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Is Taylor swift vegan? What does She eat?

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In this day and age, when celebrities seem to be promoting every type of diet from paleo to gluten-free veganism can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. So does Taylor Swift follow a plant-based diet? The answer is No. Although she doesn’t use that term specifically it seems that with her slender figure and love for cats we have our answer

Is Taylor swift vegan
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Despite not being a vegetarian, Taylor Swift is somewhat of an animal rights activist. She has shown commitment to environmentally responsible vegan fashion and she even canceled some gigs due to concerns about the abuse of animals on set.

When it comes to Taylor Swift’s diet, the superstar singer eats a lot of vegan food. She recently collaborated with fashion designer Stella McCartney on some pieces for her tour wardrobe and even won PETA’s Person Of The Year Award in 2016. However, she canceled a gig at Cheltenham Racecourse due to concerns about working conditions there so we’re glad that this doesn’t mean she is quitting animal rights activism any time soon.

Taylor likes eating lots of healthy food like fruits & veggies as well as nuts & grains but also balances things out by enjoying junk foods such as ice cream once in a while too. In this article, we also talk about how she maintains her daily diet.

The Taylor swift daily diet

Taylor Swift, who is known for her hit songs and carefree attitude towards life, spoke to WebMD about healthy eating. She says she eats salads with yogurt or sandwiches on weekdays but allows herself a little more freedom during the weekend when it comes to food.

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Can you guess Taylor Swift’s favorite food? You might be surprised to learn it is chicken tenders. In her infamous ’73 questions’ interview with Vogue back in 2016, when asked about her favorite food she replied: “if calories didn’t count, chicken tenders”.

Swift revealed that her friend Ed Sheeran introduced her to Nando’s while on tour in the United Kingdom. “We are deprived of mango chicken wraps and grilled corn in America!” Swift said, describing how much she enjoys eating at this restaurant when traveling through Britain.

When she’s not busy touring the world, Taylor Swift eats a breakfast that sounds like it was dreamed up in an Italian café. In 2012 during her Bon Appétit interview, Taylor revealed to have eggs in her fridge and cooks for herself regularly by making buckwheat crepes with ham sliced, Parmesan cheese shavings on top of fried eggs. This is what I call comfort food because you can find this dish at most cafes and restaurants we visit where brunch or late breakfast menus are available.

I love how many people would go out of their way to make sure they had enough protein first thing in the morning when working hard physically all day long.

This singer-songwriter is not a vegan, and she’s probably not happy about meatless Mondays either.

What is Taylor swift favorite meat?

Despite being a singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift loves chicken tenders. When she was asked what her favorite food is in an interview with Vogue for ’73 Questions Answered by Your Favourite Celebs’, the star clarified that if calories didn’t count then she would eat it every day. This attitude to food reflects how much of a healthy lifestyle rather than regimented or crazy one Taylor swift lives by which attests to this fact and makes me want Chicken Tenders now too.

what are Taylor swift favorite vegetables?

On the bucket list, she doesn’t have a specific one. When the interviewer asked what vegetable she loves, often she laughs and said I love to vary that’s why she made a salad which is consisted of many vegetables.

Taylor swift favorite food list in her bucket

  • She often time drinks coffee when she is sad or happy, and coffee gets the first priority on her list.
  • Many think she doesn’t drink any soft drinks because of her slim figure, but you don’t know she loves to drink diet coke and vodka often.
  • Now you know that chicken tenders she eats and it’s her most favorite heavy food.
  • She also eats cheeseburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes. whether when she goes to a restaurant she orders first these items.
  • In a fridge, she always keeps eggs. Once she said, making puddings and pancakes by herself gives her more pleasure.
  • Brisket and pot roast she often eats when is on a vacation.
  • She often drinks orange juice every morning after breakfast.

Vegan fashion of Taylor swift

Everyone has their own opinions on celebrities and what they should be eating. Some people think that Taylor Swift is not a positive role model due to her diet, but the truth about this singer may surprise you.

Taylor partnered up with Stella McCartney in August 2019 to launch a vegan fashion collection. The line promotes Taylor’s latest album “Lover” and consists of t-shirts, hoodies jackets, and carry bags.

Swift made a splash at the 2019 BAFTA Awards by wearing another vegan Stella McCartney dress. This is not her first time championing fashion in this way; last year, she wore an entirely vegan outfit to the 2018 American Music Awards which was also designed by Ms. McCartney herself.

Canceled gigs

Taylor Swift loves animals, particularly her cats. She shows this through pictures on Instagram that she posts of them every day.

But in November of last year, Taylor was scheduled to perform at Australia’s famous Melbourne Cup horse racing event. And predictably enough that decision received a lot of backlash from fans who believed the singer should not support an industry built around animal cruelty and suffering.

Animal rights groups pressured Taylor to say ‘#NupToTheCup’ after they argued that by continuing to perform she was putting money before compassion. 

But in the cancellation statement, claims of animal cruelty were not acknowledged and instead it read “changes to her Asian promo schedule have made it logistically impossible for her.”

Written by Sabita Shifa

Sabita Binta Azad Shifa completed her post graduation in Social Work under Jagannath University,Dhaka,Bangladesh. She is working for street children with LEEDO, Bangladesh. She completed her research paper from North Eastern Hill University, India. Besides she works with Toastmasters International ( a non profitable organisation) under Division .She is known for her travelling in Bangladesh. Her work is characterised by awareness of social Justice, outspoken against racism and injustice

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