
  • Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain
  • Cry Myself to Sleep
  • Give a Little Love
  • Young Love
  • River of Time
  • Maybe Your Baby’s Got the Blues
  • She Is His Only Need (Wynonna Judd song)
  • No One Else on Earth (Wynonna Judd song)
  • Only Love (Wynonna Judd song)
  • Is It Over Yet (Wynonna Judd song)
  • Born to Be Blue
  • Burning Love (Dennis Linde cover)
  • Guardian Angel
  • How Great Thou Art ([traditional] cover)
  • I Want to Know What Love Is (Foreigner cover)
  • Let’s Make a Baby King (Wynonna Judd song)
  • Let Me Tell You About Love
  • Don’t Be Cruel (Elvis Presley cover)
  • Mama He’s Crazy
  • Why Not Me
  • Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)
  • Love Can Build a Bridge


  • It’s the Messiah (Wynonna Judd song)
  • Silent Night (Joseph Mohr & Franz Gruber cover)


Naomi and Wynonna Judd, a mother and daughter country music combo from Ashland, Kentucky, formed The Judds. Naomi Judd, on the other hand, died in April 2022.

They recorded six studio albums, the most recent of which being ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ in 1990, which came out just after Naomi Judd announced her retirement. They have five Grammy Awards to their name and will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2021.

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