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OV7’s Tour 2023 : Where to buy tickets and Details

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In early 2023, Mexican band OV7 will celebrate its 30th anniversary by bringing its “30 Aos Tour” to North America as part of its “30 Aos Tour” celebration. The campaign will tour a total of twelve cities during March. These cities include San Antonio, Laredo, Hidalgo, Houston, Irving, El Paso, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Stockton, and New York. The first stop on tour will begin the new year in Mexico, which will then go on to the United States.

On November 5th, 2013, OV7 gave the world their farewell album, “A Tu Lado,” distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Mexico. Their last album, “Forever 7,” was released in 2012, containing the song “Magia,” which reached #4 in Mexico. At the 19th annual TVyNovelas Awards, the band’s music “Enloquéceme” took home the trophy for “Best Musical Theme” in 2000. Following a hiatus in 2003 and a subsequent reunion in 2010, the band’s current roster consists of Lidia Vila, Mariana Ochoa, Érika Zaba, Oscar Schwebel, M’Balia Marichal, Kalimba Marichal, and Ari Borovoy. Previously, the band had disbanded in 2003.

OV7’s history and origins

Young music enthusiasts used to call the band La Onda Vaselina before their tickets for OV7 shows became highly sought after. Actress Julissa was the impetus for the formation of the band. She called together a crew of aspiring young musicians to recreate the musical Grease (also called Vaseline in Mexico). The fruitful undertaking resulted in forming a children’s band to fill a long-standing void in the Mexican music landscape. On the other hand, the band’s music evolved into something more complex as its members became older. This evolving song contained surprising jazzy chord structures and distinctive rhythmic patterns throughout.

OV7’s chart-topping albums

The publication of OV7‘s debut studio album, aptly titled CD 00, marked the beginning of a successful period for the band’s members. The band’s first studio album, member Kalimba, made its debut on this. It was ultimately the band’s most successful record, selling over 2 million copies worldwide. CD 00 was selected by Sony Music as one of the 100 essential albums that consumers should invest in before the end of the world.

The next CD released by OV7 was titled 7 Latidos, which translates to “7 Beats.”

Some critics consider OV7’s sophomore album the band’s most successful work because it contains multiple songs with an infectious hook. Their devoted fanbase’s third album, Point, was well received. CD 00, 7 Beats, and Point were all produced by Loris Ceroni.

After an extended break during which individual band members followed their musical endeavors, several of the band’s most essential players got together once more to create and play new music. The comeback was met with cheers from fans. After the rapid release of En Directo Rush, the band promptly followed it up with a live CD. Cover versions of well-known songs performed by Forever7 were unforgettable. These covers included a contemporary vibe and very danceable sounds, making them appropriate for a nightclub setting. Many music videos inspired by these cover versions became viral hits on YouTube and racked up millions of views each.

Where can I obtain tickets for Ov7?

Because there are so many online ticketing companies, it can be difficult for clients to discover the appropriate location to acquire Ov7 tickets at the best possible price. Ticketmaster, Stubhub, Vividseats, Ticketnetwork, Viagigo, and SeatGeek are some websites selling tickets.

Floor Seats

Some OV7 floor seats are so close to the action that they offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Floor and first-row seats are frequently among the most costly for performance. It’s possible that tickets in the first row or the center of the stage will be the most expensive option for OV7.

Bottom Lines

The Mexican group OV7 has a significant fan base worldwide and is considered one of the most successful pop music acts to emerge from Latin America. The band is famous for creating catchy songs that routinely achieve remarkable success on Latin charting platforms. The band members are Lidia Avila, Mariana Ochoa, rika Zaba, and Ari Borovoy. Oscar Schwebel rounds out the lineup. On occasion, M’Balia Marichal will become one of the group’s permanent members. Each performance by the band is marked by an electrifying environment in which the audience is eager to stand up and move to the captivating rhythm being played.

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