Kings Of Leon Tour 2021: Schedule, Ticket & Guideline

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The most significant alternative rock Kings of Leon blended their music with Southern rock and garage rock with blues influences. Gradually, Kings of Leon peaked on initial success in the UK with nine Top 40 singles and several awards, including the Grammy awards for four times while they were nominated for twelve times. Besides, all three of the released albums at the time soared in the top five of the UK Albums charts.

It probably comes as no surprise. A high number of Leon fan bases’ kings are keenly holding back their patience to be a part of the Kings of Leon concert’s audience after the new announcement has released of Kings of Leon tour 2021 on the official website. This latest Kings of Leon tour 2021 has already started spreading craze among the wide variety of fans around the world magically.

Finally, if your playlist is organized by The Kings of Leon soundtracks and wants to make yourself relished amazing by this upcoming king of Leon tour 2021, then this feature will charm you by informing you every single query related to Kings of Leon tour 2021 Tickets, Tour Dates & Packages 2021, Scroll down to know more about everything relatable to this upcoming king of Leon tour.

Sign up For the Kings of Leon Tour

As per the announcement, Kings of Leon will float you with their legendary songs on the ground, and that can make you breathless while the band is flaming in front of you after a very long period; besides, this phase will wash away your all sorts of remorse.

Currently, Kings of Leon is attending 8 concerts in 4 countries, including the US and Europe, while they are commencing the performance from Newcastle in the Uk. So, why are you waiting? When your most desired band announced a new schedule for the Kings of Leon tour 2021. Your time has come to satisfy your appetite for Kings of Leon to live in your city. To blow your mind, sign up for King of Leon’s upcoming tour by being at home online. Book your seat to honor your dearest band with your cordial love.

Kings Of Leon Tour 2021
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Kings of Leon tour schedule 2021

Kings of Leon instigated opportunities to meet a fanbase through this upcoming tour that has already been announced on their official website. However, the most frequently asked question that can surf into the mind is the schedule of this tour among skyscraper fans worldwide. Moreover, the band published the schedule for the Kings of Leon tour 2021. As per the new schedule, this time, Leon mentioned four countries, including 7 different venues. This particular part of this feature will check out the published dates and venues of the upcoming The Kings of Leon tour 2021. For those who are not reluctant to miss this great chance to meet their favorite music artists. Also, this journey will support their recent album “When You See Yourself.” So, fans who are strenuously keen on attending the upcoming live performance by the kings of Leon will be assisted every single fan to find their suitable schedule to enjoy the Excitement of rock music on this Kings Of Leon Tour 2021. To illustrate, the band will reshape their enlarged fanbase, and this voyage will start from Newcastle, and the voyage will keep going for the rest of the year.

  • Jun 14 ||Utilita Arena Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  • Jun 15 || First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK
  • Jun 18 || Hurricane Festival, Scheessel, Germany
  • Jun 18 || Southside Festival, Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany
  • Jun 23 || Stadion Miejski, Wrocław, Poland
  • Sep 03 || Labor Day Experience, Snowmass Village, CO, US
  • Sep 24 || Ohana, Dana Point, CA, US

Now, Kings of Leon is still working on this calendar to reach near you and hasn’t mentioned any schedule for next year in this recent announcement. So, you have to keep yourself waiting to know the further plan for 2022. For the latest update of the kings of Leon tour 2022, you should keep your newsletter updated with the official website or social media.

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What is The Kings of Leon 2021 Setlist?

Kings of leon earned initial success in every album and reached everyone’s heart, which led them to win several awards, including the Grammy awards four times. Breathlessly, each soundtrack met with expectations of what listeners are always looking for. The band is also dominating the top chart as they dominated from the beginning of the time. Nevertheless, fans want to know the upcoming setlist of Kings of Leon tour 2021 if their favorite track is enlisted in the setlist. Although, Kings of Leon has some flagship songs for the live concert. Besides, the band is going to perform two choruses for the audience. Whatever the tracklist is for Kings of Leon 2021, let your favorite band boost up your spirit with your dearest music. So, grab your pass for your very keen music taste by Kings of Leon.

Well, it time to find your favorite track from the following list which songs are going to perform live by Kings of Leon 2021

  • Taper Jean Girl 
  • Waste A Moment  
  • The Bucket 
  • Supersoaker 
  • Notion 
  • Fans 
  • Use Somebody  
  • Molly’sMolly’s Chambers 
  • Eyes On You 
  • Pyro 
  • Back Down South 
  • Sex On Fire  


  • Milk 
  • WALLS 


  • Find Me 
  • Crawl 
  • Radioactive 
  • The Immortals 
  • cover On Call 
  • Knocked Up

Kings of Leon tour dates and tickets 2021 near you

Kings of Leon have announced the upcoming tour, and this already started riffing off the craze in the air significantly. To drown yourself in this Kings of Leon craze, you should know a few more information about the Kings of Leon show 2021, and those are included in Tickets and performances cities near you.

