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How to Watch the Live Stream of the 2022 IIHF World Juniors
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The World Junior Championship (WJC), also known as the IIHF World Junior Championship, is a yearly competition for young hockey players who have not yet reached the age of 20. The International Ice Hockey Federation is responsible for the annual organization of this competition.

The international games in Edmonton will feature a wide variety of players from various countries. Athletes eligible to compete in the December tournament are still eligible to do so, even though their age would normally disqualify them from competing.

On the other hand, many players are in the process of getting ready for the new NHL season, so probably, they won’t be there. This makes the possibility of their absence more likely. William Eklund, who the Sharks chose in 2021 in the seventh overall spot, recently disclosed that he would not participate in the competition. However, he was listed on Sweden’s preliminary roster for the tournament. The Sharks selected Eklund in 2021.

Because it will be played all through the summer for the first time in history, it will undoubtedly have an entirely new atmosphere. However, because no other hockey will take place, this will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to focus on the development of the NHL.

Date of the rescheduled beginning of the World Juniors in 2022

The World Junior Championship that was initially scheduled to take place in 2021 has been postponed until this year because of the global pandemic’s impact on the country that was supposed to host the competition, Canada. The event for this year is scheduled to begin on August 9 and run through the 20th of the same month.

On August 10, the competition will get underway with the existing ten teams competing. The match between Sweden and Switzerland will occur at noon, and the game between Canada and Latvia will occur at 16:00 local time in Canada. After that, a match between Germany and Austria is scheduled at 20:00 local time. The second match of the semi-finals will begin at eight o’clock in the evening. The date for the medal games has been set for August 20.

Location of the  IIHF World Juniors 2022 event

Every game will be played at Rogers Place. Typically, two to three games will be played each day during the confirmatory round, which will end on August 15. If Canada advances to the semi-finals, their third quarterfinal match will take place at 17:00 local time.

The matches for the semi-finals will take place on August 19. The home team will compete in the first match of the early semi-finals at 14:00 local time, regardless of whether Canada or the team with the best record through the preliminary rounds advances.

The Official Broadcast of the World Juniors 2022

You can watch the World Juniors Championships in the US on the NHL Network. You can watch the championship from the convenience of your own home because every game will be broadcast. As the primary TV channel for the competition, it will offer you coverage unrivalled by all the games played in the United States. In addition to that, it will include highlights, interviews, and analysis.

Fans in Canada can watch all of the games thanks to TSN Go (Canada), as it is anticipated that all of the Canadian games will be played at Rogers Place in Edmonton. TSN Go is where you should go if you are located in Canada and want to witness any of the live telecasts of the games online. This is the only place where you will be able to do so. Visit the TSN Go website to view the games and subscribe to the service. After registering with your information, you can select a prepaid plan to participate in the sporting action.

Watch the World Juniors Live Online and Free of Charge without Cable

Fubo TV: It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a straightforward streaming service or wish to watch the competitions without a cable subscription; Fubo TV is the right channel for you. It has been offering streaming services for many years and is considered one of the best television channels. You only need to register for the starter pack to receive a vast amount of amusement and online news in addition to the world junior sports coverage.

Sling TV: Sling TV is probably one of the streaming services that offer the lowest prices for the world’s junior tournaments. It has been providing broadcasts with a basic package with a starting price of $25 for several years. You will receive up to 30 channels or more high-quality videos in high definition if you go with the basic package. It’s also possible to choose from other packages with a lower total cost.

At&t TV: At&t TV will offer you a free seven-day trial, which is longer than the trials offered by competing TV providers. Even though it is an outstanding cable TV service, it is a bit pricey compared to other options. You will need a subscription that costs $94.99 if you want to watch the games.

Top Virtual Private Networks for Live Streaming the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championships from Anywhere


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ExpressVPN is the VPN we recommend the most for streaming in the IIHF World Juniors. Surfshark is an affordable VPN allowing you to watch the IIHF World Juniors live stream anywhere.

Surfshark VPN

If you want to stream the IIHF World Juniors 2022 but are on a budget, then Surfshark is an excellent virtual private network (VPN) option to consider. Surfshark provides you with a service that is highly reliable and allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous connections for the low cost of US$ 2.30 per month (or 82% off for purchasing a plan for two years).


It originates from any location in the world. This virtual private network (VPN) provides access to over three thousand servers in ninety-four countries, including over 23 servers in the United States. Watch the Live Stream of the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championships from Anywhere with NordVPN, the VPN Service with the Largest Server Network.

One Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider in the industry that offers a diverse selection of server locations is NordVPN. More than 5100 servers located in 60 different countries are included with NordVPN. The United States of America is home to more than 1970 of these servers.

World Juniors schedule 2022

Tuesday, Aug 9

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Czechia vs. Slovakia2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Latvia vs. Finland6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
USA vs. Germany10 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Wednesday, Aug. 10

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Sweden vs. Switzerland2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Latvia vs. Canada6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Germany vs. Austria10 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Thursday, Aug. 11

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Finland vs. Czechia2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Slovakia vs. Canada6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Switzerland vs. USA10 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Friday, Aug. 12

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Austria vs. Sweden2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Slovakia vs. Latvia6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Saturday, Aug. 13

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Austria vs. USA2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Canada vs. Czechia6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Germany vs. Switzerland10 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Sunday, Aug. 14

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Finland vs. Slovakia2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Czechia vs. Latvia6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
USA vs. Sweden10 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Monday, Aug. 15

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Switzerland vs. Austria2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Canada vs. Finland6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Sweden vs. Germany10 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Wednesday, Aug. 17

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Quarterfinal12 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Quarterfinal3:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Quarterfinal7 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Quarterfinal10:30TSN/NHL Network
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Friday, Aug. 19

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Semifinal2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Semifinal6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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Friday, Aug. 19

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Bronze Medal Game2 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Gold Medal Game6 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
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