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Los Temerarios U.S. Tour Dates 2022 : Where to Buy Cheap Tickets

los temerarios usa tour 2021
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Los Temerarios is a popular Grupero band from Puerto Rico. They have been inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame and they will be touring in early 2022, with 18 cities included on this U.S tour.

The tour is set to kick off on February 4th in San Jose and extends into April making notable stops in Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Kansas City, Rosemont, and Greensboro.

They will be on tour in the United States and will be performing at many different venues including New York, Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. To make sure you don’t miss any of their shows they have also made it available to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.

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Los Temerarios is an iconic Mexican group that has won awards and developed a following spanning generations. They were designated as recipients of the Las Vegas Walk Of Fame after their 2000 album ‘En La Madrugada Se Fue’ went Platinum, winning them best Grupero Album at its inaugural Latin Grammy ceremony in 2005 where they are also amongst multiple other citations like this one for lifetime achievement.

Los temerosos (The daredevils) was originally called conjunto la brisa (the breeze quartet). Adolphus Angel’s brother Gustavo along with cousin Fernando formed this band back when Mexico City’s underground music scene began flourishing into what it is today around the 1978-1979 timeframe.

Los Temerarios U.S. Tour Dates 2022

Los Temerarios are one of the most popular bands in Latin America. The group will be touring the U.S. next year, but you can only buy tickets for their shows online or at box offices, not at venues or through Ticketmaster. Keep reading to find out where they’ll be playing and when.

Where to Buy Cheap Tickets?

The best time to buy tickets is at the beginning of the concert series. If you’re a last-minute planner, try checking out Ticketnetwork or Ticketmaster for deals on what’s leftover from recently sold-out concerts. When it comes to pricing, if you’re looking for a deal, use sites like Vivid Seats that offer discounted concert tickets through presale events.

  • Ticketmaster: One of the best ways to get cheap concert or sports tickets is by searching through websites, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other sites out there too. Do a web search in order to find ticketmaster coupons if you’re worried about ticket prices.
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Los Temerarios U.S. tour Setist

Los Temerarios is coming to the United States for a tour! The Mexican rock band will be performing live in six different cities this summer, including Houston. For those of you who do not know about them, Los Temerarios has been around since 1991 and have had success with their music that spans various genres. you can check out the setlist for the 2022 concert.

Latest Los Temerarios Setlist

  • Te quiero.
  • Solo te quiero a ti.
  • Creo que voy a llorar.
  • Fue un juego.
  • Ven porque te necesito.
  • Extrañándote.
  • Mi corazón te quiere.
  • Mi vida eres tú

About Los Temerarios

Los Temerarios are a Mexican folk music group that was started in 1978 by brothers Adolfo Angel and Gustavo Angel along with their cousin Fernando. During the early years, they were known as Conjunto La Brisa but eventually took on its current name after adding “Los” at front of it which translates to “the bravest ones.”

Los Temerarios have recorded more than 20 albums and been honored with multiple awards, including a Grammy nomination.

In 1991 they earned 5 Billboard Latin Awards in the categories of “Group or Duo,””Vocal Group,” “Rock Song written for a Photoplay – bridges film clip music award.”

The Mariachi band was formed in 1990 following the success of their first album “Mariachis de Excursion.” They have performed in many notable venues, such as Radio City Music Hall (where they became an international hit) and Sports Arena where members joined Bruce Springsteen on stage to perform the “New York Times” theme song.

The group also holds two awards for being among only three who could fill up an entire arena with just music – one award at Auditorio Nacional Mexico City which made them unique amongst all other performing bands worldwide until then because not even Michael Jackson had achieved this feat.


Los Temerarios is a national park in Fresnillo, Mexico. The name means Rough Riders and it’s home to some very scenic views of the city as well as our final destination for this trip.

Los Temerarios is a regional Mexican band. They specialize in ranchera music, which was created to be enjoyed by cowboys and Mexicans living on Mexico’s rural estates during the early 20th century when American immigrants started coming into this country excited about owning farmland or opening up mine shafts because they were such lucrative opportunities for them financially speaking back then too.

Los Temerarios are a Mexican romantic music group that started out in 1978. They were originally known as Conjunto La Brisa but changed their name to Los Temerarios after being honored with multiple awards and nominations for their work since 1984.

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