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The Stagecoach Music Festival (2022) Everything To Know

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If one keeps an incredible passion for country music and American music festival, then you’re at the right place. The yearly event, known as the stagecoach country music festival 2021, is already spreading all April excitements.

As because of the pandemic situation, the last Stagecoach got canceled. People are waiting for the upcoming one with massive excitement. Stagecoach is generally known for country music. But in reality, it consists of all the other related genres performed in the event. People from all over the world visit California in April to catch the stagecoach country music festival live.

This is also known as the festival for foodies, dance lovers, and party makers because of the extreme varieties of cuisine, dancing halls, and clubs. People also call the Stagecoach the cousin of the Coachella festival as these both take place at the same stadium.

If you’re looking forward to knowing everything about the stagecoach 2021 music festival, keep reading. Here you’ll get everything about the stagecoach 2022

Will stagecoach 2022 happen?

Well, this is an excellent question for 2021. Will Stagecoach 2021 happen? As the last year, coronavirus has stopped the regular life, stagecoach 2020 couldn’t take place. Now, people are wondering if the upcoming one will happen or not.

If you’re a stagecoach fan, then the news of relief is the 2021 festival has not been canceled yet. There have no official updates about the cancellation. So, people are holding great hope of enjoying the stagecoach 2021 music festival live.

The Stagecoach Music Festival 2022

Stagecoach festival, which is also known as stagecoach country music festival, will arrive this April. As a Stagecoach fan, you might be excited and want to know about the 2021 stagecoach festival, date & time, location, tickets, and all the other things. So, let’s get started with where and when will take place stagecoach 2021.

Stagecoach Festival 2022 date, time, and place

As we know, Stagecoach and Coachella are known as cousin festivals. There is a reason behind it. Because both of them present American music fans the breathtaking Country music festivals.

Stagecoach festival has not yet been released. Stay with us, we will keep you updated whenever the schedule is published.

Arriving at the ground, you would need to have tickets. Being an excellent and popular event, this is not easy to get last-minute tickets. If you want to grab the live watching opportunity of Stagecoach Country music event.

So, to know more information about the tickets and this fantastic festival keep reading the writing.

Stagecoach festival 2022 tickets

Well, to catch the Stagecoach country music festival live, you need tickets., This will work as the key to the lock. Without passes, you can’t have a fantastic country music experience. Moreover, the authority keeps full honesty about the ticket distribution. This is the reason they don’t allow any phone calls for buying tickets. You can only use the offline option. This is because of the equal chance distribution. 

For now, you can only join the waiting list. You’ll get all the updates about the Stagecoach 2022 festival tickets by joining the waiting list. Whenever the tickets are available or on sale, You’ll be notified. And for joining the waiting list, all you need is to put some necessary information As, name, and email address. This can help you to get tickets on time. Also, you can get them on great sales.

You can get the tickets at the festival venue too. There you can purchase through various vendors. But being added to the waiting list or purchasing online can give you the seat according to your taste and budget. At the last minute, the options get lesser.

So, if you’re an excellent Stagecoach fan, then join the Stagecoach country music festival 2022 waiting list now.

How much are Stagecoach tickets for 2022?

Well, the budget is always a matter of knowing. If you’re planning to get the Stagecoach festival 2022 tickets, you must see the ticket prices for better preparation.

Well, you’ll get different sites selling the Stagecoach tickets at different prices. There have other factors that decide at how much cost you’re getting the tickets. So, for now, the Stagecoach 2022 average price is $1898. 

This will vary according to the packages. The VIP tickets are much expensive.

The camping for cars starts at $200, GA tickets are around $354, Corral standing pit spots tickets are about $1399, and the Corral reserved seating tickets start at $899.

As Stagecoach is not only just about music, It holds great excitement through different segments. So, Stagecoach lovers consider the money’s worth of the cost. And according to the previous records, the audience enjoys it a lot at the event. And every year, the audience numbers increase surprisingly.

Moreover, as 2021 has missed the Stagecoach festival, people are looking forward to 2022 with great passion.

How can I pay for the Stagecoach tickets?

Well, purchasing the Stagecoach country music festival tickets online is super easy. All you need to search for the websites. You would get the opportunity to catch the tickets by completing some steps.

