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Houston Rodeo 2022 Event, Schedule ,Tickets & More

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In this article, you’ll get some spicy news about the upcoming Houston Rodeo. Breaking all the controversies and holding great excitement, the Houston Rodeo 2022 has been officially announced. For nearly 90 years, this event has been organised in the starting of the spring in Texas. However, the pandemic situation has made some changes in the schedule this year. The world will get to enjoy the 2022 Houston Rodeo show from 4th MAy to May 23. Last year Rodeo got cancelled after running only after ten days. That cancellation made everyone feel blue at once. 

The Houston Rodeo authority expressed their excitement about arranging this year’s Rodeo. Please stick with us to get vital information about the upcoming Houston Rodeo show, competition, concert, carnivals, and other things people enjoy.

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houston rodeo 2022
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What is Houston Rodeo all about?

In case if you’ve no idea what Houston Rodeo is and why people are so fond of the show, you’ll get a short description here.

Houston Rodeo or The Houston Livestock Rodeo is the most well-known livestock exhibition event in the world. This event is recognized as the Texas signature seasonal event. Thousands of volunteers and millions of visitors arrive in Texas to catch the Hlrs live.

You may wonder what’s so special about the livestock show! But the exciting thing that attracts visitors is the show’s versatility. Here visitors get every kind of arrangement. Concerts, competitions, exhibitions, carnivals and all other entertaining parts are arranged in this particular event.

Not only the farmers and visitors, but also celebrities from all across the world also show up at this event. Keep scrolling to get some great information about the upcoming Hlrs 2021.

Will there be Houston Rodeo 2022? 

Houston Rodeo is a name of tradition itself. With all the excitement Houston Rodeo authority has declared about the opening of Hlrs 2022.

The 2021Houston Rodeo carries extra fascination because of last year’s cancellation. Suppose you’ve been a fan of Houston Rodeo. In that case, you must have an idea about the pathetic wrap-up, Rodeo experienced in 2020. 

Generally, the Rodeo appears in early spring, which is the starting of March in Texas. 2020 was nothing different. Following the tradition, all were on the mark. The show was also running with great excitement and a crowd of people. 

Suddenly a pandemic called Coronavirus attacked the earth and locked everyone in their own houses. Unfortunately, to save lives, Rodeo has to be cancelled just after ten-day of starting. All the plans, events, concerts, competitions were cancelled that year.

People are considering the unfortunate for bringing too much excitement this year. According to the information, organisers announced the 2021 show in early December. But obviously, they’ve ensured to put in the extra effort of maintaining safety. In today’s world, where social distancing is a necessity like eating or sleeping, arrangements of an event would be tough.

But the Rodeo organisers expressed their feelings to get the opportunity for arrangements. Rodeo is the name of tradition. Skipping this event for any year would be more than pathetic. Those people who’re engaged with this event and working with this show are delighted after getting the announcements.

Moreover, the authority has ensured the safety and security of the event. The management will be maintaining the whole program with enough precautions. If the world stays healthy, and people get themselves out of the life-threatening Coronavirus, Rodeo will make the appearance. In that case, people are super excited to enjoy the Houston Rodeo 2021 show, concert, competition, carnivals, etc.

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The Houston Livestock Show 2022 reschedule announcement

Well, the Houston Livestock show is a signature event in Texas. Every year Texas welcomes the spring with this most fantastic event of the era. For years, the event has been gathering people at the starting of March. In 2022, this was also scheduled for March 2. According to the previous schedule, the show was going to end on March 21. 

But as the world health situation isn’t well now, March wouldn’t be a great time to start. Moreover, last year because of the same pandemic situation, Livestock had to stop. Organisers don’t want to take any risk this year. So, they’ve rescheduled the Houston Rodeo 2022.

Houston Rodeo 2022 new schedule has been published. Though this time, the event is breaking the flow. Unlike other years, this timer the vital parts of the will take place on May 4. And the shop will turn to end by May 23. According to announcements, pre- rodeo shows, carnival, concerts, and all other entertaining parties will be arranged by May 4. But according to the announcements, horse show competitions and the junior livestock show will be arranged by March.

The organisers neither wanted to miss out on any part nor tried to do it in the rash. Managing an event on a pandemic where social distance is a must would be strict. But the rodeo organisers claimed to be tougher and took the whole thing as a challenge., The rodeo fans also appreciated their decision. So, the central part of the rodeo competition and exhibition would be arranged by March only. Later in may, concerts, carnivals, and all other exciting contests will take place in May.

Pre- Rodeo Events schedule 2022

If you’ve knowledge about the Houston Rodeo show, you must’ve known about the pre-rodeo show. Rodeo is not only an exhibition. Here people get an all-in-one entertainment package. And pre- rodeo shows are undoubtedly one of the most unignorable attractions of the whole event.

