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Joji tour 2023 : Tickets and Details

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Joji, whose actual name is George Miller, is a record producer, singer, songwriter, and rapper who hails from Osaka, Japan. He is also a former YouTube star. Joji is of Japanese and Australian descent.

As Filthy Frank, he originally came to prominence online. He is credited with inventing the Harlem Shake, a dance move that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Before finally departing to pursue a career in music under the alias Joji, he achieved a significant amount of popularity on the internet.

After publishing his first album, titled “Ballads 1,” in 2018 and his second album, titled “Nectar,” in 2020, he gained a devoted fan base worldwide. In November of 2022, he plans to release his third studio album, “Smithereens.”

Leaving the Pink Guy in the Rearview Mirror

Even though, in the past, George Miller had dabbled in both humorous and severe forms of rap-based music, it wasn’t until he adopted the Joji character that he started to explore his true creative potential. Since 2014, he has published a variety of songs under several pseudonyms, each of which is unique. Joji started working for the 88rising YouTube channel, affiliated with the Asian music company, in 2017.

Because of this, he released many songs, including I Don’t want a Waste My Time, Will He, and Rain on Me. His debut extended play was named “In Tongues,” and his fans responded positively to it. It was much more straightforward for him to shift into the production of his debut album, which he titled Ballads 1, due to the loyal fan following he had established over the years through his earlier ventures.

What else does Joji have a reputation for?

Joji used to go by the name Filthy Frank on his YouTube channel until he started paying more attention to his professional music career. Filthy Frank posted many videos on his channel that covered various topics and issues, including shocking comedy, viral videos, and rants. Joji fans have probably watched videos of him writing different songs and posting them online. Joji’s early love of music was displayed across his compositions, ranging from humorous parodies to earnest ballads.

How would you describe Joji’s musical style?

Many forms of electronic music highly influence the sound of Joji. His devoted following has been referred to his music using descriptors such as lo-fi and trip-hop with significant elements of trap and electronic. Some tracks are influenced by folk music and R&B, and he uses a slow time signature to produce melancholy themes intermingled with soulful vocals. In the past, the style of rap and hip-hop music served as a significant inspiration for his work.

Will Joji go on tour in 2023?

Yes, Joji will go on tour in 2023. But the dates of the tour are not declared yet.

What is the cost of tickets to Joji?

Tickets to Joji may be purchased for as little as $50.00 each, with the typical cost being $70.00 each.

Where can I buy tickets?

Ticketmaster, Ticketnetwork, Viagigo, Stubhub, SeatGeek, Vividseats, Livenation are some of the best place to buy Joji tickets.

What is Joji’s setlist?

Although his setlists may change from show to show, Joji’s best songs include the following.

·  Glimpse of Us



·  worldstar money (interlude)

·  Sanctuary

·  Will He

·  Daylight

·  Like You Do

·  Midsummer Madness

·  CAN’T GET OVER YOU (feat. Clams Casino)

Floor Seats

Joji floor seats can potentially deliver an experience once in a lifetime. At live performances, floor and first-row seats are sometimes among the most costly tickets. Tickets for Joji that cost the most money might be in the first row or the center of the stage.

Bottom Lines

His real name is George Miller, but he performs under the stage name Joji. You may know him as Filthy Frank, or you may know him as George Miller, but Joji is his stage name. He started on YouTube and now makes his mark as a multidimensional music celebrity who concentrates on lyrical material and collaboration tracks.

He is reaching the worldwide scene. Joji began his career as a YouTube personality and comedian; however, he has now transitioned into a much more serious character in the realm of music. Although he made his debut in the music industry under the guise of the comic character Pink Guy, since 2017, he has been devoting all of his time to rapping under Joji.

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