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Ray Fulcher tour 2022: Schedule, Reschedule & Ticket Information


Ray Fulcher, the greatest superstar of country music, has announced his 2022 world tour. This star was out of every contact a few times. Moreover, the pandemic made everyone exhausted and thirsty for a break. Even couch potatoes would be wanting to enjoy a live concert this time. Considering all the factors, Fulcher has announced his upcoming tour in the USA. There will be 17 concerts in different cities at different times. As a Fulcher fan, this would be a great chance to catch your favorite start on stage live. 

If you’re a country music fan, this article is going to lead you in detail. Here you’ll get all the information about the upcoming tour and concert of Ray Fulcher.

Ray Fulcher – Touring in America

Tour concerts have always been super exciting both for musicians and music lovers. This keeps the music excitement alive as well as helps to keep up good relations with audiences. Following the flow, Ray Fulcher has decided to take a tour this year. The last year didn’t come out so joyful and entertaining because of the pandemic. So, audiences are also hoping to get something extra in 2022.

So many brands and musicians have announced their touring dates already. Ray Fulcher fans are getting jam on the bread as this time Fulcher is making a traveling movement. Though he is going to tour only in the USA, the news has flattered the Internet.

People who keep interested in American Country Music must have heard the name, Ray Fulcher. From the year 2016 till now, this self-made superstar is contributing American music industry with his talent. Surprisingly, within a short time.

This superstar was born in Georgia. With flowing time, he’s become one of the greatest storytellers and songwriters of the USA. His first break came out in 2016 with Here we go again”. From that day to today’s date, he’s only published blockbusters. Fans believe his song lyrics are the heart of his hits. Those lyrics consist of powerful meanings that relate to audiences as well as describe them.

For the few days, Flucher had been busy and detached. The media said he was working on new song lyrics. So, this time the singer has announced to make a tour in the USA. This will give the people refreshment as well as will make his move back in the industry. Audiences have also shown extreme interest and excitement till now. 

As Fulcher, an American singer, and the pandemic is not done yet. The tour will only be bound to THe USA. But the matter of excitement is, Fulcher will be performing in 17 concerts on the whole show. So, USA people from different cities are going to catch the start in their town. Also, people who’re going to travel to the USA on the concert days should visit the concerts to have a great flavor of Country music.

According to the official updates, the tour schedule and venue have been published. Go through the information to confirm if you can attend the concerts or not.

Ray Fulcher tour schedule 2021

After breaking massive controversies and spreading joy, the Ray Fulcher world tour 2021 schedule has been published. Since the fan got to know about the tour, they were eagerly waiting for the concert plan. According to the announcement, this time, Fulcher will be showing up in different cities of the USA. He’s announced to perform 17 concerts in a month. This has undoubtedly made the USA fans super excited. If one wants to enjoy Fulcher concerts this year, he/she should know about the tour schedule in detail.

Wasting no other time, let’s’ head towards the schedule of Ray Fulcher concert 2021:

  • April 27 – Tuesday – 7.00 pm – Nashville, TN, USA
  • September 21 – Tuesday – 7.00 pm – Billings, MT, USA
  • September 24 – Friday – 7.00 pm – Salt lake city, UT< USA
  • September 25 – Saturday – 7.00 pm – Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • September 29 – Wednesday – 7.00 pm – Eugene, OR, USA
  • October 1 – Friday – 7.00 pm – San Francisco, CA, USA
  • October 2 – Saturday – 7.00 pm – Bakersfield, CA, USA
  • November 4 – Thursday – 7.00 pm – Chicago, IL, USA
  • Nov 5 – Friday – 7.00 pm – Chicago, IL, USA
  • November 6 – Saturday – 7.00 pm – St Louis, MO, USA
  • November 16 – Tuesday – 7.00 pm – New Orleans, LA, USA
  • November 18 – Thursday -7.00 pm – Dallas, TX, USA
  • Nov 19 – Friday- 7.00 pm – Dallas, TX, USA
  • Nov 20 – Saturday – 7.00 pm – Memphis, TN, USA
  • November 29 – Monday – 7.00 pm – New York, NY, USA
  • November 30 – Tuesday -7.00 pm – New York, NY, USA
  • December 2 – Thursday – 7.00 pm – Boston, MA, USA
  • December 3 – Friday – 7.00 pm – Boston, MA, USA

According to the Ray Fulcher tour 2021 schedule, there are 17 concerts in the whole year. All of the concerts are going to be held in the USA. But Ray has decided to make his movement throughout different cities. Also, the authority has tried to keep the dates on weekends. This would be helpful attending concerts for the Fulcher fans.

