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Milk & Sugar Live Stream & Comprehensive Guidelines

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Michael Kronenberger and Steven Harding, widely known as milk & sugar, are music producers, record label owners, and German house music producers. They have been collaborating with lots of music and gained lots of fame from 19993. The collaboration music had begun with various names: Axis, Hitch Hiker & Jacques Dumondt, and Mike Stone & Steve Heller.

Including all names, there are “john paul young” & “love is in the air” hits internationally. Let’sLet’s see the next live stream & dates of Milk & Sugar.

  • Thursday 4 February 2021, 12:00 AM +06

More details on the upcoming show Milk & Sugar Ibiza DJ Sessions Livestream

Though This is the winter season, it must be cold and falling snow outside. However, bring back the DJ vibes; the organizer holds 2 hours of best house music once every week.

The list of albums of Milk & Sugar

Since 1993, Milk & Sugar have collaborated on so many music and names. Throughout the journey, they solely named some amazing albums which create excellent vibes on DJ music lovers.

  • (2003)
  • 10 Years of Milk & Sugar – The Singles (2007)
  • The Album (2011)
  • 15 Years of Milk & Sugar – One and a Half Decades (2013)
  • 20 Years of Milk & Sugar (2017)
  • Goes Orchestra, Münchner Symphoniker, Euphonica – Ibiza Symphonica (2020)

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