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Koe Wetzel Net Worth, Early Life, Education, Music Career, Relationship Status, Awards, and other Facts

Koe Wetzel
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 Koe Wetzel was born in Texas but raised in California. He has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old. Koe Wetzel is known for his role as the lead singer of the popular country group “The Konvicts”. “Harold Saul” High was his latest album which got him placed at number ten in the United States’ Billboard charts for country music.

Koe grew up in Texas alongside his family members and siblings At an early age, he became passionate about music. Along with his mother, they started their own musical careers.

Besides this, Koe has thousands of followers on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. He has accumulated more than 88K followers on YouTube as of now. To know more about Koe’s background, including his age, height, weight; family, career, girlfriend; and net worth, please stay with us.

Koe Wetzel at a Glance

Real NameRopyr Madison Koe Wetzel
BirthdayJuly 14, 1992
BirthplacePittsburg, Texas
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionMusical Artist
Dating/GirlfriendBailey Fisher
Net Worth$2 million
ParentsJulie Wetzel
SiblingsPresleigh Kara and Zoie Kate

Koe Wetzel’s Net worth

Ropyr Madison Koetzel (Koe) Wetzel is an American Singer/Songwriter who has been active since 2006. His voice and guitar playing skills have been recognized by everyone from the world’s most famous musicians to the average music fan. He is an esteemed American country singer. His estimated net worth is now close to $2.0 million dollars as of 2022.

His music career began in 2012 when he formed the band Koe Wetzel & the Konvicts. On June 12th, 2012, the band released their first EP titled “Love and Lies.”

After releasing his first solo album, Out On Parole, in January 2016, he gained new fame. After publishing his first book, he became a real superstar in Texas. He released three singles — “Something To Talk About,” “Tell It All Town” and “February 28th.” They were instantly popular on streaming services and also got some radio play.

His second studio album, “Harold Saul High,” was released in May 2019 by Sony Music Nashville. He quickly followed up with ‘Kuntry & Wistern,’ another full-length record. He’s been signed by Columbia Records.

Wetzel’s toured for years, and he’s never had any trouble selling out shows. He started selling music in 2015 and now sells over 200,000 units per year and produces over 100 million streams and listens every month. He has made a lot of money in a relatively short period of time. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million by 2022.

Relationship status

Wetzel is a romantic and dedicated person. He has been in a wonderful relationship with Bailey Fisher, his lovely girlfriend.

According to his Instagram account, the couple has been together since at least 2013. He posted a picture wishing everyone a happy new year in 2014 by sharing a selfie with his girlfriend, Fisher

It looks like they’re still madly in love, as evidenced by Wetzel’s recent Instagram posts. It looks like they’re having fun together.

He wouldn’t be afraid to express his feelings publicly if she were engaged to him. As a result, he is said to be single as of 2020. He might be planning a wedding soon.

Koe Wetzel’s family

Wetzel was born into a musically inclined family. He learned to play guitar at an early age because his mom played for him when they were together. When Wetzel was 6 years old, he debuted at Carnegie Hall with his mom.

His mom introduced him to country music; however, he grew up listening to everything from classical to jazz. Presleigh Kara and Zoe Kate are her younger siblings. Presleigh has just finished her degree at university.

Koe Wetzel’s Education

From her early years, Ropyr Madison has always received excellent marks for her performances. When she was sixteen years old, Ropyr Madison Koetzel enrolled in high school. After graduating college, Ropyr Madison Köe Wetzel went back to her hometown where she studied at the local community college for two years before transferring to another four-year institution.


Since he had a musical family background, when he was young, Koe Wetzel always dreamed of becoming a musician. When he was six years old, he started performing on stage.

He began his musical career in 2012 when he formed Koe Wetzel and Konvicts. The same year they released their first single titled “Love and Lies” and then followed up with another song called “The Way You Look Tonight”. His raucousness made his songs appealing to college students and young people who liked loud rock bands.

Wetzel became famous when he released his first full-length album Out Of Parole’ in January 2015. After releasing his first single “Noise Complaint” in 2016, he became a real star. He joined ‘Red11 Music’ in January 2018. He later joined Columbia Records in 2020.