Moreover, when someone is traveling to the USA and wants to attend the Fulcher concert, the schedule must help them. The fans can now plan the journey depending on the tour schedules of Fulcher.

Ray Fulcher has not yet been released. Stay with us, we will keep you updated whenever the schedule is published.

Ray Fulcher tour reschedule for 2021

The Ray Fulcher concert, which is bowing up every music lovers’ head genuinely, had a different plan. Still, as the pandemic situation is not over a year, the authority had to bring slime changes. Ray Fulcher’s concert was scheduled to start on March 20, 2021. As the pandemic situation has not been removed yet, the authority had to reschedule the concert.

According to the official update, Ray Fulcher was firstly going to show up in Columbus, OH, USA. The date was also announced. The whole world was preparing for March 20 for the first look at the Fulcher concert.

But unfortunately, the plan was postponed. The updates say the authority will be arranging this concert later by rescheduling time. Right now, March wouldn’t be the right time for setting a show. Nobody wants to make it live to risk for anyone.

That’s why everyone needed to make a reschedule date for the concert. Though concerts need extra consciousness as there becomes a huge social gathering. According to information, the authority would be making enough precautions to avoid health risks.

But the postponing of the first concert has made audiences feel blue. They doubt if this year the show would be a success to make a move. Additionally, Fulcher was away from the industry for a few days as he worked on upcoming song lyrics. The touring announcements made Fulcher bunches happy. Now, they’re expecting to catch other concerts on time. The world tour dates are designed with a gap among days. This would help to keep the situation under control.

However, keeping aside all these doubts, cancellations, and delays, the Fulcher fans are planning to attend the concerts. Fulcher tickets are available online now. As a fan, you might ask about Ray Fulcher tour dates and tickets near you 2021. Keep reading to get information in detail.

How to get Ray Fulcher 2022 tickets?

Unlike the previous hassle days, technology has made the ticket purchasing thing much more manageable. Though this year Fulcher concerts are only happening inside the USA. People are planning their journey from different parts of the world to catch the concert. Ray Fulcher has contributed American music industry as well as world Country Music.

His contributions and talents have attracted fans from all around the world. That’s the reason fans don’t want to miss his live concert this year. You can catch Ray Fulcher in different cities of the USA. To grab the Ray Fulcher live concerts, you can visit online.

The Internet has a vast option of ticket selling sites. There you can get the link to Ray Fulcher 2021 tickets easily. All you need to do is good research on the sites. The sites generally offer different kinds of price ranges. You can choose one according to your choice. 

If someone is a hardcore Fulcher fan, it’s always suggested to reserve tickets. As RAy Fulcher is an international star, he has a massive fanbase all around the world. That’s why his live concert tickets are highly on demand. According to the response, fans from both the USA and the USA arrive in the venues to catch the concert life. So, waiting for a last-minute ticket can prove a real mistake. 

To get the confirmation and before planning the trip, make sure your tickets are confirmed. Anyone from anywhere in the world can book the tickets easily. The sites have both local and international payment options.

If anyhow the concert gets postponed because of any unfortunate situation, the ticket money will be refundable for sure. So, there is nothing to worry about booking. Search for Ray Fulcher’s online concert and tickets and jump into the booking process.

You can get tickets online on several ticket selling sites. Here you need to find out the authentic ones. Moreover, you’ll find the official tickets on Roy Fuylcher’s sites. THere you may find several third party ticket sellers. Usually, they save tickets for selling at high prices in the last days when official tickets go sold out. In this case, you should maintain a different consciousness. The third-party sellers usually come out as frauds. 

To avoid all these hassles, booking tickets on time officially would be the only best solution. Being a very popular concert in the USA, nobody should wait for the last minute.

The ticket price is a common thing to ask for the audiences. Well, this will differ on different things. Keep scrolling to know more about Ray Fulcher’s world tour concert ticket price.

How much is Ray Fulcher tour ticket price?

Well, the Ray Fulcher concert is holding the lamplight of 2022. Fulcher is coming out after so many days with a live show. Fans from all over the world have already started to book their tickets. Wherever you live in the world, getting a concert ticket is easy. The authority has arranged an international payment option.