According to the latest schedule of Kings of Leon, the band is going to attend eight concerts in four countries that are already mentioned in the schedule. It sounds more like a short period than ever. Well, everything is depending on the health issue, and this phase may be changed. Also, the band is trying to enlarge their journey to reach your city ASAP.

If you are one of them who found his city in the mentioned list, then you are lucky enough to have Kings of Leon in your city and witness the great relished by the band. Confirm your pass and find your seat on the ground. Now, skim through the Kings of Leon tour 2021 to help you manage your time and grasp the pass.

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  • Leeds, UK
  • Scheessel, Germany
  • Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany
  • Wrocław, Poland
  • Colorado, US
  • California, US

Kings of Leon Tour Tickets 2021

This feature already focused on the schedule part, and now another puzzling kind of stuff may cloud your mind that is pass price for the Kings of Leon tour. Now, it’s time to check out the ticket prices to relish your dearest bands’ show live. Effectively, the Kings of Leon tour passes are available online, so you don’t need to give extra effort to collect the show’s ticket. Another harsh truth is that since the tickets are simple to collect by being at home, running out of them is just a matter of time before edging the deadline. So that waiting for the last moment to collect your pass for Kings of Leon’s upcoming show will make you empty-handed while a massive number of fans are vigorously waiting for Kings of Leon 2021.

The tickets are available in various packages, and VIP packages are one of them. In those packages, signature items, foods, buffet, and the official merchandise could be included. Besides, some VIP packages offer early entrance to meet and greet with your dearest band based on your pass budget. 

Let’s look at the Vip packages for the Kings of Leon tour

  • Bronze Packages £240.00
  • Gold Packages £598.00 
  • Diamond Package £718.00 

How much is The Kings of Leon Tour 2021 ticket price?

Generally, a common question is holding a big part of the frequently asked question, which is about the ticket price of a concert, this time, the Kings of Leon tour is not out of it. This part of this feature will make you relax about the ticket price of the Kings of Leon tour 2021.

Currently, tickets are available online after the announcement of the Kings of Leon tour 2021. So, you can confirm your bookings from your comfort zone by following simple basics. Either you can buy your pass for the Kings of Leon tour 2021 on the official website or verified websites. To illustrate, Kings of Leon tour 2021 tickets are also available on Ticketmaster.

Mainly, the ticket price depends on your desired package. If you are keen on a VIP package, you will have to count extra more bucks than the regular tickets. The regular ticket price starts from £51 and differs on £60, £95, and more based on your seat and row. Moreover, to know more exact ticket prices, you should check before purchasing the tickets.

Suppose you are looking for a bit less price than the Kings of Leon tour’s official price. In that case, you have to keep your eyes awake on some ticket-selling websites that are also verified, attract music lovers with mind-blowing selling offers for having some extra attention.

To purchase tickets for your favorite band, you will have to provide your necessary contacting information and online payment access. In return, you will receive your pass for the Kings of Leon tour 2021 through your provided email.

Kings of Leon Tour London 2021

 As per the new schedule, the Kings of Leon tour Uk 2021 will start the live show from Newcastle Upon Tyne, the UK, on June 14, and the next day they will appear in Leeds, UK. Sadly, London hasn’t mentioned at least a single time in this upcoming king of Leon tour 2021. Yet, the band hasn’t published a calendar year schedule, so you still have an opportunity to meet your favorite band, and the band is still efforting on their schedule to include more venues to reach the fanbase and spread love among you. So, keep your eyes on your favorite band’s official website in your city and the schedule may take place.

Kings of Leon Tour 2021 USA

The Kings of Leon announced the upcoming tour 2021 schedule. This time, the band will perform in 4 countries, and the USA is one of them. The band will start their USA journey from Snowmass Village, CO, on Sep 4, and another one will happen in California on Sep 24. Now. It’s your time to grab a suitable ticket for the Kings of Leon tour 2021 while this band is performing in your city. The most significant opportunity has come to meet your most desired band in your city. To know more, stay updated with the official website.

Final words

Kings of Leon reached millions of hearts worldwide since the band started the musical journey, and it’s still soaring on with blended music. This band earned skyscraper popularity with their rock music promises, which led the band to various awards. This feature will help you find your quest and questionnaire related to the Kings of Leon tour 2021. Also, this feature instigated Kings of Leon tour 2021 tickets and packages prices and schedule. Lastly, if this feature meets your curiosity about the Kings of Leon tour 2021, keep sharing it with the optimists of this band on your social media timeline to get aided by it.

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