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Halestorm tour 2023: Where to buy tickets and more

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Rock band Halestorm hails from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

The band was established in 1998, and its members are Lzzy and Arejay Hale, along with Joe Hottinger on lead guitar and Josh Smith on bass, both of whom are Hale’s siblings.

Throughout their career, the band has garnered a massive fanbase worldwide, and in 2013, they won a Grammy for the song “Love Bites” (So Do I). To this day, they have issued five albums, the most recent of which was titled “Back From the Dead” and published in 2022.

In the early years of 2023, the metal band Halestorm intends to go on a tour of both Australia and New Zealand.

How long are Halestorm’s concerts typically played for?

Most Halestorm performances last between two and three hours, but the length of the show may vary depending on the opening acts, encore, and other factors.

What are the ticket prices for Halestorm?

The prices of Halestorm tickets sold on the secondary market are highly variable and rely on a variety of different criteria. Tickets to see Halestorm can be purchased for as little as $38.00 on the secondary market, with the typical price being $71.00.

How to Purchase Tickets for Halestorm?

The most effortless way to search for, locate, and purchase Halestorm tickets is to use websites such as SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, Ticketnetwork, Vividseats, Viagigo, Stubhub, and Livenation.


Although the band’s song selection and setlists change from event to concert, Halestorm typically performs fan favorites such as the following at their live shows:

· Mayhem

· Here’s to Us

· Mz. Hyde

· It’s Not You

· Amen

· I Miss the Misery

· Apocalyptic

· Freak Like Me

· I Get Off

· Love Bites (So Do I)

Last Lines

I Get Off, It’s Not You, and Love Bites (So Do I) were the first singles released by Halestorm, and they were immediately successful. The band was awarded the Grammy for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” due to the success of these hit recordings. The band, founded by the Hale siblings Arejay and Lzzy, honed the talents necessary to break into the mainstream by writing and performing music for ten years. In addition to having a sound that is reminiscent of metal from the 1980s, the rock band is famous for the lyrics that its female vocalist, Lzzy, sings about love and sex in their songs. Because of the band’s consistent success, they have never been hesitant to experiment, and Arejay’s ability to play drums on various household items demonstrates this trait perfectly while the band is on tour.

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