The Rhapsody Tour Rescheduled by Queen + Adam Lambert for 2022

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Queen is known as the best rock ‘n’ roll music band on earth till its birth. They are famous for uniquely representing themselves in every single song. At every age, they are such an essential band to listen to. If we say anything about Queen, it will be so typical comparing the real vibe as they have the most outstanding fan base in the music industry. 

Queen always like to use their world tour concert as The Rhapsody Tour. in this article, we will talk about the full details of the latest Rhapsody Tour that Queen and Adam Lambert will happen. Read the full article, and you will benefit from it. We will discuss the whole thing about the place, time, availability of tickets, and ticket price. One thing we will add and that is the live stream online for free.

Queen + Adam Lambert Tour 2022

An old music band of 1970 is still visible for its glory and greatness. The legendary members of Queen are the heroes of the English music industry. People remember the songs of Queen for their iconic characters like Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon.

On February 10th of 2021, Queen and Adam Lambert announced that they would not hold their Rhapsody Tour concert this year. They rescheduled the whole plan for next year, 2020

 Queen Adam Lambert tour 2022

Chesney Chesney tour canceled:

After completing a very successful tour in the Asia and Oceania area, the queen and Adam Lambert took a very high amount of appearances for their fans in 2019. 

In 2020, Queen announced their road map of The Rhapsody Tour for the UK and Europe. This was undoubtedly a perfect move for that summer after taking heavy appearances in the winter for Asians. But as we all know, that didn’t happen because of the concern of health conditions worldwide.

Last year they claimed that they would take their concert on time in 2020. Sudha fans take a deep breath for having a great experience in 2021.

But the sad news appeared again. On January 10th, 2020, Queen and Adam Lambert declared that they would postpone their European Rhapsody Tour of 2021. And they will reschedule it with a particular road map.

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Queen + Adam Lambert world tour 2022

As well as their glory and sovereignty, it is a very lightening thing that the band is still running in its way with an incredible pace. For the last five years, Queen and Adam Lambert are performing so well with continuity worldwide, which is appreciated.

As they have announced their schedule, 2022 Google will be a very good year for the queen fans in a terrifying Europe. Which is this time, the world-famous team is also needed.

In the previous few years, we have seen Kenny doing a good number of shows in his yearly schedule inside the USA. However, concerning the health issues, the number was near zero last year. But maintaining 2021 as a year of step up, the number is as okay as the plan of 2019.

Queen + Adam Lambert Tour schedule 2022

The schedule is based on three continuous months. The concert of the Rhapsody tour 2022 will start on 30th May of 2022 at the stadium of AO Arena in Great Britain. And it will finish itself in the mid of July, 18th calendar date at the Royal Arena of Denmark.

Here is the Schedule of Queen and Adam Lambert Tour 2022:

  • 30 May 2022, Monday: AO Arena Manchester, Manchester, UK
  • 31 May 2022, Tuesday: AO Arena Manchester, Manchester, UK
  • 02 June 2022, Thursday: The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, UK
  • 03 June 2022, Friday: The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, UK
  • 05 June 2022, Sunday: O2, London, UK
  • 06 June 2022, Monday: O2, London, UK
  • 08 June 2022, Wednesday: O2, London, UK
  • 09 June 2022, Thursday: O2, London, UK
  • 11 June 2022, Saturday: Arena Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
  • 12 June 2022, Sunday: Arena Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
  • 14 June 2022, Tuesday: O2, London, UK
  • 15 June 2022, Wednesday: O2, London, UK
  • 17 June 2022, Friday: O2, London, UK
  • 18 June 2022, Saturday: O2, London, UK
  • 20 June 2022, Monday: O2, London, UK
  • 21 June 2022, Tuesday: O2, London, UK
  • 24 June 2022, Friday: Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany
  • 26 June 2022, Sunday: Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany
  • 28 June 2022, Tuesday: Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 29 June 2022, Wednesday: Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
  • 01 July 2022, Friday: Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 02 July 2022, Saturday: Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 06 July 2022, Wednesday: Wizink Centre, Madrid, Spain
  • 07 July 2022, Thursday: Wizink Centre, Madrid, Spain
  • 11 July 2022, Monday: Unipol Arena, Bologna, Italy
  • 13 July 2022, Wednesday: AccorHotels Arena, Paris, France
  • 15 July 2022, Friday: Sportpaleis, Antwerp Belgium
  • 17 July 2022, Sunday: Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 18 July 2022, Saturday: Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark

Queen and Adam Lambert Tour dates near you 2022

The European fans are so happy to see the schedule of the Adam Lambert + Queen tour of 2022. They will run their Rhapsody tour in Europe. Talk about each event down below with details. Don’t miss that out if you want to go and enjoy Queen’s.