You would get the option to pay with credit cards, Visa, Mastercard’s, American Express, Giropay, IDEAL, Apple PAy, Sofort u, Giropay, Maestro. Besides the online option, you’ll get to pay cash directly at the festivals to the vendors.

The Stagecoach festival authority has opened both the options for reaching the audiences quickly,

Besides, you’re getting to pay for the tickets by splitting. Suppose you and your friends are planning to watch the Stagecoach music festival 2021 live. Then you might get confused about how to purchase tickets together. To remove all the hassle, Stagecoach has made the split payment method available. 

Here you can invite your friends to purchase stagecoach tickets through a link or email. They’ll get 48 hours to pay for the tickets. So, in 48 hours, if you can pay through the link-sharing process, all your tickets would be purchased together. 

The stagecoach authority never compromises the audience’s comfort. So, you can pay for the tickets however you want and enjoy the event with whomever you want.

APR 29
11:59 AM
2022 Stagecoach Country Music Festival – 3 Day Pass (4/29 – 5/1) (Rescheduled from 4/23/21 – 4/25/21)
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APR 29
12:00 PM
2022 Stagecoach Country Music Festival – Friday (Rescheduled from 4/23/2021)
Empire Polo Field – Indio, CA
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APR 30
12:00 PM
2022 Stagecoach Country Music Festival – Saturday (Rescheduled from 4/24/2021)
Empire Polo Field – Indio, CA
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MAY 01
12:00 PM
2022 Stagecoach Country Music Festival – Sunday (Rescheduled from 4/25/2021)
Empire Polo Field – Indio, CA
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Will passes purchased for the April and October 2020 dates be Accepted for 2022?

Well, this is excellent confusion. People who’ve already purchased tickets for Stagecoach 2021 and didn’t refund will be honored for the 2022 stagecoach. As we know, because of the pandemic, Stagecoach couldn’t be held in April. Later it was announced to take place in October. As the pandemic situation didn’t remove, it was not possible to arrange the Stagecoach 2021.

The Stagecoach authority informed the audience about the refund policy. People who were unable to refund or didn’t, they’re going to have the opportunity to enjoy the stagecoach 2022 music festival live. This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for the fans of Stagecoach.

Stagecoach 2022 line up

Well, this is obvious that Stagecoach holds the main draw on country music. But in this country music festival, there have related genres of music too. If you look back in the past few years, the line ups have caught some remarkable points. As; hip hop starts, Electronic guru Diplo Lil Nas X, legendary rockers ZZ Top and many other stars.

Background of Stagecoach 

Once you catch American music’s taste, this pushes you to be interested in the Stagecoach country music festival. If you don’t know anything about the Stagecoach, then here you’re going to have some necessary information everybody asks for. Let’s get started with the questions related to the Stagecoach background first.

When did the first Stagecoach festival take place?

Stagecoach festival started the journey first in 2007. Now, this has become a tradition of music festivals. Since that year to today’s date, it’s arranging yearly festival in California. From the first day, the uniqueness of the festival gained 27,500 people attending the event. Later it was extended for three days.

And on each day, there were above 40,000 people at the venue. In 2012, The show gained more than 55,000 audiences at the venue. Surprisingly in 2018, the show made a record by getting 75,000 attendances in one day.

From the very beginning of 2007, Stagecoach pulled great attention towards itself. 

Where is the The Stagecoach Music Festival 2022 held?

Every year stagecoach takes place in April. In the Empire Polo Club, Indio, California, the iconic music festival gets arranged. Here each year, fans from all over the world arrive to catch country music’s brightest names and the related genres. Not only the music, foods, excitements, and different segments attract a massive crowd here.

Who is Stagecoach owned by? 

Well, this fantastic famous yearly music festival named Stagecoach is owned by Goldenvoice. Goldenvoice. Well, Goldenvoice is the AEG ( Anschutz Entertainment Group). Suppose you don’t know about the AEG. In that case, people consider this brand as the second biggest live music and entertainment event presenter. Most of the American sporting and music entertainment events are presented by the AEG.

Is Stagecoach owned by Coachella?