Pre rodeo events consist of memorable attractive parts of the event. As: the downtown rodeo parade, the rodeo activities, roundup, best bite competition, trail ride activities, Mutton busting contest, and Steer riding competition, BBq contest and all other unique parts are arranged in this pere-rodeo show.

Generally, as the name says, this part of the event is organised earlier than the livestock show. According to the previous schedule, the pre rodeo show would be held in January and February. But as the new program has divided the show into two parts, the pre rodeo show will be concise.

According to the Rodeo president and CEO, dividing the showtime would help to host the whole event. They also expressed their hope and support from the Rodeo fans as well as the Texas city.

Where will the Houston Rodeo 2022 happen?

Being a signature event of Texas Hlrs has been holding a massive crowd in Texas for years. But as the pandemic has already brought significant changes with the date and time, people are wondering about the venue. 

According to the announcement and schedule, the 2022 rodeo show is not making any difference with the venue. Everyone will get to catch in NRG stadium, Houston, Texas.

The venue gate will open 30 minutes before the showtime. So, it has been suggested that the people arrive 30 to 45 minutes earlier than usual. Especially the people who’re coming with their car should catch the parking spot fast. 

The Houston Livestock Show 2022 time, date and place

Hlrs 2022, the 20 days event has announced their showtime. You may already know that this year Houston Rodeo will kick off on May 4. And the show will push off by May 23. To catch the event live, you may ask for the event schedule in detail and the venue. So, keeping aside all the discussions, let’s jump into the details:

  • May 4 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 5 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm
  • May 6 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 7 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 8 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 3.45 pm 
  • May 9 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 3.45 pm 
  • May 10 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 11 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 12 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 13 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm
  • May 14 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 15 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 3.45 pm
  • May 16 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 3.45 pm
  • May 17 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm
  • May 18 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm
  • May 19 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm
  • May 20- NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 21 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 22 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 6.45 pm 
  • May 23 – NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas – 3.45 pm 

You can catch the event at any of these mentioned dates and times. For further information, keep scrolling.

How long does Houston Rodeo last? 

Well, 2022 is creating an excellent history by creating a new schedule of the Houston Rodeo event. Though Houston rodeo includes different schedules for different days, you can have an average time limit prediction. 

According to the record, the rodeo show portion takes 1.5 hours. But if it takes extra time, 2 hours would be the highest. The rodeo concert takes around 50 minutes to 1.5 hours.

The exact schedule will be out on their official site and page before the event month. Keep eyes on the Houston Rodeo official page and site.

houston rodeo 2022 lineup
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How to watch Houston Rodeo 2022 live?

You can catch the Houston Rodeo 2021 live at the venue. Every year a massive crowd meets at the venue either for cowboys competition or the concert, carnival, and other unique attractions. 

If you’re in Texas, Hslr would be one of those things to regret in life. This is the city’s traditional pride. The event is nothing less than a seasonal celebration for Texas. 

Following the tradition, NRG stadium of Houston is hosting the 2021 rodeo show in Texas. You can catch the whole 20 days event live there. Tickets would be available online for avoiding hassle and crowd. As social distancing is a must nowadays, purchasing tickets sitting at home would be much more comfortable.

You can also catch the whole event lice on cable. In that case, you need to know which channel in your area is holding the broadcasting right of rodeo 2022. But if you live somewhere in Texas or are visiting Texas by this May, you must pay a visit to the rodeo show.

For that, purchasing a ticket would be the only option. To know more information about the Houston Rodeo Tickets, keep scrolling.                       

How to get Hlrs 2022 Tickets?

Well, Houston Rodeo tickets are available online. To avoid hassles with the internet’s help, anyone from anywhere in the world can grab tickets for Hlrs 2021. 

You will get various ticket selling sites offering Houston Rodeo 2021 tickets online. You need to go through these suites by comparing to get the best deal among all. Before purchasing from any site, make sure those are officials. You might get third-party sellers offering tickets on the last days. In that case, make sure you’re getting the real one and not being spammed.

By browsing on the internet, You’ll get so many options. Pick one by comparing it with your choice and budget.

Is there any restriction on the Hlrs ticket 2022


The other exciting thing is, people of every age are allowed to grab the show. This one is the issue many ticket selling sites show. Especially when you want to grab event tickets for someone under 18, there pops out the restriction.

With the Houston Rodeo, you’re free from all these kinds of restrictions.

These tickets mostly stay in high demand. That’s the reason you should grab the tickets whenever you get it available. Waiting for the last moment wouldn’t be an excellent decision to take.

How much are season tickets for the Houston rodeo 2022?

Houston Rodeo tickets are available online. You will get tickets by average $129. However, the ticket price will vary on the site, time and occasion. By comparing the sites, you can grab tickets at a low price.

If someone asks the lowest price, then it would be starting from $57. And by the count, the highest average cost would be $146.

Houston Rodeo show tickets price will vary on the seat and package. There you’ll get primary and VIP tickets. Everyone can choose the better option as their budget.

