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Los Bukis The Reunion Tour Dates To This Summer 2021

Los Bukis is a Mexican rock band from the 80s and 90s. They have been around for more than 30 years and are still going strong, touring all over Latin America. The group was originally composed of Juan Ojeda, José Luis Gutiérrez, Alberto Fuentes, Fito Olivares and Carlos Berlanga. Today there are only three original members: Juan Ojeda (guitar and vocals), Alberto Fuentes (bass guitar), and Fito Olivares (drums). Los Bukis were pioneers in the type of music called “rock en español” that became popular in Mexico during the 1980s. They released their first album in 1983 which sold well enough.

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Los Bukis: The Reunión Tour is coming to Cantada this summer and we can’t wait.  We’ve been waiting for years and they’re finally here. This will be a concert that you’ll never forget, with all your favorite Los Bukis songs from over the past 30 years. Get tickets now at before they sell out. Tickets start at $50 and it’s worth every penny with such an incredible lineup of artists who are performing on stage together for one night only at each show

Los Bukis have announced their reunion tour dates 2021, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss! The group last toured in the late ’90s, so this is a rare opportunity for fans. They’ll be performing hits like “Tú No Tienes Nada Que Ver” and “La Bikina.” Get your tickets now before they’re gone.

Los Bukis The Reunión Tour Dates 2021

Sep 15

Arlington, TX, US

AT&T Stadium

Sep 18

Houston, TX, US

NRG Stadium

Sep 25

San Antonio, TX, US


Oct 1

Oakland, CA, US

RingCentral Coliseum

Oct 2

Oakland, CA, US

RingCentral Coliseum

Dec 3

Morelia, Mexico

Plaza de Toros Monumental

Dec 4

Morelia, Mexico

Plaza de Toros Monumental

Dec 10

Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico

Auditorio GNP Seguros

Dec 11

Mexico City, Mexico

Arena Ciudad de México

Feb 3 2022

Hermosillo, Mexico

Centro de Usos Múltiples

Where to get Los Bukis Tour Tickets?

The best bet for events like this is Ticketmaster, but they’re generally more expensive. Vivid Seats and Ticket Network are a bit cheaper with great offerings of tickets across a variety of promotions.

Los Bukis Kicked Off Their Reunion Tour At SoFi Stadium

Los Bukis took to the stage this past weekend in L.A., playing two sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium and giving fans a taste of what’s sure to be an exciting tour.

Los Bukis have announced their reunion tour, Una Historia Cantada. The first show that went on sale on Aug 27 at SoFi Stadium was sold out in just two minutes. This is due to the high demand of seeing this iconic group perform again and it looks like they won’t be coming around any time soon because fans were so quick with purchasing tickets online after Ticketmaster’s opening date rolled around. For those unable to get into this gig or who missed your opportunity but still want some Los Beatles (no pun intended) music hit up iTunes where you can buy all five original studio albums as well as songs such as Aisa Quien Sabe?

With the help of Los Bukis, this past weekend saw them become the first Latin act to sell out a stadium with two consecutive performances. They filled 70K seats at SoFi Stadium for their shows and left fans wanting more.

How many Hours Will be concert last?

The concert will last nearly two hours. The first and second halves of the concert will each be approximately 90 minutes long. There will also be a 10-minute intermission between them, and an encore which may or may not come after the encore.

How much are los bukis tour tickets

The venue you are looking for will affect the ticket price, with amphitheaters typically charging higher prices. The average cost per ticket is per person. You can expect to be able to find it in most major cities for this price range but may have trouble finding it elsewhere due to high demand in most places.

Los Bukis Ticket Prices

CityVenueAverage Ticket Price
JacksonvilleAT&T Stadium$109
JacksonvilleRingCentral Coliseum$109
JacksonvilleNRG Stadium$109
JacksonvilleSoldier Field$109

The Los Bukis best Moment

Los Bukis is one of the most beloved bands in Latin America, with over 30 million records sold. They were also nominated for a Grammy award in 1989. Due to popular demand, Los Bukis are coming to the United States for another tour in 2021. To find out more information about when and where they will be performing next year.