The Rhapsody tour in the UK

There are more than 60% of shows focused on the British fans of Queen. As we see, 16 of the concerts are inside the UK where other countries are getting 1-3 concerts according to the road map. Inside the UK, Queen and Adam Lambert wheel cover Manchester, Glasgow, London, and Birmingham. The tour will start on the 30th May and take the showdown on 21st June in London.

Queen and Adam Lambert tour in Manchester

As a British band, Queen started their journey on May 30 at the AO Arena in Manchester. Undoubtedly, this show will be one of the most extraordinary shows of recent times in the Rhapsody tour history because it takes an extended break near two yours. Another play on the next day for the fans who will miss out on the maiden. On 30 May, the ticket’s pricing will start from £136 to £352 for single and group packages. There are more affordable packages indeed. You just need to count £250 how to get VIP access to that show. If you want VIP facilities, then you have to count up to £900.

Adam Lambert + Queen tour in Glasgow

After taking two continuous concerts in Manchester, the team of 3 will move to Glasgow to perform their best and legendary styles at the SSE Hydro. Here also you will get two concerts by the band. The tickets are much cheaper than in Manchester. You only need to count £51 for a ticket where the price may be up to £170. If you want to enjoy VIP access, you have to start your count from £250 to £900.

Queen + Adam Lambert tour in London

The O2 the luckiest venue hair in the tour of 2022. As they are getting ten concerts in their spot where other venues are getting two in highest. The timeline of this theatre is divided into two sections. The first phase will start on 5th June, and it will end on 9 June. And the second phase will begin on 14th June, and it will last till 21 of that month. If we talk about the tickets, you need to count from 251 to 900 Euro according to different status and facility in the O2. 

Queen and Adam Lambert tour Birmingham

Between the two phases of the concert in O2, there will be two continual shows in Birmingham’s Utilita Arena. The schedule is set for June 11th and 12th. If you want to enjoy a stain in Birmingham, then you have to count £251 at least for a ticket. The price may be up to £900 if you want better facilities.

The Rhapsody tour in Germany

Completing the tour inside Great Britain, Queen and Adam Lambert will go to Germany to ram their concert for 2022. In Germany, fans will get opportunities who are in Berlin, Cologne, and Munich. 

Queen + Adam Lambert tour in Berlin

The first show of Gemini will start at Mercedes Benz Arena on 24th June. There are many types of tickets if you want to enjoy them. 

  • On stage package
  • Platinum tickets
  • Premium package
  • All in one premium package

If you want to get a minimum Axis, then you have to count at least £80 from your pocket. And forgetting all in one premium ticket, you can measure up to £309. They are also giving you a shipping system but not for free. Delivering each ticket will consist of 6 to 34 Euro to send it to your apartment delivery.

Adam Lambert and Queen tour in Cologne

Moving on to Cologne, there will be only a show on 26th June at the Lanxess Arena. If you want to get an on-stage ticket, then you have to count only £80. However, many expensive tickets are starting from 155 to 900 Euro.

Queen and Adam Lambert tour in Munich

After taking the only one show on 26th June, the Rhapsody tour will find its next destination in Munich on 29 June. The concert will happen at the Olympiahalle. The pricing of the ticket will start from £85 to £135 according to a different status. If you want to count Platinum tickets, you have to spend £336 to £340.

Queen + Adam Lambert tour Zurich

In the meantime of taking three shows in Germany, there will be another show in Switzerland, and that will happen on 28 June, just before the Munich show. The show will occur at the Hallenstadion. There are five types of tickets:

  • Category 1: Price starts from CHF 125
  • Category 2: Price starts from CHF 145
  • Category 3: Price starts from CHF 180
  • Standing room: Price starts from CHF 115
  • Golden circle standing room: Price starts from CHF 180

Queen + Adam Lambert tour Amsterdam

Moving onto Netherland, Queen will host the program at the Ziggo Dome of Amsterdam for two consecutive days of 1st and 2nd July. Here you have to pay at least €84 for a ticket to the public gallery. You can also take standard tickets for €151 for a better facility. On the other hand, collectorate tickets are starting from €90 to €157, where you can get extra premium seats only for €151. For VIP access, you need to count from €345 to €395

Queen + Adam Lambert tour Madrid

After completing the Netherlands’ term, Queen and Adam will go to Madrid as there are two shows on 6th and 7th July at the WiZink Center. You can get the third category at only £97. The price may rise to £142 with different status. You can get the floor tickets starting from £225 to £290. If you are looking for ultimate on-stage packages, then you have to pay around £1133.