Also, the show you’re attending in these 20 days will decide their ticket price. Some will be a little expensive and others will be cheaper based on the date.

To, know the exact price, pay a visit to the ticket-selling sites with Houston Rodeo tickets 2022.

How to get Rodeo 2022 tickets on sale?

You can find the Rodeo on sale if you do some good research before purchasing. There would be many people who’ll find rodeo tickets expensive. For them, the sale would be a great help to save some bucks.

The online ticket selling sites offer sales on different occasions. Sometimes right before the event, the live tickets go on sale. Besides, various occasions as the thanksgiving, new years eve or other national holidays make the Her tickets go on sale.

Be aware and keep your eye on the Her ticket selling sites for better deals.

What are action seats at the Houston Rodeo?

If someone goes through the Houston Rodeo show’s seating chart, he might notice something called “action Seat”. 

Action seat is known for the 100 section. Action seat sector includes seven rows. Generally, action seats are sold as seasonal tickets. People who purchase action seats might need to spend $140. With the ticket, they’ll get soft drinks, snacks, a cash bar etc.

Houston Rodeo 2022 lineup

Houston Rodeo is a well-known worldwide show for a fantastic concert lineup. Every year this event amaze people with their unique lineup. In 2021, the line will add jam on the bread of the event.

As the concert line up attracts most audiences, both the authority and people hope to get something extreme from this year’s Her concert lineup.

Let’s tackle a look on the lineup of Houston Rodeo 2022:

Most of these performers were also featured in the last rodeo show of 2020. As the pandemic pushed everything off, the concert couldn’t set on fire. That’s the reason people are keeping a little higher expectation from this year. According to the lineup, everyone is expecting to get this event of 2021 an extreme one.

What is there to eat at the Houston Rodeo? 

Rodeo event food always holds a great place in everyone’s heart. Texas foods are something that can make your mood refreshed at once. If you’re visiting Houston Rodeo 2021, check out on the must-try food list of Texas:

  • Deep-fried cheesecake
  • Deep-fried twinkie
  • Fried pickle chips
  • Steak
  • Texas-sized turkey leg
  • Sausage on a stick
  • Roasted corn on the cob 

These are the traditional Texas foods that everyone rates as the highest. Houston always has the strangest testy menu of the world. These are the things you should always give a shot before dying. Among the peculiar food items, some attracted everyone’s attraction:

  • Jumbo corn dog 
  • Hot Cheetos roasted
  • Texas-sized chilli cheese
  • Deep-fried Oreo cookies
  • Fruity pebbles shrimp on a stick

Here you’ll get these unique items that you’ve never heard of. Though the things may seem strange, they guarantee about the taste. 

So, while you’re visiting Houston Rodeo show, taste these unique items of the event.

How to watch Houston Rodeo 2022 live on TV?

Fans who’ll not reach the venue for Hlrs 2021 live have nothing to worry now. They need to get the channel on your cable to enjoy the whole event live and free. This year Fox sports channel is covering the broadcasting area to the Southwest.

All you need is to contact your cable operator for the access of Fox southwest channel. Also, Direct TV has access to broadcasting this programme live. You can catch the event live if your cable operator serves this channel on your Tv.

To know which channel is broadcasting Rodeo on your area, contact your cable operator now. If this channel has the right to broadcast in your area, you will get to enjoy the whole event live sitting on your drawing room couch. 

How to watch Houston Rodeo 2022 live online?

Well, online would be the easiest way to catch any event or programme. One might not be under the broadcasting area of Fox channel to watch the Houston Rodeo 2021 live. But still, none should miss their favourite event.

The Internet serves you with several options where you can enjoy the live stream of rodeo 2021. Fox sports are the most available and p[opular option in the southeast area. One might not get the time to sit home and enjoy the show. You can stream the event with this app on any of your favourite handy devices. 

Moreover, you’ll catch the Houston rodeo show live on their official website, social media pages, and several other streaming apps. 

How to watch Houston Rodeo 2022 live from anywhere?

Yes, anyone can enjoy the rodeo 2021 live from anywhere. There would be some rodeo lovers who can’t reach the venue. Sometimes even it gets hard to catch online streaming services by some IPs. In this case, you can use a good VPN. 

According to the reviews on the internet, Express VPN is the best option in reach. You can install the Vpn and change your IP address. For better understanding, go with the following steps:

  • Download the Express Vpn
  • Install the Vpn in your device
  • Change your Ip address and set it with UK

By doing all these steps, you’ll access every browsing site that was not on your reach before. Install a Vpn and catch all the streaming services from anywhere in the world. 

Final words

Every year, Houston Rodeo creates a celebrating environment in Texas. People from different corners of the world gather here to witness this traditional show. After so many controversies and challenges, Rodeos authority has declared about the opening of Her 2021. If you plan your vacation in Texas by this pay, attend the rodeo show to gain a lifetime experience.

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