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I am Gemini
Super fly
Fly guy
I am Gemini
Two heads
One eyeI am Gemini
Like Pac, André, Lauren
And Kanye, Boy George, and Anne Frank
I am Gemini, but no, I’m not fake
I am Gryffindor
But don’t move like snakeI am Gemini
People love to call me crazy
But they judging and they hating
And I’m too grown for explainingI am Gemini
June 14th
And all the famous rappers got a sign like me
And all the famous rappers got a heart like me
But I know that I’m different and they’re not quite meI’m the horoscope hoe
I’m the planet and moon
I’m the rising ascendant
5th degree to the Moon
I’m the witch of your dreams
I’m the voice in your head
Your husband sent me a DM
And I just left him on readMy planet’s Mercury
My element is air
I’m such a free spirit
That I don’t fucking care
If I got a blunt
I ain’t moving out my chair
You can kiss my derrière
‘Cause it’s shaped like a pearLittle zodiac
Ginger snap
Pretty little shorty with the snap back
Tarot deck
Ankh set
Like to get her feet wet
With Keith Sweat
The freaknik
From Harlem to BX
I clean up like KleenexSpinelli, I’m recess
Kickball to the deep end
The public school era, it’s old-school forever
The moon and the tides really control the weather
The sun and the moon, yes, it do go together
A spiritual being that rides any weatherRiders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Yes, I’m on my own
Tryna find up my home
Riders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Always on my own
Tryna find up a homeIntelligent, adaptable
Agile, communicative
Informative, creative
And everybody hates it
Imagination colorful
And I just entertain it
A poet and a dreamer
I’ma seize the world and take itOf course, there is the bad
I’m really superficial
I ain’t called you in three months
Still I maintain that I miss you
A Gemini with issues
Social, isolated
I pray that I’ma make it
Or at least that I can fake itAnd like a Gemini
I’m really prone to changes
I’m really indecisive and I really fucking hate it
Picking food or picking clothes
It always makes me anxious
But thank God I’m androgynous
‘Cause boys clothes what I stay inRiders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Yes, I’m on my own
Tryna find up my home
Riders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Always on my own
Tryna find up a homeSource: MusixmatchSongwriters: Antonio Hernandez / Destiny Nicole OrtizGemini lyrics © Songs Of Ingrooves

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In Addition to This, Mr. Rajib Is One of the Proud Authors of “principles of Accounting” by Renaissance Publications Which Is One of the Popular Books for Students At the National University of Bangladesh.

Mr. Rajib Also Participated in a number of Local and International Conferences in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. His Research Work and Presentation Was Highly Praised by the Leading Researcher of the World. He Feels Comfortable in Doing Research on Business and Accounting Issues and Writing on Different Blogs, Websites, and Other Social Media Platforms.

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