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Blue rodeo tour dates 2020

Blue Rodeo announces 2020 Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

How many of the rock bands can claim they have stayed and performed together for at least three decades? There may be very few names that would come up to the list. “Blue Rodeo”, the Canadian legendary rock band has done it successfully throughout the

Grammy awards 2020
Music Awards

Everything You should know about Grammy awards 2020 Details

It is the biggest news for music lovers. Music’s Epic Night is here once again. The 62nd GRAMMY Awards is about to go down. Don’t be left behind. Find Everything You should know about the Grammy awards 2020. To keep up follow all the tips

post malone tour 2020
Hip Hop / R&B

Runway Tour of Post Malone Enhance Till to 2020

Austin Richard Post, usually known as Post Malone is probably one of the only musician who can smoke in between singing into the music. Post is one of the few singers who sound better live then on radio. His 2nd North American leg of Run

wilco tour 2020

Wilco Announced North American Tour Dates & Concert Schedule for 2020

Wilco In 1994 an alternative rock American band was formed. Their music has been inspired by a number of modern alternative rock acts. “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” was their fourth album which was earned the attention of everyone selling over 670,000 copies. In 2004’s A Ghost

No More Tours 2020

Ozzy Osbourne Announces Rescheduled Tour 2020 with Marilyn Manson

Ozzy Osbourne has decided to finish his tours throughout the world. The singer has declared his farewell tour and it is going to take place in this 2020. Ozzy who was the lead vocalist of Heavy Metal band Black Sabbath, had another farewell tour back

Country Music history

Country Music and Its brief history

Country music is one of the most revered music genres in the world. It has originated in the Southern parts of America in the early 1920s. It has its root in the American Folk songs. Thus it has a deep connection with the people of

Top 50 Male Country Singers

Top 50 Male Country Singers

The Musical world has a lot of genres. Some of them are old but still have the same popularity if not more. Country Music is one of those music. This Genre of Music has been winning the hearts of millions since early 1920s. And just

Woodstock 2020

Woodstock 2020

Do you remember the first Woodstock festival? Yes, we are talking about the Woodstock festival held in 1969. The festival started on August 15 and it was a four-day festival. With peace and love, this festival was an immense gathering for the people of that