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How To Watch People’s Choice Awards 2021 Live Stream On Paramount +

Entertainment industry is so popular and so Loved by everyone. Actors and actresses get all the limelight, fame and attention because of their work on the big screen. A successful actor not only wins hearts but also receives recognition. The best way to give recognition to an actor or actress is to appreciate them and honor them for their hard work.

People's Choice Awards 2021 Live Streaming
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People’s choice awards are doing the same, they recognize the talented actors and appreciate them by giving an award Infront of the world. We in this article will tell you how fans of such talented actors and actresses can Watch the live stream of the people’s award show plus fans are very keen to Watch their superstars performing live, take a few minutes out and give this read to know about the live stream.

People’s Choice Awards 2021 Date And Venue

The prestigious 47th people’s choice awards will be held on the 7th December 2021 at Barker hanger, Santa Monica, California USA.

The people’s choice awards was held for the first time in 1975 Since then it’s been 46 events of those awards. Every year it’s getting bigger and bigger and it’s always been the wish of every actor, actress, singer and director to win at least one people’s choice award in their career.

Starting Date7th December, 2021
Starting Time9.00 P.M – 11.0 P.M ET


In those awards, hundreds of artists will show up. Everyone would be wishing to get an award but how many awards are there in total? Stay with us. We tell you some of the most awaited awards that will be given to artists on that night. You can wish and pray that your favourite artist may get the maximum number of awards

  • People’s champion award
  • Fashion Icon award
  • Peoples icon of 2021
  • Movie of 2021
  • Comedy movie of 2021
  • Action movie of 2021
  • Drama movie of 2021
  • Male movie star of 2021
  • Female movie star of 2021 

Above listed awards are the most awaited awards of the night. There are many other awards that we have not listed and we literally can’t list each award because the list would be very big so we just stayed to the most awaited awards.

People's Choice Awards 2021 Live Stream free
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Besides awards, the other thing that is very exciting about people’s choice awards is the performance of the artists. Every fan eagerly wants to watch the performance of their favorite actor or actress and watching them perform live is a next level satisfaction. Be ready to experience the never before amusing experience.

People’s Choice Awards 2021 Live Stream On The Television

The least expensive means to watch anything is still tv and if it’s not then who cares? Because watching tv nowadays is kind of nostalgic it takes us back to the olden days when the only source of entertainment was tv so let’s explore the channels where people’s choice awards will be streamed live.

People’s Choice Awards on NBC

NBC is a widespread network. They have many channels to cover different programs including Sports, news and entertainment media. NBC currently has the Rights to telecast people’s choice awards, all you need to do is to switch to NBC to watch the live stream, almost every Cable network has NBC in their list of channels but for your convenience we also tell you the details. Dish Tv channel 159, DirecTV channel 5, Verizon FiOS channel 504 all the live streams of NBC are available in 1080p plus this event is only accessible in America.

People's Choice Awards Live Stream 2021 NBC
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People’s Choice Awards on E!

E stands for entertainment television, it’s a sister channel to NBC and people’s choice awards will also be streamed live on this channel as well, this channel is famous for covering the entertainment media like movies, songs and trailers channel owned by NBC is reserved for entertainment purposes only and it’s widely accessible across the America. Fans can find this channel on Dish Tv channel 114(HD), DirecTV channel 236(HD), U-verse tv channel 134(SD) channel 1134(HD), Verizon FiOS channel 196 channel 1640(SD), channel 696(HD) one thing to remember this channels live stream is exclusively available in america. 

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People’s Choice Awards 2021 Live Stream Paramount +

Paramount and the premium is another great platform for live streaming. On this platform, you can watch sports, news, entertainment and primetime movies and shows. You not only can watch the recorded show but can also watch them live.  Paramount is actually for everyone; thus, it is compatible with nearly all the channels- whether it’s CBS, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, or Comedy Central. You can even watch all the awards at the paramount- is the people’s choice awards or any other famous awards you can watch through the means of paramount +. Just go on their website, subscribe to their package, and you will be all set to watch.

