Beat of the Street

Vocal Bop - Beat Of The Street
  • Call: +01 245 815 8246
  • 22 No. Street New York, West beas park.New York, USA
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Hangout fest Sunbath, beach fun and ton of music if you bundle all these together only one name comes up and that is “Hangout Fest”. This fest is a non-stop music heaven for music lovers from all over the world. Three days straight fest with a lot of familiar name under the sun of sweet Alabama. You can’t ask more from the organizers.

Back is 2009, A.J. Niland, Shaul Zislin, and Lilly Zislin decided to form this fest. They arranged their first fest in 2010 and it hit a rock wall right on the first time. As there was a big deepwater oil leak in 2010 by the “British Petroleum”. Fest could only manage 13 thousand to 15 thousand people per day. But soon after that, fest organizers came back strong. It was 2011 they had at least 30 thousand people turned up to the fest per day. The next big hit was in 2012. All their tickets were sold within 4 hours and It was still three months to the fest and all the tickets were sold out. That was a massive success for the fest organizers which took them to a new height in the rock fest genre.

However, the fest seems to lose it’s big mass turn out hype in recent years. Rapid ticket sellouts have stopped. Also, there have been raised some concerns regarding the fest participants from the local residences. Illegal parking, trespassing of private property and law-breaking have become a common practice for some fest patrons. Local authorities are getting a lot of complaints from the residences about the fest. It is going to be a big challenge for the organizers in 2020 to arrange the hangout fest. They will likely have to make big promises to the authority to get permission for their next fest which is scheduled on May 14, 2020.

The fest lineup was announced recently. It is full of big shot bands and celebrity singers like ”Red Hot Chili Peppers”, “Billie Eilish”, “Marshmello” etc.

Sabita Shifa

Sabita Shifa

Sabita Binta Azad Shifa completed her post graduation in Social Work under Jagannath University,Dhaka,Bangladesh. She is working for street children with LEEDO, Bangladesh. She completed her research paper from North Eastern Hill University, India. Besides she works with Toastmasters International ( a non profitable organisation) under Division .She is known for her travelling in Bangladesh. Her work is characterised by awareness of social Justice, outspoken against racism and injustice