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2022 Tour of Hank Williams Jr. -Read Before Buying The Ticket

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Hank Williams Jr., also known as Bocephus, is one of the most iconic singers considering the blind of Southern rock. In this article, we will learn about the tour plan of 2021 from Hank Williams Jr.

2020 was a very dark year indeed in every category. It’s time to popup the vibe. The fans get ready, and the light is set. All are now watching the 71 years old country singer provide his musical wave.

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Hank Williams Jr. Tour 2022

American musicians and songwriters have a tour inside the United States for their fans. His primary focus is on Texas as his base community and dedicated fans are Texas-oriented. 

From the southern Rock stars, Hank Williams junior has an excellent image in front of her fans for his politeness and soothing presentation on the stage. Undoubtedly the fans from Texas, Oklahoma, Los Angeles, and Delaware will wait eagerly for him to back on the scene.

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Hank Williams tour canceled

For the drastic effect of covid-19, Hank Williams had to cancel all his tours of 2020. If we count all the concerts he had done in 2019. Then the number will be 34. 

Where he went up into the stage only one time in the previous year, which was on the 21st November in the Cowboy bar, it was an online event. Undoubtedly he had many plans for his fans around the USA. But had to cancel for the situation of health concerns. 

Generally, the schedule that is refused for the first half of this year is actually preparing for the last year 2020. As all the programs are postponed, it’s time to cover up the gaps this year. 

2021 Tour of Hank Williams Jr
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credit: wikimedia commons

Hank Williams Jr world tour 2022

In the past few years,  we have seen Hank Williams Jr doing a healthy number of concerts in his tour list, both domestic and international. But concerning the limitations on the pandemic’s everyday life, the number is deficient this year. Until now, there are five events in the tour plan of 2021. But the number can be extended as it is only a half-year plan. The vaccine is ready, and people are getting into everyday life. So fans can expect more from his delivery.

Hank Williams Jr Tour schedule 2021

In the half-year plan, there are five programs on tour from Texas to Delaware. This year they are about to make a massive show in Billy Bob’s in the city of Fort Worth of Texas. This time he has not pushed a large number of schedules as life the previous years he has done. But the number may increase in the demand of time.

Here is the Schedule of Hank Williams Jr Tour 2021:

  • 02 Apr 2021, Friday: Billy Bob’s, 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, Texas. 
  • 03 Jun 2021, Thursday: Billy Bob’s, 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, Texas.
  • 09 Jul 2021, Wednesday: Choctaw Grand Theater, 4216, U.S. 69, Durant, Oklahoma.
  • 10 Jul 2021, Saturday: Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, 2550 Golden Nugget Boulevard, Lake Charles, Los Angeles.
  • 31 Jul 2021, Saturday: Delaware State Fair, 18500 S Dupont Highway, Harrington, Delaware.

Hank Williams Jr Tour dates near you 2022

there is a minimum number of concerts this year. But it needs to be discussed before buying tickets for it. Here we will know more about the events we mentioned before. So get a jump on it without waiting additional time.

Hank Williams Jr tour in Texas

The first tour from Hank Williams Jr will be held on the second and third of April this year, just after the April fool. And it will be held at Billy Bob’s indoor arena. He will do his performance in the evening. The sharp time is 10 PM. 

Both two shows in Billy Bob’s are the same. Hank Jr will cover the exact setlist for his fans these two days so that they may not miss his rituals of music. Texas is known as a land of country music, so there is a massive amount of fans for this category.

The fans are ready to get charmed in the evening. The ticket selling has started on January 29th. The fair of the ticket started from $50 to $200, excluding some special offers for VIP persons. The limited number of seats for limited mobility seating is sold out, but the standard tickets are still on sale. There are selling tickets with categorizing them in GA tables where a GA table can hold up to four members. The tickets are selling on Axs. You can check them before they sell out.

Hank Williams Jr tour in Oklahoma

The next concert will happen at Choctaw Grand Theater. It is the only show that Oklahoma will get from Hank. The concert will be located at Durant. France will come with much more expectations on the evening of 9th July. The theatre is vast to store all the fans’ expectations and categories. The price starts from 97 USD to more than 111 USD. But the booking has been created before. It is challenging to get the expected seat as the tickets are about to sell out. You can find the latest update from Ticketmaster. At present, they are claiming that only single seats are available. It has also received a program similar to the previous one. The Bocephus man has to wave up his musical rhythm on Wednesday night in that theater.