Monthly Subscription (with ads) $4.99

Monthly Subscription (without ads) $9.99

Annual Subscription (with ads) $50.04

Yearly Subscription (without ads) $99.96

Compatible Devices Android phones, Smart TV’s, 

Gaming consoles iOS & OTT

People's Choice Awards 2021 Live Streaming on Paramount Plus
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People’s Choice Awards on Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms are the latest technology, they allow you to watch the programs in your mobile phones, laptops and even on tablets you don’t need to sit in your tv hall to watch anything because it’s fixed there or in simple words streaming platforms have made our mobiles a pocket tv. There are hundreds of channels on such platforms where subscribers can watch anything like news, sports, movies or web series. In this section we will tell you some of the best streaming platforms to watch the live stream of people’s choice awards.

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  • Sling TV
  • FuboTV
  • Hulu with live TV 
  • Pluto TV
  • Youtube TV 
  • AT&T TV

These are some of the best streaming platforms listed above, you just need to get their subscription then you’re all set to watch the live stream without any disturbance, these streaming services have a free trial period if you think that their service is not worth your money then cancel it anytime within that trial period they will refund your amount upto 100% plus the best thing they offer is you can use multiple devices on a single account simultaneously. 

People’s Choice Awards on Streaming Players

What if someones fade up of paying monthly subscriptions to streaming services then streaming players are the solution they allow you to just pay for the one time and watch the programs without any disturbances, they are a hardware something like a usb or a stick which is attached to your smart tv requires an internet connection and obviously a sign up account. Some of the best streaming players that are available in the market are listed below.

  • Amazon Fire Stick 
  • Roku TV
  • Google chromecast with TV

Go and buy any of the players to watch the uninterrupted live stream of people’s choice awards, the bonus thing is that these players are less expensive plus are compatible with all your devices be it linux, mac windows or android.

Watch People’s Choice Awards 2021 Live Stream Using VPNs

Virtual private networks commonly known as vpn allow you to switch your IP address location to any other location in the world within no time. As people’s choice awards are exclusively American awards so it’s not permissible for the officials to stream such programs outside of america. What if you are an American sitting outside of america? Vpn is the solution that will allow you to switch your ip address location to america and access the programs there. Some of the best working vpns are listed below. 

People's Choice Awards 2021 Express VPN Live Streaming
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Get the subscription of any of the vpns and you’re all set to watch the live stream. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Europe, Africa or asia. These vpns have different subscription plans you can get any of your choice, most of them offer 100+ locations in the world plus you can use multiple accounts on a single account simultaneously, all of these are compatible with your devices be it windows linux mac or android. 

People’s Choice Awards on Social Media 

Power of social media is inevitable so is its reach and it’s the solution of many problems like you are wondering where to watch the live stream of your favorite people’s choice awards plus you don’t want to miss the chance of watching your favorite artists performing live just switch to social media be it facebook, twitter, youtube or reddit there are many people, pages and channels that will be streaming the live coverage of people’s choice awards within america or outside of america, they just want to get the fame and attention so they don’t care about things like copyright claims and copyright strikes, that’s not a big deal for them.

How To Buy Tickets For The People’s Choice Awards 2021

Watching the actors or actresses performing live in front of your eyes is a treat to watch, one has always watched them on the tv. The artists you admire the most would be in front of you, they would be singing and dancing. To experience such a wonderful night go and grab the tickets to the show, take your friends and family. If you’re wondering to get the tickets we’re here for you, websites are listed below that are selling the tickets for the 47th people’s choice awards

The prices of the tickets are different depending on the location where you want to sit in the hall. Generally prices range from $2500-$4000.

How To Vote

As the name suggests people’s choice award so it’s totally up to the general public who they want to win the awards. Everyone can vote for their favorite actors or actresses don’t wait, go and vote for the artists you want to win an award and also ask your friends and family to vote for them. The process is so simple just visit the website  register your account and vote for the free. A person can only vote once for an award of a single category.


Thus, these are live streaming ways through which you can easily watch the people choice awards 2021-So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your subscription and have fun!

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