Queen + Adam Lambert tour in Paris

Fans of Paris will enjoy Queen’s show on 13th July at the Accor Arena. If we talk about the tickets, you will get access to only €69 on category four tickets. For better promotion, you have to count €91 in category 3. In category 2, the pricing starts from €113. If you want to be in the first category, then you have to pay €157. The golden square requires €200 for its VIP access.

Queen + Adam Lambert tour in Copenhagen

The Rhapsody tour will go off in its 2022 timeline in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena. The program will happen here for two days; 17th and 18th July. There are many classifications on tickets. At the general level, you have to pay Kr. 1672. If you look for a better grade, then you have to count from Kr. 2850 to Kr. 3250 for PL1 seats. But for on-stage VIP tickets, you have to pay Kr. 7522.

Queen + Adam Lambert tour setlist 2022

Here is the last setlist of the Rhapsody tour in Asia and Oceania 2019. From the recent rumors, the setlist will be 99% similar to that. Here is the fixed least down below: 

  • Innuendo
  • Now I’m Here
  • Seven Seas of Rhye
  • Keep Yourself Alive
  • Hammer to Fall
  • Somebody to Love
  • Killer Queen
  • Don’t Stop Me Now
  • In the Lap of the Gods
  • I’m in Love with My Car
  • Bicycle Race
  • Fat Bottomed Girls
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • I Want It All
  • Love of My Life
  • ’39
  • Doing All Right (not played on 20 February)
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Under Pressure
  • Dragon Attack
  • I Was Born to Love You
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • I Want to Break Free
  • Who Wants to Live Forever
  • Guitar Solo
  • Tie Your Mother Down
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Radio Ga Ga
  • Bohemian Rhapsody

These are the predicted encores for the fans from the Queen and Adam Lambert’s The Rhapsody concert:

  • Day-Oh
  • We Will Rock You
  • We Are the Champions
  • God Save the Queen

The list shows how a more legendary collection will come in his concert as there are more than 30 songs for each concert. So fair your ticket to enjoy his performance won’t feel you in a loss vibe for sure.

Queen and Adam Lambert Tour tickets 2022

Undoubtedly it is a sad thing that you are not going to enjoy the show in the year 2022, but here is a great deal!

The concert will start in 2022. You will get a great value if you buy the ticket earlier at a small, cheap price. We all know that buying tickets to Queen’s concert is worthwhile.

Go to the and you will get the various kinds of tickets of different dates with venues. We have taken an intensive discussion on each program. Before buying the ticket, I would like to recommend reading on the other side based on the spot near you.

How much is the Rhapsody Tour ticket price?

This is a very astonishing fact that Queen and Adam Lambert will cover most of their timeline inside Great Britain. In their schedule for the Rhapsody tour of 2022, there will be 29 concerts on 14 individual venues, including the UK.

  • AO Arena Manchester, Manchester on 30 & 31 May: The pricing of the ticket starts from £136 to £900
  • The SSE Hydro, Glasgow on 2 & 3 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from £51 to £900
  • O2, London on 5-9 & 14-21June: The pricing of the ticket starts from £251 to £900
  • Arena Birmingham, Birmingham on 11 & 12 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from £251 to £900
  • Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin on 24 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from £80 to £309
  • Lanxess Arena, Cologne on 26 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from £80 to £900
  • Hallenstadion, Zurich on 28 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from CHF 115 to CHF 180
  • Olympiahalle, Munich on 29 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from £85 to £340
  • Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam on 1 & 2 July: The pricing of the ticket starts from €90 to €395
  • Wizink Centre, Madrid on 6 & 7 July: The pricing of the ticket starts from £97 to £1133
  • Unipol Arena, Bologna on 11 July: The pricing of the ticket starts from £250 to £900
  • AccorHotels Arena, Paris on 13 July: The pricing of the ticket starts from €69 to €200
  • Sportpaleis, Antwerp on 15 July: The pricing of the ticket starts from £250 to £900
  • Royal Arena, Copenhagen on 17 & 18 July: The pricing of the ticket starts from Kr. 1672 to Kr. 7522

How do I buy Queen + Adam Lambert Tour Tickets 2022?

Through the official website of Queen + Adam Lambert. It will be the very perfect and authentic source to buy tickets online. The leading distributor is TicketMaster. However, there are some different distributors on some individual venues.

How long is the Rhapsody Tour concert?

Each of their Rhapsody concerts consists of two hours. Sometimes it takes even more than that. But usually, as they cover more than 30 songs in one show, it will definitely need time.


Queen and Adam Lambert is perhaps the most dynamic rock ‘n’ roll music band of the century. There is no better competitor than them. They were, they are, and they will be the most unique and most incredible music band on planet Earth. This was all about the Rhapsody tour, aka the Queen + Adam Lambert tour of 2022. I hope you enjoy this article. Take care.

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