Hank Williams Jr tour LA

Taking a break of about six days, Hank William will roll his musical wave at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. Without any confusion, this will be the most potent and charming concert fans will get in his tour of 2021, especially before the first half of the year. The show will take place on Saturday 10th July at 9 PM. The people of the city of Charles will enjoy a blissful show indeed. The fortunate thing is, the show is a little later there is still a chance to get a ticket at present. The first date of that schedule was September 6 of the past year 2020. And now it is rescheduled for the 10th of July this year. They are calling it the H20 pool and bar concert. The placement has divided into three categories:

  • H20 Outdoor Concert which’s ticket starts from $60
  • VIP Tour Package starts from $225 for the VIPs
  • Meet & Greet Package, the most premium ticket, start from $350

The tickets are still available. Go to TicketMaster and grab them out. For the concern, you can check the ticket from the point. 

Hank Williams Jr tour Delaware

Only show that is happening in the state of Delaware. On the side of Dupont highway, there is a very famous recreation fair named Delaware State Fair. Hank Williams Jr will come up in the evening shah 4:30 p.m. on July 31 of this year. The last entry is 6:30 p.m. There are still many seats available for the fans stars from $35 to $75. The grandstand or clubhouse costs $35 each. Here you have to pay $40 if you want yourself in the stadium gallery. On the other hand, the trach’s price is $45, and you have to count $75 if you’re going to take a seat in the PIT.

Hank Williams Jr tour setlist 2021

Here is the predicted list below for the Hank Williams Jr tour 2021. There are 99% possibilities of getting these songs as the setlist he will cover in this year’s time. These are: 

  •  Are You Ready For The Country?
  • O.D.’D In Denver
  • Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound
  • Move It On Over / Mind Your Own Business ( Cover)
  • The Conversation
  • Just Call Me Hank
  • Keep The Change
  • All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight
  • I Really Like Girls (Hank Williams Cover)
  • Kaw-Liga (Hank Williams Cover)
  • Waitin’ For The Bus (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)
  • A Country Boy Can Survive
  • Your Cheatin’ Heart / Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
  • Walk This Way / Cat Scratch Fever
  • Family Tradition
  • Born To Boogie
  • All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)

These are the predicted encores for the fans from Hank Williams Jr

  • If Heaven Ain’t a Lot Like Dixie
  • There’s a Tear in My Beer (Hank Williams cover)
  • Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Williams cover)
  • Dinosaur
  • My Name Is Bocephus

There are also many popular songs by him like I Really Like Girls, I Walk the Line, Outlaw Women, The Blues Man, Good Ol’ Boys, etc., to wave the music flow from the encore for his fans’ requests.

Hank Williams Jr tour opening act

An opening act is significant. It is one of the first attractions to catch the eyes of the spectators and warm them up. He always enjoys Ruger firearms. Usually, the situation that starts is from a dark start with low light ambient. And in that situation, the music started with the legendary voice. After the music begins, the screen starts to open in its way with a fairy lighting surprise towards the fans.

Hank Williams Jr Tour tickets 2022

Getting tickets is quite possibly the most testing terms in this matter. The costs fluctuate as per the scene. Here a rundown is given beneath about the base and most extreme cost of that specific spot. Celebrity and Premium tickets get an opportunity two meet with the artist as usual. Furthermore, it is clearly in a restricted way.

How much is the Hank Williams Jr Tour ticket price?

In the Hank Williams Jr concert, there are five concerts in four unique places that will happen this year 2021 before the first half. And it will start from Texas to Delaware.

Here I am giving a list down below where I will mention the maximum and minimum price of each location:

  • Billy Bob’s, Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, Texas on 02 April: The pricing of the ticket starts from $50 to $200
  • Billy Bob’s, Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, Texas on 03 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from $50 to $200
  • Choctaw Grand Theater, Durant, Oklahoma on 09 June: The pricing of the ticket starts from $97 to $127
  • Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Lake Charles, Los Angeles on 10 July: The ticket’s pricing starts from $60 to $120 for outdoor concerts and $225 to $350 for VIP and indoors. 
  • Delaware State Fair, Harrington, Delaware on 31 July: The pricing of the ticket starts from $35 to $75

How do I buy Hank Williams Jr Tour Tickets 2022?

Buy the tickets for Hank Williams Jr Tour 2021 from Hank Williams Jr’s official website. However, the leading distributor is TicketMaster, AXS and Delaware State Fair’s official site. But you can keep your eyes on other third-party online platforms.

How long is the Hank Williams Jr Tour concert?

Each concert consists of almost three hours. In the meantime, there are expected to be more than 20 songs covered. And at the end of the show, there can be at one, two, or three more songs for the encore.


Hank Williams Jr is one of the most exciting Southern rock and country songwriters and musicians in the last decade. His tour of 2021 is going to be an excellent comeback after a severe covid 19. Concerning the early schedule of the first half of this year, they are stealing an enormous possibility for more music concerts in the last half. This is all about Hank Williams Jr’s tour 2021. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.

Written by Allison

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