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Jason Derulo tour 2022 after Simulation Theory World Tour

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Jason Joel Desrouleaux, shortly known as Jason Derulo, is a hip-hop pop musician of this century. He is a very vast growing pop star for this generation. Starting his career in 2006, he has been nominated on multiple platforms for the number one position, competing with many famous music bands and icons. He mainly likes to focus on pop, alongside R&B and hip hop. His potential helps him get a great shout out from the fanbase, as any celebrity always wishes to convey. 

In this article, we will talk about the Jason Derulo tour of 2022. Here we will discuss his tour plans for 2022, his new albums, and other additional topics that may help you understand and identify buying tickets. As 2022 is about to come, you should know the information early if you want to find the best deal on this famous pop star before all the tickets are sold out.

Jason Derulo Konzert 2022 Deutschland

That’s right. Jason Derulo konzert is coming to deutschland! If you’re a fan of the talented singer and songwriter, this will be your chance to see him live in concert. Tickets go on sale on our schedule list above and are expected to sell out fast. So don’t wait any longer if you want to join us for what is sure to be an amazing night!

Do Jason Derulo concert tickets sell now?

Did you know that Jason Derulo will be performing in your city? And I’m not talking about just any old concert, but a special one for his fans! Tickets are on sale now and they’re going fast. Hurry up and get yours before everyone else does. Above the schedule list, you will find the tickets and place.

Jason Derulo tour the UK

It’s been a year since Jason Derulo hit our shores for his first tour in three years and we’re so excited he’s coming back! The ‘texting’ singer is hitting the UK with a run of shows, kicking off at Manchester Arena. So if you were lucky enough to bag tickets for the initial round of concerts, or want to see him live this time around – don’t miss out

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Jason Derulo London tickets

There’s no denying that Jason Derulo is one of the hottest artists in the world right now. He has a huge following and tickets to his show are sold out nearly everywhere. But, how much will they cost me?  For most concerts, Jason Derulo concert tickets start around $55.

Jason Derulo tour 2022
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Jason Derulo tour 2022

The number does not matter in terms of Jason Derulo. Because other iconic pop stars are getting on the field from the previous generation, Derulo just popped up himself in the last decade. In the start-up time, he collaborated with some of the most popular personalities in the music industry. Alongside he has a great potential for his music. These two powers executed him to make an excellent start and help to get a great fan base as well.

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This 31 year-old musician has done a world tour every year after Jason launched his albums. He made his first tour in 2010, and the show continues. The last time he was on the stage live was in 2019. It was his latest appearance for his album ‘2Sides’.

After taking a fantastic leap with some outstanding songs in 2020 and 2021, there is a lot more happening for the fans by this iconic pop star. In 2021, there were live concerts as well. But in 2022, who is going to be something more memorable. 

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Jason Derulo tour last year:

2021 was not that special as we expected before the year started. We thought a lot more about coming after a heavy break in 2020. But it didn’t happen. He planned to get up on the stage only four times on four individual venues. On 17th June of 2021, he made his first appearance in Spain and took the race further after going off to Portugal the next day. There were also two different music concerts in Canada. The first happened on 10th September. Another one occurred on 15 October. The similar thing is both the date got their schedule on Friday.

Jason came on the stage only four times in 2020, just like the year 2021. The first appearance happened on 28 February in Germany, and the last appearance happened in Hungary on the date was 25 August. It was a five-day show which lasted until 30 August of 2020.

In 2019, the scenario was a lot better. He took 18 musical events in that particular year. It was unbelievable from the fans. The first concert happened in Cayman Island after Valentine’s day went off. That concert ran for two days, February 15 to 16. He almost covered all the expected tours that year by covering Bahrain, United States, Germany, Netherland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada after the first concert.

Jason Derulo tour in this year:

The rumor says fans can expect more than twenty concerts in 2022 from Jason Derulo. The number may increase or decrease, but the desired quantity is twenty. 