Well, the ticket price varies depending on various factors. As on different times and occasions, the tickets go on sale. You might get those tickets at a very affordable price.

Also, in concert, you’ll get various types and kinds of tickets. Generally, they are divided into classes. For details, you should visit ticket selling sites that include Ray Fulcher’s 2021 world tour concert. You should select one package according to your choice and budget. The authority has divided the classes in every budget. You can even get a ticket for $31 at the very lowest price. But for that, you need to use coupon codes.

You’ll get the usual Ray Fulcher concert tickets starting from $43 to $249. The ticket prices will also differ depending on the concerts., The 2022 Fulcher concert has been scheduled on 17 different days. Each show will carry different price ranges.

Moreover, the concerts have a category of seats. They have general and VIP seats. The price will also vary on the package you choose. These packages have different types of facilities going in the range. The VIP tickets generally cost double the usual ones. With VIP tickets, you’ll see the celebrities and other musicians start enjoying the show.

For knowing the exact information about Roy Fulcher concert tickets, you should visit ticket selling suits and brows which concert you want to attend. As the concert is holding massive popularity, you might not get the tickets available online later. So have good research before purchasing the ticket online.

How to get a Ray Fulcher tour ticket at the cheapest?

2022 Ray Fulcher touring concert tickets are out now. You can get these tickets online anytime, anywhere. But these passes are limited in stock. As a Fulcher fan, you must be searching for these tickets. By doing some researches, you can get the tickets at the very lowest price,

You need to go through the right pages at the right time to grab cheap concert tickets. Find out the tickets which are on sale. As new years eve, thanksgiving, and many other occasions, these tickets go on sale.

Moreover, Sometimes they arrange special discount offers by submitting coupon codes. These discount offers generally come with collaborations with other singers or brands. To get these offers, keep your eyes on the Ray Fulcher official page. If someone can grab tickets in that time, you may save some bucks.

Also, the ticket price will vary depending on the city or concert you’re choosing to enjoy. The concert venue can also decide the price range. If one’s budget is low, still don’t want to miss the RAy Fulcher live performance, grab the list’s cheapest show. Also, try to grab tickets which are in your city. This will decrease the traveling cost and let you enjoy the RAy Fulcher show at a low price.

So, grab the Ray Fulcher show tickets at the right time from the right place, and get a great deal. 

Ray Fulcher all-time hit numbers

Ray Fulcher every song is a heart-throbbing collection in American country music. Not only the one he sang. Also, those he wrote lyrics made a great fanbase. Now, he’s counted as one of the most searched and viewed singers of the time. 

Growing up in a small city of Georgia, he recognized his passion for music. He started writing song lyrics at a very young age. Later she got significantly influenced by the other stars of Country music. As; Alan Jackson, Keith Whitley, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Church, George strait, works made him excessively push towards creating his music. 

Fulcher started his career in 2013. That year he released two songs. And both of them got a massive positive response. Later in 2016, his “Here we go again” published by River house gained extreme audiences’ reaction. This hit gave him the recognition of talent in the world. This hit number mainly led him to the tours along with Luke Combo.

In 2021, people are eagerly waiting to catch this fantastic singer performing live on tour. As the official updates say, there will be 17 concerts performing in different US cities this year. 

Fans are eagerly waiting to get the setlist of the concert. Though the setlist isn’t out yet, people guess the list can be flattered with his recent and evergreen hits.

In 2020, Fulcher’s hit came out named Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs. In 2019, Fulcher published Anything as you dance, Life after your living, Jesus and jeopardy, dirt on it, looks down my window. 

Aside from his songs, Fulcher co-wrote sixteen hits with Luke Combo. The Luke combo hits named, The one’s for you, what you see what you get, does to me, Even though I’m leaving, Loving on you when it rains it pours gained extreme popularity. 

These song lyrics have the superior power to attract audiences of any age. Even the people who’re not much into country music can feel his song lyrics.

Ray Fulcher next concert setlist

Since the Ray Fulcher concert news is out, people are wondering about the setlist of the concert. Though the first concert was going to be held this March, it got canceled. According to the schedule, the next concert will take place in the upcoming April. 

But the setlist is not officially published. Fans are hoping to get something extra from this conversion. Following the flow, they’re hoping to get the recent and evergreen hits performing in this concert. Besides, not only the songs which are sung by Fulcher but also those ones that are written and co-written by Fulcher may get added to the list.