Well, it becomes confusing among people if the Coachella owns the Stagecoach or not. Stagecoach is a musical event presented by Goldemvoice. Though this is not owned by Coachella, both events are related to one another. The only reason that connects these events is the venue. Both of the events take place on the same ground.

Also, both of the festivals are super popular among people. Both of these events highlight fashion, food, camping, art, booze, and music. This is undeniable that stagecoach country music festival and Coachella valley music and arts festival are the most significant show with various similarities. But the myth of Coachella owning Stagecoach is wrong.

Why is it called a stagecoach?

Well, this one is a very general question to ask for a Stagecoach. Stagecoach is one of the most popular events. It’s holding a huge crowd. And among the group asking different problems because of curiosity is ordinary. Well, why is this called the Stagecoach? The name undoubtedly is unique, and that’s why people ask why naming it like this.

Historically Stagecoach is named because of its consisting stages in different numbers. In this way, the coaches who ride horses while traveling take breaks and change the horses in other locations. Because of traveling differently in segments and changing coaches, this one is called Stagecoach.

There are various steps and coaches in the music festival named stagecoach country music festival in different segments. That’s the reason behind naming this huge music festival in America.

How many stages are at Stagecoach?

There are three different Stagecoach festival locations if you ask about the event’s layouts or stages. As this shows audiences of massive age diversity, it also consists of some differences in the staging. You might get there children, grandparents, and youngsters enjoying the shows. Every year, VIP personas also get crazy about the festival and visit the ground to catch the musical vibe.

In the past, there was another stage named the Yuma tent. Now, this is known as the Honkytonk dance hall.

When do stagecoach 2022 tickets go on sale?

Usually, the Goldenvoice announces the sale right before the event. Also, on different occasions, the authority informs sales. Though there always has a massive crowd for the stagecoach tickets, the tickets don’t get sold out quickly. The show holds excellent availability, which s suitable for stagecoach lovers.  

How to stay safe during stagecoach 2022?

Well, stagecoach 2022 is going to rock the world soon. So, as a stagecoach fan, you might also be going to participate. People who’ve participated before, and experienced the event live, know how extreme the whole program gets. And maintaining the crowd in this pandemic is essential as well as challenging.

But before everything, you shouldn’t forget that a pandemic is going on. Obviously, the authority is absolutely concerned about the fact. They’ll be taking enough precautions to stay away from social gatherings. But obviously, this is a matter of concern about how a concert can keep up social distancing.

In this case, the audience should maintain the rules and avoid making any kind of extreme gatherings. You should also be concerned about yourself. Though you’re not getting entry without a mask. The stagecoach authority will ensure hand sanitizing from time to time. You just need to follow the rules of social distancing hand in hand with the management.

When should you arrive at the event?

Well, you must be thinking what’s the perfect time to be present at the event ground. As an audience, you obviously won’t bee wanting to miss any of the parts. You’ll get the whole event schedule with the ticket. But according to every year, the day parking opens at 9 am, Tarrance at 10 am. The main venue ground begins at 12 pm.

This is suggested to arrive early as soon as the venue opens. The whole place gets more crowdy from 4 pm to 6 pm. So, it would be great if you arrive before 12 to get hassle-free entry. Moreover being late you’ll miss many exciting parts of the event. 

When will I get the stagecoach 2022 set time?

To maintain the schedule or to arrive on time, you would need a set time. Some just come to catch the music festival, others only see the food varieties in the event. That’s why the Stagecoach 2021 authority will post the set time on their website.

You’ll get the set time on the app too. This will guide you in the venue for enjoying the event better. If you’re visiting the place alone or going for the first time, it’s better if you take a look at the set time or rules for comfort.

Can I get the Stagecoach festival t-shirt?

Yes, obviously you can get a stagecoach, specially printed t-shirt. You’ll get many stagecoach prints in the market. If you want to get one for the concert, you should have eyes on the official page. There you’ll get the link before the event. You just only need to pay and purchase your stagecoach t-shirt. With just a few clicks and taps, you can get the t-shirts for the concert.

Can I bring chairs or mats to the stagecoach venue?

As Stagecoach is an event for the whole day, [people like to carry chairs or mats for comfort zone. You can bring chairs or maps for sure. The authority hasn’t put any restrictions on this.