If we look at 2018 and 2019, Jason Derulo did not cover many famous places in 2022 and 2021. If we keep an eye on 2018, there will be the United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Ireland, and so on.

Only Hungary, Canada, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and the USA were done to see the two plans of 2022 and 2021. From this point of view, there is a lot more waiting for this year. We can genuinely expect some of the great music festivals in European and Oceanic regions. Show the fans of those places get ready to have a great surprise.

Jason Derulo world tour 2022

Jason generally starts his world tour in the month of February. And the show continues to end in December. He doesn’t do a continuous road map to cover his duty. Jason Derulo typically takes a break between two schedules. 

So keep patience. He will cover to keep his promise to you.

Jason Derulo Tour schedule 2022

As the time will go up, we will update the full schedule with all the details you need. Stay with us and keep your eye on the website.

Jason Derulo Tour dates near you 2022

As we told before, Europeans, I am going to get a blast of the world tour schedule from Jason Derulo as he was not available in the recent two years for his live music performance. If we say precisely, the citizens of the Northern and western sides of Europe and the Middle East fans will get a great surprise in 2022. 

One thing to remember, these are all rumors. So before the official announcement has arrived, we can’t say anything indeed. Stay tuned, and we will update you as soon as the official conversation arrives.

Jason Derulo tour setlist 2022

If we talk about this checklist for Jason Derulo, then it is hard to finish. He is one of the most iconic characters in the music industry for pop fans. Jason also put spicy on his pop music for his hip hop vibe. According to the last live concert, there is a setlist to offer:

  • Whatcha Say 
  • Tip Toe
  • Don’t Wanna Go Home / Shots (Lil John Mix)
  • Wiggle
  • Trumpets 
  • Make Up
  • In My Head 
  • Get Ugly
  • Marry Me
  • It Girl
  • Goodbye
  • Talk Dirty
  • Want To Want Me

As the setlist is getting old and there are so many popular songs published in the meantime of 2020 & 2021, there is a 50/50 chance for this setlist. There will be adding some tracks:

  • Savage Love
  • Take You Dancing
  • Don’t Cry For Me
  • Love Not War
  • Coño

Jason Derulo Tour tickets 2022

You get authentic tickets for Jason Derulo tour 2022 from the official website of Jason Derulo. And you can also get the tickets from the festival areas website, and actually, Jason Derulo redirects to the website from their official page. I always recommend going to the buying sites from the official websites of this artist. Alongside you can also get tickets on TicketMaster, Seatgeek, Viagogo, and SongKick. Stay with us. We will update the complete pricing of all classifications of seats and fans.

How much is the Jason Derulo Tour ticket price?

Jason Derulo is a very famous pop star in recent times. So it is pretty challenging to get a ticket with expectations in time. Prices are always variable against the hype. So the ticket price is always changeable, and input changes as the event come near. We will update as the schedule is announced officially. Moreover, we will also need you the best deal for enjoying this singer’s live concert. If you want to be a part of the Jason Derulo tour 20, you have to start counting from approximately $50 for general stands. Usually, the ticket takes near $200 if you want to have a standard ticket all around the world for his live performance. We can say this approximate pricing until now, but we will update it shortly.

Jason Derulo tour 2022 live stream:

No OTP platform for social media sites has announced their official partnership with Jason Derulo to telecast their live performances to the world. But you may keep your eye on social media like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for getting short video updates from their official site. 

From the author’s perspective, we must suggest that using TikTok and Youtube could provide you a solution of getting an online live stream way. We will update it if we get any official statement on this.

How long is the Jason Derulo Tour concert?

It usually takes one and a half hours, sometimes more than that, to cover this generations’ favorite music star’s real tracks. Nearly 20 songs are covered at each concert, so taking time is obvious.


That’s all about Jason Derulo’s tour 2022 and their live updates to you. The latest confirmations will be updated on time as we get them. Keep your eye on before buying any Jason Derulo ticket as we have mentioned the better deal in terms of ticket pricing and facilities. The tickets will be quite pricey, competing with the hype of the superstar. No more today, take care.

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