Ross Copperman awarded ‘Songwriter of the Year’ at 2020 BMI Country Award.

Ross Copperman is an American singer song-writer and music producer. He excelled in song-writing career. He has penned many no. 1 billboard hits. The man has been honored Song-writer of the Year award this year at the BMI Country Award which was presented virtually this year due to coronavirus menace worldwide.

Ross Copperman has written many country hit songs and achieved much praise and accolades for his songs. His songs have been on the top chart and co-written songs have also been on the hit list. Whiskey Glasses jointly written with Ben Burgess has been the Song of the Year at the 2020 BMI Country Award.

The creation of the hits like Catch, Living, Love Someone, Tip of My Tongue and Love Ain’t has earned the writer huge success. These songs have been on top at the country music hit list throughout the year. The writer, producer and singer Ross Copperman has been named song-writer of the year for the fourth time at the 68 annual BMI Country Awards in November 9, 2020.

To accomplish the ceremony a page was created on the BMI’s website and the Award event took place virtually. All the videos has been uploaded on the BMI’s website. Like every year all the categories have been entertained. Everyone can watch the BMI Country Awards going to the webpage of BMI.

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