But here are some restrictions too. You can’t bring all kinds of chairs here. You can bring chairs or maps that can be folded. You can carry them in your bag. But you can’t get the sleeping bags, beach chairs, or foam chairs.

For chilling in the venue or ground, you can obviously bring folding chairs.

Are umbrellas allowed in the stagecoach venue?

Well, umbrellas are not allowed in the stagecoach venue. The only reason behind it is, umbrellas can block the view at the concert. You will also feel irritated if someone blocks the view. Also, the event is not in the rainy season. So, there is hardly any chance of raining that anyone would need an umbrella.

Stagecoach for foodies

Besides the music, the audience also stays excited about the food realities. This one is, of course, the best part for foodies in the audiences. In this event, Guy Feri’s stBBQ party is the focus point. Not just the BBQ parties also all the mouthwatering menus and varieties of food attract all the audiences. You must not miss the test of the extreme foods of stagecoach ground if you’re getting the chance to join.

Half- Pint Hootenanny

Half-Pint is the best part of Stagecoach for the kids. The kids who’re ten or under this age can join the half-tint for free. There they’ll get everything to entertain themselves. From crafts, arts, jewelry making to various types of games, As face painting games, singing, and dancing, kids will get to everything.  

Craft beer

Well, we already know that Stagecoach is an extreme show that consists of every kind of audience. Here come audiences of every age. Another attraction is craft beer. Not only this, you’ll get cocktails in plenty amount. There have plenty of bars with trained mixologists.

Safety and security stagecoach 2022

Safety and security is the most important thing to consider. As here, all kinds of people visit, safety ensuring is essential. From the metal directors to enough security persons, you’ll get enough security in the Stagecoach. In every step, there are enough staffs to take care of the safety issue. 

If you’re going to attend the Stagecoach for the first time, just take a look at the prohibited items list. Also, this year the mask is included in the must-bring list. You can carry your own sanitizer too. For more information and the whole list, visit the official stagecoach site.

Not only this, here you’ll get the medical support. If someone faces any kind of accident, there has speedy medical support. Also, you’ll get the lockers for keeping the essentials.


Hygiene is always important. Especially in this stagecoach 2021, the pandemic needs extra concern about this matter. Besides the mask and sanitizing, you’re getting 300+ washrooms with extreme hygiene facilities. This is undoubtedly a great job of the stagecoach authority.

Honkytonk- Stagecoach dance hall

Stagecoach dance hall or Ballroom is one of the most fantastic attractions of the Stagecoach whole event. This Ballroom, which is known as Honkytonk, has some specialties. These make it stand different and preferable from the other ones.

If you want to know about the specialties, then Stagecoach ballroom is enlisted as one of the most attractive ballrooms. Also, this one is known as the oldest, traditional western venue of history. If one has visited the Honkytonk Ballroom before, he might know how extreme the Ballroom looked. Aside from legal history, the Ballroom has the most noticeable and most giant dancing floor is.

The dancing hall is super attractive and air-conditioned. Here you’ll find a touch of luxury and wonder in HonkyTonk. The look inside the Ballroom is enough to make the party special.

The dance hall is named Honkytonk. Here you can show your dance skills and learn from the others. Different types of dancing and steps keep the hall always in rhythm. So, everyone who’s attending stagecoach must pay a visit to the Honkytonkk.

Cocktail party – Stagecoach

Stagecoach has different entertainment parts for every age of people. From the kids to the elders, everyone enjoys the Stagecoach event. Though this is known as the country music festival, various types of segments and entertainments are available here.

In the stagecoach event, there is a luxury cocktail party with unlimited beer. The authority has made plenty of bars available in the event. As people from all over the world visit the event, different kinds of world-class drinks are available. But of course, the legal age according to the country is necessary for enjoying the cocktail party. According to CA, anyone under 21 would be considered breaking the rules if they drink.

Reserve a locker- Stagecoach Country music festival

Well, lockers are the most demanding thing on a stagecoach event. As the event is not for a few hours, people generally carry extra clothes or bags. Enjoying the whole event with a bag makes it so dull and irritating. Moreover, usually, the Stagecoach spot gets hot on days and usually a little chilly at night. That’s why extra bags and clothes are a necessity.

