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Pete Dash and Mia more Live on SEMIFEST

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Pete Dash and Mia more fans are incredibly excited to catch their upcoming live concert. They will be showing up together in a few hours together at the SEMIFEST concert.

This would be taking place on 6th February 2021. After a few hours, the whole world will be witnessing the awaited concert of 2021. Pete Dash and Mia mOre have also expressed their excitement with the upcoming virtual show. And another lovely thing about the concert is, it would be taking place online only. So, all the fans would get to join and enjoy the concert together this year.

If you are interested in rap music/ electronic music, you’re going to witness the most revolutionary party of 2021.

Pete Dash and Mia More concert Schedule 

Pete Dash and Mia More’s concerts are one of the most awaited tours of the year. People who love raps/electronic music would obviously hear about Pete and Mia. They’re making appearances together at a virtual concert this year. In such a situation, arranging a concert wasn’t easy. So, both the musicians came up with the decision of making 2021 extreme virtually together. 

So, to catch the upcoming concert, get ready yourself on:

  • 06-02-2021 – Saturday – 12:00 Am + 06

So, there is a little time left for the awaited concert of 2021. If you’re a fan of rap music/ electronic dance music, take a break at the mentioned time on 6th February 2021. Take a pause from al;l the work and make the virtual party with your friends. 

Without any further delay, let’s jump into the streaming details of the concert.

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How to enjoy Pete Dash and Mia’s more concerts in 2021? 

Pete Dash and Mia more fans are thrilled to get them together on one stage. All these could happen only for the Semifest concert. Here you would also scratch other international musicians on your screen. 

As it’s a virtual concert, you’ll get to catch the concert online only. To enjoy the concert just visit the official page of SEMIFEST.

Here everyone from all around the world would get access through joining only. Unlike every year, this time there is no hassle of ticket booking and traveling. Fans would get to enjoy the whole event together only through signing up.


Though this time, it would be a virtual concert, fans are not that disappointed. However, they’re excited to gain a new exp[erience with two international musicians on the stage. Fans are hoping the stars would make the world banging virtually this time with a fantastic setlist. Both of the musicians have also ensured to present extreme numbers in this years’ setlist to make the concert more extreme. 

Catch more info

Pete Dash and Mia more have spread heart-throbbing excitement among the fans. Finally, the world will get the musicians together on the stage in a few hours. To get more information and up[dtae about the upcoming concert to follow here:

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