The road to the reunion tour of Los Bukis has been long and winding. After appearing at a sold-out show in L.A., it’s time for them to head back into their home country with new songs on tap.

The Legendary Mexican group kicked off its Reunion Tour this past weekend as they played two gigs at SoFi Stadium Inglewood California where tickets went fast due largely from demand across social media outlets such as Facebook Live or Instagram Stories which broadcasted footage during performances by fans watching all over nation tune in live streaming video feeds.

The Los Bukis reunion in May was the first time in 25 years and their song “Tu Cárcel” has over 4 million views on YouTube.

The fans of Los Bukis have been waiting for this day. The first show that went on sale at the SoFi Stadium, Aug 27th sold out faster than any Rolling Stones concert to appear there in October! Due to high demand, they added another date just two days later and it was also completely gone by then- proving once again how much love these songs inspire among their devoted followers worldwide.”

Los Bukis stole the show at this past weekend’s two sold-out performances. With their first-ever appearance in Santa Monica, they proved that it is possible to bring a passionate Latin band with just them on stage and fill up an entire stadium.

The other act from Mexico City also made history: They became not only vante Palabras (Spanish) musical group or performer capable enough feat being able to overwhelm 70 thousand people into submission-making these shows one of most memorable moments yet for both bands involved.

When the Bukis reunited for Una Historia Canada, it was more than just a concert. The guys played their hits and had fans singing along in no time! They powered through songs like “Tu Cárcel,” which has been an emotional favorite of Solís’s since he first wrote its lyrics 30 years ago with guitarist Jose Javier after getting out of prison on manslaughter charges (for unintentionally killing someone while driving).

But even during this emotional performance, which brought him to tears at points according to some reports, all eyes were trained intensely ahead onto the stage; waiting patiently until each member took turns delivering individual solos so heartfelt that within seconds one could barely tell where one ended.

“What an extraordinary reunion this is,” said Solís. Los Bukis — who’ve sent 32 entries onto Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs, starting with 1987’s No9-peaking “Este Adiós”– return to SoFi Stadium on Saturday (August 28). The band will continue touring in Chicago; San Antonio; Oakland and Arlington before heading out west again for more performances next week.

The band is coming back for more. They have already sold out Chicago’s Soldier Field and are adding a second show on September 5th at another venue, but you don’t want to miss them in Texas or Oakland.

By his own admission, Marco has a habit of rhapsodizing about even the most mundane things; when asked about the inspiration behind these darkly romantic and sometimes hyper theatrical lyrics (he says they flow from God), he explains that it’s all part divine intervention. “Songs come to me by grace,” observed Mr. Arias who adds coyly: “even if it’s 6 am  and I only have one hotel notebook with which to write them.”

“I can’t do what he does,” says Joel. “If a song came to me in the middle of night … I just go back to sleep.”

The band Los Bukis is oftentimes credited for creating a hybrid style of music that combined traditional Mexican sounds like norteña, banda, and cumbia with pop-rock. This new sound is called grupero (Grupo + presumable word meaning “group”). They were among the first to bring it into international fame in 1974 by writing songs such as “Pretend” from their album “Tres calles at casi tiempos para la moda.”

“It’s got the same characteristics, but with a different voice. You put keys where you usually hear violins – that makes it more of a buki.”

Los Bukis was one of the most successful groups in Latin music history. They dominated Billboard’s Regional Mexican and Latin charts throughout much of the 1980s, having been nominated for Grammy awards three times by 1991 alone – most recently with their album “A través de Tus Ojos.” Marco began his solo career as well where he had success writing songs that became popular amongst stars like Rocío Durcal Marisol1500 Esquivel among others at Fonovisa Records’ behest who encouraged him to venture into pop-laden territory instead; this led away from being apart are o parte del equipaje (“being integral”), which was how they referred themselves during these years where people could relate more easily.