After considering all the issues and needs of audiences, the authority has planned for the lockers. Here you can keep your essentials and leave the worry about security. Keep your bags and essentials safely by reserving a locker. 

To get a locker, you need to pay some bucks. The price will vary on the locker size. Usually, they provide lockers of three different dimensions with different prices. As:

  1. Medium Locker – $55
  2. Larger Locker – $65
  3. XL – $80

You can select a locker according to your need and budget. As the stagecoach events hold a vast crowd, the lockers can also get available on the event days. In this case, people prefer to reserve the Locker while purchasing tickets. The most exciting thing is, anyone can book the lockers online. All they should do is, contact the Stagecoach locker team.

Refund of the reserved Locker- Stagecoach festival

Stagecoach event offers the audience locker reserving options. The locker system has helped the audiences both with freedom and safety. To book a locker requires $55 to $80 according to size. But with the reserving option, each reservation needs $10.

Another most exciting thing is, the stagecoach locker authority has a refund policy. The administration backs the reserving money whenever you need to cancel the reservation.

Main stage

The main stage is one of the most focusing things in a stagecoach event. Though the festival consists of different types of segments, performing music by international celebrities are the main focus of the festival. As the Stagecoach doesn’t anymore set their list only with country music, various international singers perform different genres.

That’s the reason this stage grabs most of the attraction. The main stage of Stagecoach is known as the “Mane Stage.” Here they start with their performances, show up and entertain the audiences.

Every year this staging area gets designed differently and most attractively. This time, people are expecting the mane stage to be more extreme. 

Stage stop marketplace

Stage stop marketplace is one of the most attractive additions of the Stagecoach whole event. According to the latest records, this phone got vast popularity among the audiences. In 2019 the stage stop marketing hosted by Nikki Lane held the highlights of Stagecoach that year. 

Stage stop marketplace includes varieties of clothes, accessories, musical performances, country- wear, and many more exciting things. This shop carries full artistic attention inside the decoration.

Not having differentiation. Audiences are expecting to get something extra with this year’s stagecoach stage stop marketing. Last year, the famous singer Nikki lane made the shop fulfill audiences hoping to be the stage market get exciting as before.

Can I get Stagecoach lockers on the share?

Well, of course, you can get stagecoach lockers on share. 

But the authority always warns about the sharing policy. They suggest being conscious while choosing locker share with anyone. If someone is attending the event with family or friends, they can get one Locker together. But sharing your Locker with some stranger is not at all suggested.

Coachella & Stagecoach – the same ground

Coachella and Stagecoach the most awaited yearly international festivals. Another exciting thing is that Coachella and Stagecoach both take place on the same ground. The Empire Club in Indio is super popular among music festival lovers because of these two events. Every year, thousands of people arrive on this ground to catch these two events live.

Not only this, here you’ll catch international celebrities enjoying the event. This one also makes the festival popular. Every year thousands of country music fans arrive on the ground to witness the event with their favorite stars. That’s the reason the authority of STagecoach takes extra hassles and time to make the event ground attractive and secured.

Stagecoach takes place just after the Coachella event. So, the whole time CA holds a massive crowd of tourists from different corners of the world. If someone is attending from out of CA, he should make sure his hotel bookings, ticket confirmation, and other necessities. Waiting for the last minute would not be a perfect idea of the city’s rush timing.

Final words

Stagecoach country music festival is also known as the cousin festival of the Coachella. This is one of the most extraordinary music events in America. The music and the food varieties, dances in the Honkytonk hall, craft beer and cocktail parties, Budweiser Clydesdales, mane stage, half pant hootenanny, and all the things attract audiences from everywhere in the world. Also, for being friendly for every age, the festivals get more attention.

If you’re also a stagecoach lover, I hope you got enough information about the upcoming festival of stagecoach 2022. Signing out here. Don’t forget to share the writing with your friends and family who’re looking forward to knowing about the stagecoach 2022 country music festival.

Written by Allison

Allison J Moore is a 23-year-old town counsellor who enjoys reading, walking and social media. She is stable and exciting, but can also be very selfish and a bit lazy. She is USA. She has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She is obsessed with over-knee socks.


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