Let’s know about the top ten songs by Ray Fulcher. This may help you to guess the setlist. So, let’s get straightly into the top ten Ray Fulcher Contributions:

  • Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs
  • Anything Like You Dance
  • Dirt on It
  • Song of the Summer
  • Jesus & Jeopardy
  • Down on My Window
  • Anything Like You Dance (Stripped)
  • Life After Your Leavin’
  • Somebody Like Me
  • Ghost

These songs are more likely to be on the upcoming setlist. The upcoming concert is arriving in 97 days. If everything goes according to plan, then Ray Fulcher will officially announce his forthcoming setlist.

Whatever the setlist is, the audiences are super excited to watch this start performing Life. Ray Fulcher is showing up on the stage after so many days. Still, the fans gave the same excitement and craziness about his songs before. Fulcher gave the last blockbuster in 2019. These days he was busy with writing song lyrics. He presented some co-written songs the previous year.

Though according to the information, Ray wanted to show up on stage with the tour in 2020. But as the pandemic built social distancing as a necessity, 2022 will be the ear to get him on the stage.

Although the fire concert date has already been postponed, people are hoping to catch other dates. So, this time fans are excited for the stats more than the setlist. Now they can only guess the setlist and predict each list for concerts. As the concert will run for 3 hours highest, the star will perform a few songs at each concert only.

You’ve already known about the top ten sponges presented by Ray Fulcher in today’s date. So, this is an obvious thing to predict that the songs will be included in the setlist. However, the final setlist will be out just before the concert date. Now, fans only can keep guessing and wait for the absolute blast. Fulcher hasn’t disappointed his fans before. So, fans are undoubtedly purchasing tickets for the show.

For further updates, you can click the notification button on the Ray Fulcher official site. By doing this, whenever the setlist comes out, you’ll be notified immediately by the site.

How long is the Ray Fulcher concert?

Well, in 2021, Ray Fulcher has planned to make a tour movement. Time, dates, venues, and every detail are out. As the plan says, there will be 17 concerts in different cities of the USA. The schedule has been designed with gaps of one month or 15 days in every concert.

The gaps will be helpful to the audiences who want to attend several concerts. Moreover, the international fans arriving in the USA just to catch the shows are satisfied with the tour dates.

Each concert can run for 2- 3 hours. These are not a one day or night concert. If the show starts at 7, then approximately will continue till 10. So, the schedule is saying this is going to run for a few hours only. Moreover, if the setlist’s songs are finished earlier, the concert can be wrapped up earlier.

So, if someone is planning to attend the concert, they should arrive on time and grab. Moreover, the car parking gets messy at the last moment. So, if you’re coming to attend the concert, make sure you’re at the venue before the showtime.

How to get Ray Fulcher t-shirt for a concert?

Well, not only for the concert, you can get a Ray Fulcher t-shirt, caps, hat and other accessories any time of the year. Fulcher fans all across the world seek to grab these items. Especially when there is a concert knocking at the door, t-shirts are on demand.

To get the Fulcher signed and designed exclusive T-shirts for the concert, just get into the Ray Fulcher official website. There you’ll see an option called the shop. Here all the Ray Fulcher t-shirts, hats, and accessories are available. 

As the concert has a few days to start, you may not get the shirts in stock later. So grab the concrete T-shirts now by placing an order directly from the website.

How much is the Fulcher t-shirt?

Ray Fulcher T-shirts are in huge demand because of the concert. The official T-shirts will be available on the Ray Fulcher page. The shirts will cost $25 without shifting cost. If someone wants to order it out of the country, they need to submit the shipping cost. Right now, the Ray Fulcher official sho[p has 12 products available.

As the concert is on its head, the shirts can be sold out anytime. So, grabbing the T-shirts right now would be a more effortless and wiser decision to make. Even when the international fans want to capture the shirt, they’ve got a global payment system. 

Final words

Ray Fulcher’s world tour 2022 is blowing up the mind of the fans. The country music fans worldwide are waiting to catch this fantastic musician after so many days. This article showed you everything about the Ray Fulcher concert information. Garbs the tickets now and enjoy the country music fest with Ray Fulcher. For more information, keep an eye on the Ray Fulcher official account, page, and site.

Written by Allison

Allison J Moore is a 23-year-old town counsellor who enjoys reading, walking and social media. She is stable and exciting, but can also be very selfish and a bit lazy. She is USA. She has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She is obsessed with over-knee socks.


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