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Who doesn’t know the country music superstar Kenny Chesnay? Yes, we are talking about the American Country Music Superstar. He is a superstar of NO! We know you don’t understand, but by NO, we mean he has an amazing line of music that starts with the word NO!

You guessed right, we are talking about the No Shoes, No Shirt and No Problems. He has also come up with other incredible albums and songs. His other famous albums include Lucky Old Sun, Sun Goes Down and a lot more!

Prologue on Chesnay

When it comes to an introduction to Kenny Chesnay, we believe, we do not need to introduce him anymore. He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1968. His birth date is 26th March and he is basically a singer along with a songwriter.

In 1996, he came up with his album named All I Need to Know and that is where his fame started! Soon after that, the follow-up albums also make his fans proud. His albums like No Shoes, No Problems, Everywhere We Go, No Shirt and When the Sun Goes Down were the top-selling albums of that time. And after that, he never really needed to look back!

Education and Career

His career started back the time when he was attending the East Tennessee State. At that period, he linked up with a band.

This band used to play at the local bars. Chesnay worked hard and recorded an album. He started to sell his album in his shows.

After that, he got his graduation in 1991 on marketing. He was into music and so, he went to Nashville to chase his dreams.

Music Album and Hits

With his amazing music and hard work, he was selected by the BNA Records. He recorded All I Need to Know, Me and You and I Will Stand songs respectively in 1995, 1996 and 1997. All of this music earned him platinum and gold awards! By 2000, he became an above-board singer and there were thousands of fans!

He released his hit album in 2001 and also released rock-influenced songs in 2002. The singles that are still popular are The Good Stuff and Young. And for his wonderful music, it was the best-selling album of the year and his career. Also, in 2004, The Sun Goes Down was listed as the top 1 songs on the Billboard 200. He also got a fan base on the song There Goes my Life.

His other popular songs were I Lost It, Don’t Happen Twice, Cold and Empty, Beer in Mexico, Tou Save Me, Never Wanted Nothing More, When I See This Bar are still he hot favorites. In January 2018, he released his album with Warner Bros named Songs for the Saints and this song was a big hit!

Awards and Achievements

In 1997, he got his hands on the Academy of Country Music’s award for New Male Vocalist. Along with this, he has been honored with AMC Top Male Vocalist Award, Country Music Television’s male Video of the Year Award, Country Music Entertainer of the Year Award and lot more!

His songs were listed ad the top charts hundreds of times too! Along with this, he has narrated and produced a film named The Color Orange. This is a biographical film on football and football player.

He is not only a singer but also a songwriter. He requires no introduction. On the other hand, he has produced a biographical film too! His hardworking nature and startling music line will surely make you stick to his music!



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