He has released albums like “Harold Saul High”, “Sellout” which were listed on charts like US Billboard Top 100 and US Country Chart. His songs like “February 28th, 2016”, “Tell It All Town”, and “Something To Talk About” were so successful on streaming platforms and even won local radio play.

Facts need to know about Koe Wetzel

  1. Koe Wetzel was born on July 14, 1992, in Texas. He was 28 years old when we wrote the article. His real name is Ropyr Madison Koe.
  2. There isn’t any current information available about Koe’s life, including his childhood, education, personal history, career, etc., on Wikipedia.
  3. We don’t know anything else about him except for his height, weight, and age.
  4. According to the information gathered by reputable online resources, Koe has amassed a net worth of between one and five million dollars.
  5. He uploaded a photo of himself kissing Bailey Fisher on Instagram on 26th October 2020. Some fans say they’ve been dating for three years.
  6. After posting that picture on Instagram, he made people feel sad by making them think about their own lives.
  7. Koe has about 3 million followers on his Instagram account. He has posted 318 times since his first post on Nov 20th, 2019.
  8. He has accounts on several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
  9. Koe Wetzel makes money from selling merchandise through his own site, koewitzelmusic. com. Products include autographed guitars, masks, rolling trays, whiskey-bent hats, and many others. There are products ranging from $10–$400.
  10. He attended Tarleton State University. He also has two younger sisters.

Top 20 song of Koe Wetzel

1. February 28, 2016

2. Drunk Driving

3. Something to Talk About

4. Austin

5. Fuss & Fight

6. ****ry & Western

7. Ragweed

8. Love

9. Good Die Young

10. Forever

11. I’m Done

12. Honey Pain

13. Sunday or Mundy

14. Too High to Cry

15. Cold & Alone

16. Tell It All Town

17. Song I Can Drink Too

18. Make Believe

19. What You Deserve

20. Sober Sunday

Frequently asked questions

After releasing his first full-length album, “Out On Parole”, in January 2014, Wetzel became an overnight sensation in Texas when Noise Complaint was released in March 2017.

Yes, Koe has a girlfriend. Many Koe supporters quickly pointed out that he has been dating his longtime girlfriend since before she was famous. At the same time, they called out fake fans who didn’t know.

Sancho Panza was one of Don Quixote’s best When he plays his Gibson Les Paul, Powers makes playing it seem effortless. He’s doing exactly what a natural rock star would be expected to do. And he’s already becoming one of the best. He was born in Carnegie, Pennsylvania.

The band is made up of Koe Wetzel (Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar), Andres Rocha, Mason Morris, Jerrod Flusche (Rhythm/Lead Guitar), and Michael Odis Parrish (Lead Guitar.) As the band continued to play shows, Koe began writing in between performances.

Wetzel initially decided to pursue football as his career choice and then transferred to Tarleton State University to continue playing football. While he was studying at college, Wetzel decided to quit school and focus solely on pursuing music as a profession.

He was an offensive linebacker for both his high school team and college team before becoming a defensive back at Tarleton State University. He even practiced for five hours straight before going to bed at 2 am.

Our VIP Koe Wetzel Entertainment Packages offer an array of services including pre-event hospitality (such as a private upscale dinner), luxury transportation, hotel accommodations, VIP parking, and more!

Koe Wetzel and Hardy Are Planning a Five-Stop Acoustic Tour in Texas. An unlikely combination indeed! One Beer singer/songwriter Hardy has joined forces with country music superstar Koe Wetzel for a series of acoustic performances across Texas later next year.

Final words

There are some artists who took themself to the next level in the mind of their fans and followers. There are some specific reasons for which people follow a particular artist in the world. Koe Wetzel is one of those legendary musicians who have these features. His every step, style, and movement inspired his fans so much. Undoubtedly it is not possible to accumulate all the information about Koe Wetzel in one article. But this article incorporates all the major information about this tremendously popular singer of the world. We tried our level best to provide the information regarding his net worth, lifestyle, girlfriend, his cars, and other facts.  hopefully readers enjoyed this article so much.  stay safe. 

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