With his wife, Chisty Solís in Los Bukis’ orbit since they met 30 years ago and two daughters Marla and Allison to share with him now that COVID-19 is over– Marco never really stopped going after it. In fact, he was touring nonstop for 45 long years before this last catastrophe hit but kept up communication with everyone else by phone or text message so much even while on tour because “I think these are special times.”

“It’s been an amazing journey since our last performance. I’m so grateful for the people who have supported us and made this reunion possible,” said Marco with a smile on his face as he looked out into the audience before turning back toward me, “We definitely owe them!”

For the video for “Tu Cárcel,” Los Bukis donned traditional black suits to represent their 1970s garage band roots. They eschewed flashy colors from 1986 in favor of a more down-to-earth look that could be seen as reminiscent or homage to this earlier time period when they first started out; showing how much things have changed over 30 years since then.

Here are five best moments from Los Bukis’ first sold-out show at SoFi Stadium. From their Una Historia Contada tour, these performances have been a big hit with fans and critics alike.

Our dream set list

The crowd was warmed up before Los Bukis even started their set with a song called “Mi Fantasia.” The brothers Roberto and José Guadarrama walked onto the stage to warm applause, as did Marco’s younger brother Eusebio Cortéz. They weren’t ready for what came next: hits from every album played on repeat until they decided it was time to take some bows.

Los Bukis is one of the most talented Mexican bands to ever come out of Mexico. They’ve been known for their amazing performances, impressive vocals, and energetic stage presence that captivates audiences around the world. If you’re looking for a fun night with some good music this should be on your list.

A family affair

From the parking lot to inside the venue, everywhere you looked there was a family taking selfies as they waited for Los Bukis. One dad and his two kids (a boy plus girl) drove down from San Luis Obispo just so he could see them perform live.

The whole scene felt like something out of an old black-and-white movie when I saw this cute little group sitting by themselves in front row seats with their smartphones held high up towards what must have been an absolutely unforgettable show – especially since it all took place right before our eyes on Saturday night at The Depot here in Athens.

“We decided to take the trip with them,” says their eldest daughter. That’s what makes Los Bukis so unique, bringing multigenerational families together through music and dance! We watched those who attended enjoy every second of it–dance groups getting tighter as time went on; some locked in each other’s arms for more than one song at a time before heading off into an unexpected encore round number like they didn’t want this night to ever end.

The best part was watching all these different generations come alive during that final tune-in crowd shout-along just out there waiting patiently until you gave ’em back wholesale.

Father and daughter moment

It was an emotional night for many in attendance, and Solís just happened to find a special moment with his daughter. He started off by sharing how she inspired him throughout the song “Chiquilla Bonita”–a confession which he said has nothing but love flowing from it.

The singer looked out at all of us sitting on our chairs lined up side-by-side before him as we listened carefully during performances from other artists such Francisco La permitted ago (Elvis Presley), Joe Moneros Jr., KekeParamorewealth & Evelyn Guerra. At one point during their performance together, Beatriz, who had been standing near her father, caught sight of me watching them perform; then suddenly realized that she stada near the corner.

A blast from the past

The oldies were back with a vengeance at Los Bukis’ concert, and Solís was the king of this retro revolution. He had fans in their feelings as he performed classic hits from yesteryear that filled up every inch to remember what life used to be like before time began passing us by so quickly- nostalgia on repeat! The epic video footage also added an emotional element when projected onto one side while scrolling past its counterpart opposite it; seeing scenes such as these made some audience members say “wow” aloud because they could hardly believe how much has changed over just two decades (or maybe less). But then again there are those who don’t think much about aging, even now still handsome despite being 50 years old.

Why it wasn’t the first time Los Bukis’ music was played at SoFi Stadium

Toward the end of the show, Solís shared something he had heard from staff at SoFi Stadium. While Los Bukis has never played in front of a crowd this big before (and we’re not sure if it’s because they were nervous or just really enjoyed themselves), everyone loved hearing their music during construction on one part and games for another reason: Most central American/Mexican workers that helped build up the stadium where mostly immigrants here looking forward to coming home after work with family every night, when all gates would be open early enough so people could come to enjoy some time together as well.

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